Cecilia Morel primera dama de Chile se reunió con JYJ

Cecilia Morel and JYJ (Chilean first Lady)


Twitter de Cecilia Moreal, primera dama de Chile junto al grupo Coreano JYJ  @ceciliamorel

The First Lady of Chile tweeted about JYJ:
Trans: At the luncheon of first ladies in Korea I was with JYJ


Link noticia: http://www.lun.com/Pages/NewsDetail.aspx?dt=2012-03-28&PaginaId=19&bodyid=0

Crédito: LUN (Diario chileno Las últimas noticas) –  @ceciliamorel


tells about how she met the popular guys and the first ladies in Seoul
JYJ with Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel, in Chilean Newspaper

Cecilia Morel make-up oriental style and meeting with JYJ

Seoul. The second day of Cecilia Morel in Seoul was transformed into an intense induction to Korean culture. As the second and last day of the Nuclear Security Summit  unfolded, Morel participated in a lunch for first ladies.

The appointment was in the Casa Azul, seat of Government in this country, where the reception was to the Korean style. “We had to get us the shoes to enter the House”, told Cecilia, who had to put on special footwear.

Spent a lot of time with the korean first lady, Kim YoonOk, who was sitting right next to her, that it was on his side of the table where the local typical food tasted.

The main dish came later, which began with a dance show with performers wearing traditional clothes. Later, Cecilia was then reunited with JYJ, the most popular korean k-pop group who were in Santiago in the beginning of March.

 ”I went to meet them and congratulated them. It was funny because two of them were very blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde. It was also funny because they look like Korean rock stars, and for me, that is something new and it catches attention” said Cecilia.

(other omitted parts, unrelated to JYJ)………



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