Más increíble que nunca, Kim Junsu de JYJ habló de sus actividades en solitario a través de preguntas hechas por los fans.

Junsu (JYJ) habla de sus pantalones cortos y su “Funny Song” interpretandola con vergüenza Video]

Más increíble que nunca, Kim Junsu de JYJ habló de sus actividades en solitario a través de preguntas hechas por los fans.

El 30 de julio, Kim Junsu visitó Loen TV «Ask in a Box» para responder a las preguntas enviadas por los fans. Si se trataba de una pregunta sobre el color y concepto de su  álbum  o sus pantalones cortos, Kim Junsu sigue siendo grave pero humorístico  para responder cada pregunta.

Incluso explicó la historia detrás de la divertida canción e interpreto un poco de ella, aunque tuvo que pararse en la mitad porque se sintió avergonzado con la cómica canción.

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[TRAD] Más extractos de «The JYJ» Magazine Vol. 2: Yuchun habla sobre Song Ok Suk y Oh Jung Se


Park Yuchun habla acerca de Song Ok Suk:

Song Ok Suk quien alguna vez fue llamada «Cariño» (o novia). Ellos 2 que parecen un par real de la madre e  hijo dijeron que ellos comparten los sentimientos de  madre e  hijo.
«Ella es realmente como una madre. El estudio era muy frío, estaba preocupada de que pesque un resfriado y ella cuidó muy bien de mí. Ella no suele enviar mensajes de texto, pero me envio un largo mensaje para animarme, y la vez me hablaba acerca de mi actuación, estoy realmente muy agradecido con ella. Pedí chaquetas de Canadá y le di una como ropa de pareja. Ella dijo que le gustó mucho, ya que era como recibir un regalo de su hijo de verdad, así que fui aún más feliz «.

Park Yuchun habla acerca de Oh Jung Se:

Ahora se trata de Oh Jung Se. Yuchun lo elogió altamente por sus «famosos dotes interpretativos».
«Gracias a Jung Se hyung, me sentí muy feliz filmando en la estación de policía y yo también podría expresar así la actuación frívola y traviesa. Ahora siguen en contacto. Cada vez que veo a Jung Se hyung, yo pensaba: «Él es realmente un actor.» Por supuesto que también es una buena persona. A pesar de que es un actor, él es muy honesto y franco. Quiero ser tan franco como Jung Se hyung! ¡Ah! También pensé que debía filmar un «buddy movie» (película con colegas/amigos) con él «.
Alabanzas para Oh Se Jung son exclamaciones continuas. A pesar de que normalmente el no va a ver avances de películas VIP, el fue para el adelanto de ‘Men´s Manual «en el que Oh Se Jung fue el actor principal.
«Si quiero ver una película, la veo cuando está en los cines, pero por Jung Se hyung, me fui (al pre-estreno). Mientras observaba, no dejaba de pensar: «Jung Se hyung es realmente el mejor, así que es así  como se actúa?» Este tipo de pensamientos, y yo inconscientemente aplaudí. Realmente aprendí mucho de Jung Se hyung.

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[TRANS] Excerpts from “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Yuchun talks about Song Ok Suk & Oh Jung Se


Park Yuchun talks about Song Ok Suk:

Song Ok Suk, whom he once called “sweetheart” (or “girlfriend”). The 2 of them that look like a pair of real mother-and-son said they did share the feelings of being mother and son.
“She is really like a mother. The filming studio was very cold, she was worried that I’d catch a cold and she took good care of me. She does not usually send text messages but she would send a long one to cheer me on, and also tell me about my acting; I am really very grateful to her. I ordered down jackets from Canada and gave her one like couple wear. She said she liked it very much as it was just like receiving a present from her real son, so I was even happier.”

Park Yuchun talks about Oh Jung Se:

Now it’s about Oh Jung Se. Yuchun praised him highly for his ‘famous acting skills’.
“Thanks to Jung Se hyung, I felt very happy filming in the police station and I could also express well the frivolous and naughty acting. Now we still keep in touch. Every time I see Jung Se hyung, I would think, ‘He is really an actor.’ Of course he is also a good person. Although he is an actor, he is very honest and frank. I want to be as frank as Jung Se hyung! Ah! I also thought I must film a ‘buddy movie’ with him.”

Praises for Oh Jung Se are continuous exclamations. Although he normally does not go for VIP movie previews, he went for the preview of ‘Men’s Manual’ in which Oh Jung Se was the lead actor.
“If I want to watch a movie, I will watch it when it is out in the cinemas, but for Jung Se hyung, I went (for the preview). While watching, I kept thinking, “Jung Se hyung is really the best, so that is how it is acted out?!” this kind of thoughts, and I unconsciously clapped. Really learned a lot from Jung Se hyung.

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[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Perform Live in Seoul with America′s Best Dance Team

Kim Junsu will be putting on a 120-minute all-live show with America′s best dance team.

On July 31, Kim Junsu′s agency C-JeS Entertainment announced that “Xia Junsu′s Seoul concert, to follow his successful Asia tour and the release of his second solo album, will take place at the Coex D Hall from August 3-4.”

 photo 42354168.jpgIt also hinted that a big dance team from America is currently preparing for the concerts in Korea, and that Kim Junsu will be singing with a full live band.

Jeri Slaughter, globally renowned choreographer, said he rushed to Korea at news of Junsu′s concert and pushed back his other work schedules with pop singers in America. He also mentioned that he believes Kim Junsu to be a very talented artist, and that he is happy to be able to stand onstage with the artist together.

He was determined to bring the best to Seoul and Busan with his team of dancers, who previously worked with Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Ciara.

Jeri Slaughter is known as the producer of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera′s world promotion tours, and he choreographed for Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and the Spice Girls.

Kim Junsu commented, “Practice is so much fun. I really want to showcase my performances soon since I′ve perfectly prepared for everything.”

After Seoul, Kim Junsu will travel to Busan and perform from August 10-11.

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[VIDEOS] Kim Junsu appeared on Yonhap’s News Y


Notice of Junsu’s appearance


Junsu’s part


  • Korea cons will have live band & the american dance team
  • JS: Always thankful for my fans’ support. Talked about how overseas fans also sing along to Korean lyrics
  • Memorable fans? “No matter which country I go to, they will sing along with my Korean lyrics, and they will scream out in Korean”
  • “I think I must work harder seeing that they show me their most sincere smiles”
  • Introducing Incredible. Wide range of genres covered in this album. Incredible is a summer song.
  • Introducing his American activities! Talking about Uncommitted
  • “Before looking too far into the future, I worked hard on my current album. However, I will work hard in the future”
  • “Musicals are always different. For concerts, it’s okay if I just do well myself” but it’s different for musicals
  • “I’m enjoying my Asia Tour”
  • Announcer: YC & JJ are doing lots of acting activities
    JS: “It’s not that I don’t have interest in acting. I still have a lot to learn about musicals, so I want to work harder in that. Plus the other 2 are doing well. If later on there is a matching role, I may consider it”
  • 10 years of being a singer: As a singer, I’m very happy. But it’s been 4 years since I’ve been unable to go on broadcasts.
  • Plus it’s hard for my content to be seen.” Then he talked about overseas cons and that he is happy about overseas fans
  • People who have been sources of strengths for you: My staff, my family, my supportive fans, and my fans. Everything is thanks to my fans
  • I can’t always express my thanks to my fans, but I think that showing my best side on the stage is my way of repaying them.
  • “If there are fans who are waiting for me, I will definitely keep working.”
  • Announcer: After seeing you today, I know why fans love you T_T
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