[NOTICIA] Kim Jae Joong de JYJ sacude a Japón con una aparición de dos minutos en TV



A pesar de que solo apareció durante dos minutos, las reacciones a la aparición de Kim Jae Joong en un programa japonés han sido mucho más que explosivas.

El cantante apareció recientemente en un episodio de Han Love de BS11. Él estaba enseñando japonés a Park Yoo Hwan para su próximo fanmeeting drama.

Un representante de C-JeS Entertainment comentó sobre su aparición: “él solo apareció durante dos minutos pero los artículos que llevaba ese día se han estado vendiendo en sitios online en Japón, y el vídeo de Han Love ha sido una explosión por toda la web”.

Una fuente de la emisión japonesa dijo, “Incluso nos sorprendió la respuesta de su breve aparición. Creemos que sería un buen saludo ya que el grupo le resulta difícil aparecer en la TV desde 2010”.

A pesar de que su grupo ha carecido de promociones televisivas, los dramas Protect the Boss y Dr. Jin de Kim Jae Joong han sido muy popular en el país. Jaejoong de JYJ también celebró un concierto exclusivo en el Yokohama Arena ante 45,000 fans.

Kim Jae Joong está tomando un descanso después de su gira por Asia, y pronto planea reunirse con las fans en su próximo trabajo.

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Detrás de escena y saludo de XIA Junsu para “INCREDIBLE” en DAUM Music
Enlace de YT aquí, Vídeo original aquí

Saludo de Junsu “INCREDIBLE” en Melon
YT Link here, Original Video here

Saludo de Junsu “INCREDIBLE” en Mnet
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XIA Junsu Making de “INCREDIBLE” on Mnet
Link aquí, Original Video here

XIA Junsu “INCREDIBLE” on Naver
Original Video here 

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[INTERVIEW] Exclusive GRAMMY.com Interview with Xia Junsu


 photo 4-xia_incredible-2.jpg

South Korean pop singer/songwriter/actor Xia Junsu recently sat for an exclusive GRAMMY.com interview and discussed his biggest career moments, his special relationship with music and his recently released album, Incredible.

“Ever since I was a kid, music has always been in my life,” said Junsu. “It is the only thing I know and I can do. Even before I became a singer, listening to music and singing [were a] major part of my life.”

Junsu made his career debut in 2003 as a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ, with whom he released four albums, including the 2004 debut Tri-Angle and 2005′s follow-up Rising Sun.

In 2010 Junsu formed JYJ with TVXQ members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun. The trio released their debut English album, The Beginning, in 2010, followed by their first Korean full-length album, In Heaven, in 2011.

In 2012 Junsu released his first solo album, Tarantallegra, under the moniker Xia. The 12-song collection features elements of dance, pop and R&B and peaked at No. 10 on Billboard‘s World Albums chart. The title track, which features vocals from New York rapper/producer Flowsik of Aziatix, has garnered more than 6 million YouTube views to date. In 2012 Junsu released the English single “Uncommitted,” which was written and produced by Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer (Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis) and peaked at No. 1 on South Korea’s Hanteo music chart. Aside from music, Junsu has appeared in several Korean musicals, including “Mozart!” (2010) and “Tears Of Heaven” (2011).

Released July 15, Incredible features 11 songs, including the dance-ready title track featuring Quincy Brown, the stepson of Sean “Diddy” Combs.


XIA Junsu on the main page of Grammy Official Site:

 photo junsugrammyhomepage1.png

 photo junsugrammyhomepage2.png

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[INTERVIEW] Junsu (XIA) revealed the reason he chose Thailand as the first stop of Asia tour ‘Because it makes me feel lucky’


On July 19th, 2013 at 4.30 pm., Kim Junsu (XIA) of JYJ, who has flown to Thailand, held a press conference before the opening of his ‘XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN BANGKOK’, welcoming his second album. This concert in Thailand will be the first stop in Asia – on July 20th at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. Kim Junsu met Thai reporters with the image of a charismatic man who possesses a friendly charm before he invites his fans to have fun at the party titled ‘Incredible’ that he stated it would make everyone’s summer an even more enjoyable one.

