[NEWS] 140509 Incredible Acting Transformation of the Male Celebrities – Kim Jae Joong, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Seung Gi

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Three male celebrities get the dramas fiery with their charisma and incredible acting transformation –  and . These three actors have been recognized with their new dramas which just took off last week. Lee Jong Suk plays as a genius doctor in the  drama Kim Jae Joong shows off a different side of his character as a thug in ’s  while Lee Seung Gi surprises the viewers with his character as a rookie detective in the SBS drama You’re All Surrounded.

Have you checked out these hotties in their dramas?

  • Kim Jae Joong – An actor with a Unique Charisma

Kim Jae Joong has already showed off a very unique charisma as people witnessed him as a singer in the group JYJ. But it seems that his charismatic image rises not only as a performer but as well as an actor.

Kim Jae Joong currently plays a lead role in the new MBC drama Triangle. He has played a character who has lived a tough life and growing up as a thug, playing in casinos and living in an unfortunate life. In the recent episode, as he escaped from the men who were chasing him because of making out with somebody’s wife, he ran out on the streets shirtless and wearing only boxer shorts. Many viewers have reacted and complimented the actor with his natural acting and great portrayal of his character.

The actor once proved his excellence in acting when he starred in the 2012 MBC drama Dr.Jin portraying a handsome and intelligent warrior and as a man with a powerful personality in the SBS drama Protect Your Boss.

Kim Jae Joong revealed that his character in the drama Triangle is not an easy character. But these days, many viewers have stay tuned in the drama to see more of his incredible acting.

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