[NEWS] Jaejoong confirms dates for his domestic tour this January

JYJ‘s Jaejoong will kick off his domestic tour next month!

C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the dates on the 5th, “As part of Jaejoong’s Asia tour for his 1st full-length album, he will hold his domestic tour, ’2014 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert’, kicking off at BEXCO, Busan on January 4, 2014, followed by Yumju Gymnasium, Gwangju on the 11th, EXCO, Daegu on the 18th, and Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium, Seoul on the 25-26.”

Jaejoong will also be continuing with his Asia tour in Nanjing, China on December 7-8!

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[NEWS] Kim Jae-joong to Embark on Nationwide Tour via 10 Asia

[JYJ Facebook] Jaejoong’s Korean Tour is confirmed! Busan, Gwangju, Daegu and Seoul!! See you soon guys!http://enews24.interest.me/news/article.asp?nsID=298725 Link


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2014 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert:

  • January 4: Busan
  • January 11: Gwangju
  • January 18: Daegu
  • January 25-26: Seoul
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[INFO] Kim Jaejoong’s “Just Another Girl” MV Topped Yinyuetai Weekly V-Chart, 5 weeks in a row

Note: Yinyuetai is one of the major MV sharing site in China.

Yinyuetai Weekly Chart (South Korea)

Kim Jaejoong’s “Just Another Girl” MV ranked 1st in Yinyuetai Weekly V-Chart (South Korea) for the 5th Consecutive Week (13.11 25 – 13.12.01)
Previous Week Link, Please click Here to watch the MV

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu “Hard to express a realistic character…Used my imagination”

The hard part was expectantly the acting. The stage is a familiar space to a singer, who made his debut 11 years ago, but it is awkward for him to express someone else’s emotions by words and expressions.

So Kim Junsu started to imagine. He doesn’t have a clear memory of the free romance of college campus life, but he says he guesses ‘Perhaps the atmosphere of college is something like this!’ while he is acting in a scene of the musical. And he feels delighted when he imagines the ‘lost experience’ of early 20s, which he wasn’t able to enjoy like others in his age group.

The reason I met JYJ Kim Junsu at a café in Samchun-dong on the 5th, was to talk about musical ‘December: Unfinished Song.’

‘December’ is a musical that includes 24 songs of the ‘forever singer’ Kim Gwangsuk. Kim Junsu will be on the stage as the leading role ‘Jiwook.’

The background of the musical is the 1990s, when a soft sentiment of romance and love started to settle in the campus that was full of grim atmosphere. Jiwook, a college student, is a genuine student who enjoys music and poems, and he falls in love with an energetic girl student ‘Lee Yeon.’ But 20 years pass by after their painful separation, and Jiwook, in his 40s now, meets a woman who looks similar to Lee Yeon and recalls his old love.

Junsu said, “It feels even harder because it is a character quite realistic.” For him, who made his debut when he was 16, experiences of blind dates or festivals, tense debates in the lecture room while in college is a ‘blank.’

However, he said it was fortunate because “Jiwook, expressing his feelings straightforwardly to a person he likes, is similar to me.”

“In short, he is a free spirit. He pretends to be interested in social problems and he insists on an opposite opinion on purpose to attract the attention of the girl he fell in love at first sight. I think he has many sides similar to me.”

I asked him about the songs of Kim Gwangsuk he must sing. How much does Kim Junsu understand the sentiment in the old songs?

He brought up the song he sings at the end of act 1, ‘An Overly Painful Love is Not Love.’ The words he said was like an ‘evidence’ that Kim Gwangsuk’s songs still had a power over him, even though he was only about 5 years old in the early 1990s.

“It is a scene where I am letting go of the woman I loved. Jiwook asks her if he could hug her once. But she turns around and disappears into the crowd. Then the intro of this song starts, and I had tears in my eyes. My voice trembled, starting with the first line ‘Sending you for away…’ I gather up my emotions as I sing the climax. During the Run-through, I even thought ‘Should I ask to stop this scene now’ because even my nose got so runny. (laughs)”

As Kim Gwangsuk is presenting memories to the 30s and 40s, Kim Junsu will stay in the memory of his fans 20 years later, who are now in their teens and 20s. Will we be able to imagine a juke-box musical made of Kim Junsu’s songs in the future, like Kim Gwangsuk ‘sunbae’?

Bursting into laughter, he said, “That would be a sexy, passionate melodrama.” At the same time, he showed an earnest envy of Kim Gwangsuk’s songs that transcends time.

“The music passes by too quickly these days. There are less songs that remains for a long time. Including my own songs. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault. I think it’s just the trend of the era, keep seeking for new things. In the old days, the time, seasons, memories were all in a song. But now it feels like the songs are just consumed. (So) If my songs are remembered for a long time, that would be the happiest thing to me.”

Having 11 days before the opening day, Kim Junsu said he had a weird nightmare. It was a frightening dream of forgetting all his lines on the stage.

