[TRANS] JYJ’s Junsu Gives A Perfect 120 Minute Performance In China And Captivates his Fans In The Mainland



“We love you, don’t go!”

The 4,000 fans filling the concert venue shouted, “We love you, don’t go!” in Korean as they expressed their regret of having to let JYJ’s Junsu, who had just wowed them with a perfect 120 minute performance, go. On the 28th at 7:30pm, Junsu held the second concert of his Asia Tour at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. With the title ‘XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN Shanghai’, the concert was the second leg of his Asia tour following Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th.

Opening the concert with the intense dance track ‘TARANTALLEGRA’, Junsu’s perfect performance and live singing skills had his Chinese fans captivated from the very start. He had his fans screaming when he took on the persona of a man in love as he sang ‘I’m Confessing Right Now’ and ‘Chocolate Girl’.

When Junsu performed ballads and OSTs,  his Chinese fans waved their red fanlights from side to side to make a red sea of waves, and when he finished off with ’11 o’clock’, they shouted, “We love you, don’t go!” When Junsu began the performance for his title song ‘Incredible’, everyone got up and started chanting his name. When he began dancing a part of the choreography that the fans could follow along to, all 4,000 put their hands in the air and danced along. During his encore performance of ‘Fever’, Junsu still looked extremely energetic as he captivated his fans with a passionate performance.

To his fans who had cheered the singer on for two non-stop hours, Junsu said, “Thank you so much for staying with me from beginning to end with such passion.” He also stated, “I would like to send my deepest condolences to the victims and families of those affected by the flooding in the Southern region. I pray that there are no more casualties.” His deep consideration was met by louder applause and cheer from his fans.

After the concert, a fan (Jinjing, 24, Female)told eNEWS through C-JeS Entertainment, “It was a riveting performance from beginning to end. I was able to focus on each stage more because of the concert’s storytelling aspect,” and “I loved seeing Junsu singing all songs, whether it was a love song or a sad song, with all the emotions he could pour into them. I couldn’t stop cheering for him.” The agency stated that many other fans also expressed their happiness and content.

Meanwhile, Junsu will be making the third stop of his Asia tour in Seoul on the 3rd and 4th of August.

Source: [eNEWS]
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[NEWS] Lee Byung Hun and JYJ Kim Jae Joong′s Films are Top-Grossing in Japan


Lee Byung Hun and Kim Jae Joong became the most successful Korean actors in Japan for 2013 so far, as their films were marked as the top two highest grossing films in the country.

Hallyu magazine It′s KOREAL, released on July 26, revealed the top 10 highest-grossing Korean films in Japan for the first half of 2013.

The highest-grossing film turned out to be Masquerade, which gathered a 12 million audience in Korea. It premiered across 90 theaters in Japan in February, and beat out other local films at the time in audience satisfaction.

The no. 2 spot went to JYJ Kim Jae Joong′s first film in a lead role, The Jackal is Coming. Though it wasn′t as successful in Korea, tickets to its shows on its premiere day in Japan had sold out, and the DVD holding its behind-the-scenes videos topped the Oricon with its release.

Kim Soo Hyun′s The Thieves, Joo Ji Hoon′s I Am the King, FT Island Lee Hong Gi′s Phoenixthe Song of Promise, So Ji Sub′s ACompany Man, Song Joong Ki′s Werewolf Boy, Hyun Bin′s Come Rain, Come Shine, Park Si Hoo′s Confession of Murder and Rain′s R2B: Return to Base followed in order.

Photo Credit: Movie posters, It′s KOREAL
Credit: Mwave
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[TRANS] More Excerpts from “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Yuchun’s Interview


Music & Acting:

“Even if I release a solo album, I want to include one or two pieces of music or songs and essays etc; I want to present it in a slightly special way.”
Park Yuchun mentioned in passing that his works gave him the opportunity to meet colleagues who are like friends. With Han Ji Min from ‘Rooftop Prince’ and Oh Jung Se from ‘Missing You’, they talk like there is no need to rest to take a breath. Seems like these 2 persons are a special existence for Yuchun.
(Source: @02springtree via 暖日呀呀 Trans: Christie)

Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’:

The song Yuchun listens to when feeling sad: Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’.
“Let’s go! Let’s go for a walk, walk towards those distant days somewhere, when we once laughed.
When I’m sad or depressed, I will listen to Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’. I like Epitone Project’s style of music. Although it is about love, it makes you think of the time when you were young and had no worries, and so I like it.”
(Source: @mm_wide via 暖日呀呀 Trans: Christie)

Crew Cut [hairstlye]:

Looking at what some keywords are for Park Yuchun

After ‘Missing You’ ended, he suddenly got a crew cut; not only the colleagues in the company, even fans were shocked. But because fans said even the shape of his head is beautiful, he was very happy. Asked him why he did that, his answer was very innocent and childlike. Because by chance he saw a photo of Wentworth Miller from American series ‘Prison Break’; and he also had the idea of cutting it fresh and short.