XIA: Hello, This is XIA (spoken in Thai)

Q: How do feel about your second album?
XIA: It’s my second album after the first one that was released last year. The difference is that this album contains a more diverse genre of songs and it is also a more colorful and in-touch with style album. The title track of this album, for example, would fill everyone’s summer with liveliness. They are songs that will make you feel better.

Q: How do you feel about choosing Thailand as your first stop of Asia tour?
XIA: Last year, I also kicked off my Asia tour in Thailand and I’m glad to be doing the same thing this year as well. The reason I chose to start my Asia tour in Thailand is because it makes me feel lucky. It’s almost if I begin my work in Thailand, all good things will follow. I could start off my performances with a great feeling.

Q: Give us the gist about tomorrow’s performance
XIA: The concert list will mostly be songs from my new album. Since there’s a wide variety of genres, the concert will be packed with many different atmospheres and diverse styles of performances. Moreover, there will also be some of the fans’ favorite songs from last year that I’ve prepared to show them.

Q: Tell us a bit about the title track, Incredible
XIA: The title track of this album is a composition of Sony Music’s ‘Automatic’ who worked with me in the previous album. When I first received this song from him, I felt that it truly suits the summer atmosphere. It has a lively beat to it. The song also gives off a different hip-hop vibe from my old style. I’m also honored to have Quincy featured in the song and the music video. The MV will deliver you a festive party that I hope every audience would be able to enjoy this summer.

Q: What is the concept for this album?
XIA: The album focuses mainly on giving off a energetic-club vibe that befits summer.

Q: Does this album represent your growth in term of musicality?
XIA: Compared to the previous one, this album is probably more evolved and also contains a different music style. It makes me feel very contented.

Q: Tell us about your feelings while performing in ‘Elisabeth’
XIA: Performing in Elisabeth really had an influence on my music. Tarantallegra, for example, is one of the songs that sprouted from such influence. I have a strong bond with Elisabeth and it also gave me a chance to receive the Best Musical Actor award. Being able to reprise my role this year, I’m under a lot of pressure. I’m going to try to work even harder for a new image in the role of Death.

Q: What is the charm of musical performance? How does it differ from JYJ’s activities and how does it affect your solo album?
XIA: While I was performing musical, I had to memorize lines and lyrics within a limited few hours time. During Mozart, I had to study the various dimensions of that particular character. Performing in musical wasn’t just about me. There are also staff members and 80-100 performing members of the orchestra – everyone had to work together. Being involved in that kind of working atmosphere was an exceptional experience.

Q: Does doing musical influence the making of music video?
XIA: I’m not too sure whether it did or not. There are also the songs and concept which I supposed they did receive some influences.

Q: Any activities of JYJ that we could look forward to after this?
XIA: We’re doing solo activities for now, but I think we will meet everyone under the name of JYJ again.

Q: Last year, you held a world tour. Do you feel any kind of pressure this time around?
XIA: The dates for concert in other countries haven’y been set yet, but the most important thing I’m thinking about right now is how to create the most impressive performance for Thai fans. That and that alone would make me feel happy and proud.

Q: What is your impression of Thai fans?
XIA: I’ve actually recognized quite a number of fans. I love coconut juice. Yesterday, fans were giving me support by showing a banner with coconut tree. I like that fact the Thai fans are consistently showing their love for me. I’m energized from seeing their faces in the concert – it makes me feel blessed.


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[ENG SUB] GRAMMY Exclusive: Interview with XIA Junsu


South Korean pop singer/songwriter/actor Xia Junsu recently sat for an exclusive GRAMMY.com interview and discussed his biggest career moments, his special relationship with music and his recently released album, Incredible.

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[TRANS] Kang-Ho of The Red Carpet Mentioned Yoochun in a Magazine


 photo 671f4973gw1e6rnrmbpbaj20ca0ggq3f.jpg

Q: What is a word you would use to define Park Yuchun’s style?
A: A 21st century crown prince with far-reaching history. If I assemble all his styles from our first meeting in 2003 til now, there is easily enough weight for a collection book. To be able to make a transformation with different hairstyles, he is the best model.