For a newly created musical, the lines and formations are modified over and over, so the ability to react more quickly to the situation is needed than a ‘ready-made’ musical, brought from overseas.

“It was the same while I was doing ‘Tears of Heaven.’ The lines of yesterday change today, and it changes the next day…. I comparatively adapt well to changes, but I’m still anxious.”

Even though he knew it was hard to act in a newly created musical, he decided to participate in ‘December’ for the ‘time of learning.’ He of course has worries about the uncertainty of the musical, and even joked “Oh, I was deceived into this.” However, he says he anticipates himself to develop through this musical.

“It was director Jang Jin who wrote the scenario and directed for the musical. He always does something ‘maximum.’ I’m learning a lot just working with him (who draws out the maximum).”

Kim Junsu showed his potential as an actor through musical ‘Mozart!,’ ‘Elisabeth,’ and ‘Tears of Heaven.’ But some people who like to count the life-span as an idol says he reached his peak.

As he soared so high, wouldn’t the ‘course of descending’ he will have to go through someday hurt too much?

He calmly said, “I think I’ll just say ‘I was happy’.”

“The love I’m receiving right now is not something to be taken for granted. I just achieved something (extra) that other people don’t have. It’s not like losing something you really must have. Just because I lose some things I thankfully enjoyed, I don’t think I will be unhappy.”

Just in time, Kim Gwangsuk’s ‘Don’t Think Too Deeply’ played in the café. ‘Don’t think too deeply/Just now when loneliness has become my friend/The beautiful music still remains…’ The lyrics overlapped with his words.

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu, “Painful first love after debut…I’m a fool at dating”

JYJ member and musical star Kim Junsu bashfully talked about first loves.

Kim Junsu sat down with Star Today at a cafe in Samcheong-Dong in the afternoon of December 5th and said, “I had my first love after debut. First love is painful.”

Kim Junsu plays the male lead Yoon Jiwook in the musical ‘December’. Twenty year old Jiwook falls in love with a female student at first sight and begins his first love.

He says, “This production is a bit different than those from before as there is a lot of dialogue. As acting plays an important part, I am facing a new challenge” and “My 20 year old self comes back to mind and I become immersed in the emotions. I too remember my ‘first love’”.

He says shyly, “If I look back at myself, I think I was a fool that becomes small when faced with love, just like Jiwook in the musical” and “I become shy in front of the opposite gender just like before, but it was really serious back then.”

He continues, “During middle and high school, I lived crazily for my dream. There was nothing but music and dance” and “I had my first love after debut. Men don’t seem to come to like someone as time goes by, we fall in love at the first feeling. I was like this too.”

Additionally, he explains that “In the musical, Jiwook accidentally meets his first love, which he thought would die off. If this happened in reality, I think I would been very shocked” and “In reality I would face the matter and ask for her number. I’m not absolutely sure but I don’t think I would’ve let her go just like that.”

“I think that the audience’s faint, previous memories will come back to them as they watch our production” and “They will be able to smile at their past, vibrant loves.”

On the other hand, December is a juke box musical in which one can meet Kim Gwangsuk through a love story between 20 year-olds, raising anticipations. It is a collaboration between Kim Junsu, Park Gunhyung and director Jang Jin. One can hear all of Kim Gwangsuk’s self written songs and unreleased songs. It will premier on December 16th at the Sejong Cultural Center.

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu, “This year’s birthday will be the worst”

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu has turned heads by stating, “I think this will be my worst birthday yet.”

Kim Junsu sat down for interview in Seoul’s Samcheong-dong in the afternoon of December 5th, stating with a smile “the musical starts on the 16th, and my birthday is one day before that on the 15th. I think I will spend my birthday because of nervousness for the musical. It will be the worst to date.”

Additionally, Kim Junsu stated, “the only reason why I stand on stage and release albums is for the fans. I feel happy that I can do it. I feel happy as I stand on stage, and it is the fans who made me able to stand on that stage again”, expressing his gratitude to the fans.

As for Kim Junsu receiving much love not only as a singer but also a musical actor, he modestly stated, “I think I am very lucky. The only thought I have is that I must work hard.”

Kim Junsu will star as Jiwook in the musical “December: Unfinished Song”, which will show between December 16th and January 29th at Sejong Cultural Hall.

Additional snippets:
– Junsu says he plays games with Lee Minho! Junsu plays games with a head set and tells Lee Minho that he’s been watching Heirs. He says Lee Minho is very good at gaming and that they get agitated over the games too
– From TV Daily interview: ”Even though it’s winter, I am practicing (for the musical) so I haven’t been able to play soccer. I usually play soccer every Monday, but these days, I practice on Mondays too.

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[OTHER TWITTER] Moon Sung Geun Twitter Update from the set of ‘Sea Fog’

Moon Sung Geun will be playing the father-figure role to Dongshik (Yuchun’s character) in ‘Sea Fog’

[TRANS] Revealing a quick surprise for the movie ‘Sea Fog’-2!
‘Restricted area’… “I’m sleeping” Swaying for five days on a boat actor Momo-ssi’s manager

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