[NEWS] When stars collide: 10 A-list on-screen collaborations



Kim Jaejoong & Song Jihyo (The Jackal is Coming)

Running Man’s “Ace” Jihyo appeared in the music video for Jaejoong’s band JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’, but it was in The Jackal is Coming (also known as Code: Jackal) that the two made their first onscreen appearance together (Kim Junsu was the only member featured in the MV). Jaejoong played a Hallyu star, while Jihyo was an assassin hired to take him out.

While Jihyo and other cast members have joked that the only reason they’re nice to Jaejoong is because of all the snacks and goodies his fans constantly sent to the set, it’s clear their fondness is less superficial than that.

And seriously, hearing Jaejoong call Jihyo noona (Korean for “big sister”) in interviews is one of the cutest things ever!

Chemistry level: We personally think they look adorable together in a little brother/big sister way (sorry, shippers!). By the way, when’s JYJ taking on Running Man?

[NEWS] JYJ to Hold Large Scale Fan Meeting Event, ‘JYJ Membership Week’




JYJ will hold a large-scale fan meeting event titled ‘2013 JYJ Membership Week’ for the second year.

The event will take place at SETEC in Gangnam, Seoul from June 27 to 30. About 15,000 fans are expected to attend the event. After its inaugural year in 2012, the event has increased active participation from JYJ members as paintings and photos by the members will be on display at the event.

‘JYJ Membership Week’ has received positive reviews around the industry due to its complete non-commercial purposes. JYJ has made it clear that the event is the least bit about profits and all about investments. Following last year’s $3.5 million budget, this year it will be around $3 million.

YJ stated, «The idea behind this event is purely to create an environment in which artists and fans can share a moment together. We hope it will be a time of communication and great memories for JYJ and fans alike.»

Junsu commented, «I am excited to present our artistic works to our fans. All three of us locked ourselves in a studio for two days to create the pieces to go on display.»

Yoochun added, «I got to walk around the gallery and I am very satisfied. There are lots of small but precious moments that could be had. I hope the event can continue every year.»

Jaejoong was absent at the opening ceremony due to his final performance of Asia Tour in Yokohama but will attend the event on June 29 and 30.

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[Noticia] JYJ llevará a cabo un evento a gran escala para las fans, «2013 JYJ Membership Week»


JYJ llevará a cabo un evento a gran escala para las fans llamado «2013 JYJ Membership Week» por segundo año.

El evento tendrá lugar en SECTEC, Gangnam, Seúl, del 27 al 30 de Junio. Se calcula que asistirán al evento en torno a 15.000 fans. Después de su primer año en 2013, el evento ha incrementado la participación activa de los miembros de JYJ con dibujos y fotos hechos por lo miembros que se exhibirán en el evento.

La «JYJ Membership Week» ha recibido una buena crítica de la industria debido a su no afán de lucro. JYJ ha dejado claro que el evento no pretende obtener beneficios y que es todo una inversión. Tras el presupuesto de 3.5 millones de dólares del año pasado, este año estará en torno a los 3 millones de dólares.

JYJ declaró: «La idea tras este evento es crear un entorno donde los artistas y las fans puedan compartir un momento juntos. Esperamos que sea un momento para comunicarnos y crear buenos recuerdos para las fans y para JYJ.»

Junsu comentó: «Estoy emocionado por presentar nuestros trabajos artísticos a nuestras fans. Los tres nos encerramos en el estudio durante dos días para crear las obras que vamos a exponer.»

Yoochun añadió: «He podido dar un paseo por la galería y estoy muy satisfecho. Hay muchos pequeños y preciados momentos que hemos podido tener. Espero que este evento pueda hacerse todos los años.»

Jaejoong estuvo ausente durante la ceremonia de inauguración debido a sus conciertos en Yokohama pero asistirá al evento el 29 y 30 de Junio.

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