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[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Shakes Up Japan with a Two-Minute Appearance on TV

Though he only appeared for two minutes, reactions to Kim Jae Joong′s appearance on a Japanese show have been much more explosive.

The singer recently appeared in an episode of BS 11′s Han Love. He had been teaching Park Yoo Hwan Japanese for his upcoming drama fanmeeting.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment commented about his appearance, “He only appeared for two minutes but the items he wore that day have been selling out in online sites in Japan, and the video of Han Love has been exploding all across the web.”

A source from the Japanese broadcast said, “Even we were surprised at the responses from his short appearance. We believe it would have been a nice greeting because the group has been finding it hard to reappear on TV since 2010.”

Though his group has lacked televised promotions, Kim Jae Joong′s dramas Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin have been fairly popular in the country. JYJ’s Jaejoong also held an exclusive concert at the Yokohama Arena before 45,000 fans.

Kim Jae Joong is currently taking a break after his Asia tour, and soon plans to meet fans with his next piece.

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[NEWS/INFO] About JYJ’s Jaejoong and Junsu’s Enlistment in the Military


JYJ3′s Note:

Conscription, or mandatory military service or compulsory national service, is legislated in South Korea, with military service stated as one of the Four Constitutional Duties (along with taxes, education, and labor) for all citizens. The current Conscription Law, however, applies only to males. (Read more here)

Today it was reported the following news: “JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong to enlist In the military this year” (read below), please take note the news it was only assumptions by the reporters and anonymous “insiders”, Cjes announced there isn’t an exact date scheduled for Jaejoong and Junsu to do their military service.

There are still JYJ’s group activities programmed that collide with the alleged Jaejoong and Junsu’s Military Service dates reported by the korean media. JYJ are honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games (read more here), this event will take place in Korea, from September 19 to October 4, 2014. So JYJ as honorary ambassadors will have the responsibility to promote this important event. And don’t forget about the upcoming JYJ’s new album that the members themselves have assured it will be released soon.

We don’t know for sure the reasons for this new outbreak of old news. As a fan of JYJ, you must know that this theme (JYJ & Military Service Duty) was reported in several occasions, the pressure JYJ have received is big compared to other celebrities that are older than Jaejoong.  JYJ will have to do their Military Service some day, but for the reasons exposed we doubt it’s the date reported by the Korean Press, celebrities mostly push their enlistment date back till their early 30s, so JYJ could follow the same path.

[NEWS] Are JYJ’s Junsu and Jaejoong planning to enlist at the end of this year?

 photo JYJ-Junsu-Jaejoong_1374198898_af_org.jpgJYJ‘s Junsu and Jaejoong may be aiming to enlist in the military at the end of the year, according to music industry insiders.

As you know, this topic has been brought up several times before, and it’s one that will be taking place eventually whether fans are prepared for it or not. The last time it was discussed in the media, it was mentioned that Jaejoong had delayed his enlistment to the end of 2012, but was eligible to defer again, which he seems to have done as it is now 2013.An insider stated, ”[Junsu and Jaejoong] are currently arranging the date with consideration to their overseas concerts and schedules. [They will enlist] probably towards the end of the year, if not, around January or February of next year.”

“With the controversy surrounding celebrity recruits, they would prefer to enter as regular soldiers. Because a male celebrity going to the army is a sensitive issue, the two are of the position that they would enlist properly as regular soldiers. As they are top stars and the topic of [enlistment] has the potential to become big, they can’t help but be cautious.” 

Jaejoong and Junsu have already delayed multiple times, but they are still of the age where they can defer again if need be.

Not much is known about Yoochun‘s status. The last time this issue was discussed, he was determined to be 4th rank after 3 physical exams, which means that he is not eligible to enlist as a full time active duty soldier, and instead may be drafted for reservist duty or as a public service officer.

C-JeS Entertainment remained vague as they responded, “All of the members of JYJ plan to enlist into the military and if you’re a male Korean citizen, enlisting is something that’s obvious,” not offering much details into any specific dates.

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