Stubbornly insisting?
People around him tried to stop him from getting a crew cut, but when he appeared a little later, all his hair was gone. “It is not that I have to go against the majority. I might face some opposition but I also wish that people would respect my opinion. I have my philosophy and thinking to make decisions based on different circumstances. Ah! When I wanted to get a crew cut, in my heart, I measured the benchmark if that could be done.
(Source: DC PYC Gall via 暖日呀呀 Trans: Christie)

Memories of Winter:

5 months ago, when Yuchun was filming ‘Missing You’, he was most afraid of the severe cold. But he said it must be correctly said this time, it is more accurate to say that he hates filming in winter.

“‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ also was shot until the end of November and I thought I was going to freeze to death, not to mention filming in the depths of winter… it felt like we were filming in the Antarctic. Once we were filming outside Soo Yeon’s house from where the Han River could be seen, the temperature seemed to have dropped to minus 20 degrees. It was a scene where my feet were sticking out and I had to walk in the cold, once I heard ‘Cut’, I yelled ‘Ahhh’ because it was too cold.”

On the other hand, his memories of winter have an artistic feel.

“I like winter. It seems I can say that all the things that come to mind when you think of winter, I like them all. Mountains covered by endless snow, the scene of sunrise, the gurgling stream breaking through the ice and flowing on, ski slopes that can be skied down in a refreshing manner, warm fish soup, windows covered with mist…”
(Source: DC PYC Gall via 暖日呀呀 Trans: Christie)

Excerpts from Yuchun’s Interview

In retrospect, I’ve got really big achievement while acting every moment to feel that is interesting. No matter what challenging, I wanna act without fear.

Personally, I wanna grow old like Masaharu Fukuyama. not pressed for work, got family, and good acting. I wanna be an unaffected singer even if that music isn’t outstanding, (omitted) and even for me, if ‘melo’ happened to me, cause my life has only just got golf or documentary channel. haha!

Q: What is melodrama acting?
A: It’s challenging. that trauma doesn’t go with this word(T/N:a challenge) melodrama is things I wanna try and also one of the genre for my wish while growing old. at that time maybe I’ll get my variety of looks that I can ​​compare my another worlds.

When shooting set was enjoyable, it also had a synergistic effect.

It’s the best to act, as an actor.

While he takes out ShinSegae (New World) DVD, Yuchun replied. “Although I become 40 years old, I wanna be an actor like them (T/N: Lee Jungjae and Choi Minsik, etc.) like as they can in depth acting.”

“I may not always forced my way unconditionally. some people may oppose me but I hope they respect my opinion. In making my decision, I have my philosophy of working things out.”

I wanted to play Han Jungwoo cause he has agonizing recollections of his first time in love. I thought I could see closeness in appearance between Jungwoo and me. other character in other work does but Jungwoo was extra special.

(Trans by: @064g)

Sources: @02springtree + @mm_wide + DC PYC Gall + @uhoot_cho
Kor-Chi trans: 暖日呀呀
Chi-Eng trans: Christie
Other translations by: @064g
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[TRANS] More Excerpts from “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Jaejoong’s Stories


“Her Story”:

She was [an] international fan.
I first knew her when she was 14.
Around 10 years ago, I received her fan letter with her photo.
When I was working as scheduled, I could see the face.
She learned Korean diligently and later, she graduated summa cum laude from college that I advised her to go to.
Also she’s now working in a company that I suggested to her.
And friends around her became my friends, too.

[T/N: JJ actlly didn’t specify the fan’s gender, but I thot he wud’ve said «boy fan» if it was male b/c we all know how he loves his male fans :D  That’s why translated it as «her» story, so please don’t be too jealous over «her» because we don’t know if it’s she or he. hehehehehe. But yeah, still envious whether it’s a girl or boy.]
(Source: @sweetsvanilla via @catchballJJ_bot Trans: @jaetaku)

Your My and Mine in Korea:

During my concerts, there were times I sang ‘I’ll Protect You’ and then turned my mike to the audience [so they’ll sing the next part].

It was my birthday at the concert in Seoul, they prepared the event holding fanboards towards me, it was so touching.
Even the fans from other countries sang along with Korean fans.
I was very happy then, thinking to myself “I am getting massive love.”
(Source: DC JYJ Gall Trans: @jaetaku)

Social Butterfly:

Jaejoong has a wider circle of acquaintances than Yuchun and Junsu. Nowadays, he often meets Jang Geun-seok. His house where he recently moved in is only 2 minutes away from Jang Geun-seok’s, so they meet almost every day. Jaejoong said “In some ways, he is incompatible with me though, this comes as his charm to me, so we mix very well.” Birds of feather flock together? There must be something why these two Hallyu stars get along well with each other.

Jaejoong said “Geun-seok is straightforward, too. He does not talk around. He’s frank. At first it was hard [to be friends with him], but now he’s a congenial friend of mine. We both like chattering and meeting casually at home. On Parents’ Day I sent sets of Goolbi (Yellow Dried Corvina) to Yuchun, Junsu, and Geun-seok’s parents, and then Geun-seok came to my house with the Goolbi he grilled and we had a drink. Actually we both had a drink yesterday, too. We drained 18 bottles just for beer. Nowadays I don’t often see HyungJoong but, he is a friend of mine that I don’t feel sorry even if I meet him only once a year. Because we are a pair of congenial souls.”

About manners in friendship, Jaejoong said “Manners must be preserved [even between friends]. Recently I renounced my friendship with 3 fellows. Unfortunately, they crossed the line – the do’s and don’ts in friendship.” and “For instance, when there’s an age gap between someone and me, even if I talk informally with him, it means the distance between our hearts is shortened, not that he doesn’t need to observe his manners that should still be preserved between us. I can’t be a friend with that kind of person who ignores the line.”
(Source: @4U_JYJ Trans: @jaetaku)

Source: @sweetsvanilla +  @catchballJJ_bot + DC JYJ Gall + @4U_JYJ
Translated by: @jaetaku
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[SCANS + TRANS] More Excerpts from “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2 – Letters to Themselves


to jaejoong from jaejoong:

 photo JJsletter.jpg

To Jaejoongie…

Hi Jaejoong ah~ I find it really funny.. to write a letter to myself like this..
It’s embarrassing..^^
At first I thought.. “Let’s write it with a light heart..”
But the moment I wrote “Hi”, it made me look back at many memories of the past and the present image of mine.. First.. if you ask me, “How are you now??” my answer is..
“I’m very happy.” I think I will answer like that.

Looking at “me” who was born as “Kim Jaejoong” with countless memories and who is breathing for now, I feel a great happiness, not as celebrity Kim Jaejoong who is receiving so much love but just as human being Kim Jaejoong.
Uhm… Breathing to live day by day, that feeling itself brings me happiness. That’s my “life”.
From countless mistakes and faults which were repeated over and over so far
From all the good and bad things that you have experienced so far
Ruminate on it and backtrack, step by step live a happier life..
Whatever it was, instead of ‘live in the past’ that you want to erase, live in the present which will become the foundation of a tough but happier life in the future..

I like this “me” of present, who said this cheesy ment ^^ Even though it will be quite funny when I re-read it in the future..
Though you’re “Kim Jaejoong” of the future!! The life that you’re living in.. I hope that you enjoy a meaningful life which will become a great foundation that could deck your future self out.
It’s OK to fail or succeed. Don’t get frustrated and don’t be arrogant. If I will be smiling before using all the breaths that I’m inhaling right now, at that time, let’s die arrogantly^^ Because we live a successful life!!


(Trans by: @The_little_pear)

to yuchun from yuchun:

 photo YCsletter.jpg

Yuchun ah…..

Work harder…..
Be healthy….. Take good care of the family……
If you miss the present me…..
(Trans by: Christie)

Work even more harder and…
Be healthy… Also, take good care of your family…
If I miss the you now…
(Other Trans by: Sheena)

to junsu from junsu:

 photo JSsletter.jpg

To Junsu…

Junsu-yah, you’ve suffered a lot.
I am thankful that even when you are tired, you think positively and live diligently.
My eyes that let me see the bright world..
My body that always works hard to let me feel rhythm, thank you.
And Junsu-yah, in the future, let’s be more grateful, more considerate, and more blissful.
Even if you have times when you feel tired and worn out, let’s smile for those who are clapping for you and giving their love to you. Got it? ^.^
(Trans by: @ohmyjunsu)

To Junsu…

Junsu yah, you have worked hard in the meantime.
What I’m thankful toward you is that, even though it’s tiring,
you always think positively and live enthusiastically.
My eyes that show me a bright world..
My body that always get into the rhythm eagerly. Thank you.
And Junsu yah, let’s be more thankful,
more caring and happier in the future.
Even though there are times where you feel tired and exhausted,
let’s smile for the people who give you a clap and love you. Got it? ^.^
(Other Trans by: @The_little_pear)

Source: The JYJ magazine Vol 2
Scans Credit:
Translated by: @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ + Christie + Sheena + @ohmyjunsu
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