[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 131201 Han Soo Kim shares a video of Jaejoong at Club Octagon


Note: Han Soo Kim is a promoter for Club Octagon

[VIDEO] 오늘의 깜짝 게스트
재중! #JYJ #cluboctagon 역시 옥타곤ㅋㅋㅋinstagram.com/p/hWT19ylpcH/

[TRANS] Today’s surprise guest
Jaejoong! #JYJ #cluboctagon as expected Octagon kekeke


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[OTHER TWITTER] 4MEN’s Young Jae Twitter Update: Moldir Passport Case from Jaejoongie

Note: 4Men is a talented vocal R&B group that consists of 3 members, they debuted in 1998 (Read more here)

[TRANS] Got a gift from Jaejoongie, a passport case ke
..but I don’t travel overseasㅠㅠ

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong Continues to Top Charts Internationally


JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been killing the music charts in China.

C-JeS Entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong has taken the number one spot in the ‘gold’ program on a Chinese music specialty channel, CCTV15. The program airs three times a week for thirty minutes, and shows the most popular Korean music. Jaejoong’s song ‘Just Another Girl’ has been number one for three weeks straight. Moreover, he’s been number one on Yinyuetai’s weekly music charts for four weeks straight.”

CCTV is a huge Chinese performance station with about 22 channels and 1,000,000,000 viewers. CCTV15 is one of those 22 channels, and relays information about a variety of music.

Jaejoong’s first solo album “WWW: Who, When, Why” was released on October 29, and has been a hit even since before its official release. With the album, Jaejoong has hit the top of the iTunes charts in 12 countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, etc. He has also been number one on Japan’s Tower Record’s daily chart, the Oricon weekly chart, and more.

The singer currently has a concert coming up on December 7 in Nanjing, having completed performances so far in Seoul, Yokohama, and Taiwan.

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[SCANS + TRANS] Kim Jaejoong featured on Blue Jean’s December issue!

 photo 1424415_10152437268024966_1955323069_n.jpg

 photo Fotor1201140626.jpg


Kim Jaejoong of the band JYJ planted lonely himself in front of his followers once again with his solo album named “WWW” nine months after his first mini album. Esra Öztürk

” While telling about my thoughts over love, I used different kinds of melodies and sounds. “

Kim Jaejoong who is a singer that started his music career with pop music is still going for pop genre with his band JYJ, however he made his choice on rock music for his solo work. Considering that Rock is not highly popular in South Korea, what Kim Jaejoong does is literally a challenge. This was his wish since his childhood and he always wanted to do Yoon Do Hyun tasted music. And then his wish came true. He grabbed a song from one of the most important rock musicians of Korea and then he released his album. While he made his wish come true,of course our ears were filled with pleasure and joy. By selling 63.000 pieces within a week,the album that was released on 29th of October placed in 1st rank of weekly Hanteo chart which is one of the most important direct sales list of South Korea. Furthermore the album took its place in 1st ranks in iTunes lists of 9 countries !

WHAT IS HIS SECRET? If we need to name him with fans’ expression, Prince JJ seems to have taken a huge long step in the road of being King JJ regarding his ten years of art life and his successes. So what is the secret to his success and to the fact that he receives this much love? The answer is simple in fact. Of course his interpreting talent with flawless management of accessing his emotions to the songs, color of his voice and his undeniable good extraordinary looks. Another factor that shall not be forgotten is his love of work and being very much precise about the work itself. He also happened to emphasize his care about fans and listeners once again by saying ” I would like to put more songs written by me yet the songs that are better written than mine should have been added too because real thing is to let people listen to good music. ” Now let’s hear the album from his words…

ABOUT ALBUM NAME ( “WHO,WHEN,WHY” ) Who,when,why…These three words always come up in front of us from the beginning of love to its end.Among 13 songs I wrote to 10 songs and I expressed my beliefs about love. While expressing those,I wanted to use different kind of melodies and sounds along with the common theme love.


The album is based on Rock but it contains sub genres in itself. There are songs with fast and strong tempo and also songs with rather slowly tempo, ballad songs,songs in Brit Rock, Pop punk and Funk form. I tried to make 13 songs different from each other and I made use of different sounds. People will be curious about if the one who sings these songs is really Kim Jaejoong or not.

TURKISH CHAT Kim Jaejoong also made a guesture for his fans again with a global chat right after the release of his album. On the same day, he chatted with his fans in Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish and Turkish. After his visit in February 5, 2012 to our country, once again he managed to crown in our hearts by giving a place to Turkish language and to Turkish fans too. In the chat with a Turkish translator, his saying I love you Turkey in a video,his nice words for Turkish ladies and his sincere and humorous style of chatting with Turkish fans made fans live a great happiness.He also stated that Turkey is a beautiful country and would like to film an MV here.

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[OTHER TWITTER] Moon Sung Geun shared a picture from ‘Sea Fog’ filming

Moon Sung Geun will be playing the father-figure role to Dongshik (Yuchun’s character) in ‘Sea Fog’

[TRANS] Movie ‘Sea Fog’ filming site, revealing a quick surprise…
That spot~in the middle of the picture…the ‘ㅡ’ shape

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[PICS] JYJ’s Charity Auction with their Artworks from 2013 JYJ Membership Week

Jaejoong’s hand plaster

Yoochun’s hand plaster

Junsu’s hand plaster

Jaejoong’s plaster portrait

Yoochun’s plaster portrait

Junsu’s plaster portrait

Jaejoong’s pastel portrait

Yoochun’s pastel portrait

Junsu’s pastel portrait

Jaejoong’s marbling

Yoochun’s marbling

Junsu’s marbling

JYJ table

JYJ3′s Note: C-Jes Store requires anyone auctioning to have JYJ membership and login to place their bet at the bottom of the page

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[INFO] Japan Tower Records’s Annual chart – Top 20 K-POP Ranking for 2013 Bestseller albums

5th place – I: Kim Jae Joong 1st Mini Album by Jae Joong (JYJ) – Release date: 2013/01/18
8th place – WWW: Kim Jae Joong Vol.1 by Jae Joong (JYJ) – Release date: 2013/10/30
14th place – Incredible: XIA (Jun Su) Vol.2 by XIA (JUNSU) (JYJ) – Release date: 2013/07/17

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[TRANS] B2ST’s Kikwang mentioned Junsu in Riveriver Magazine interview (Nov 2013)

 photo BZWpz3aCAAAnknK.jpg

Kikwang: “When I went to see JYJ’s Junsu’s musical, I got goosebumps as everyone in the audience, including myself, gave a standing ovation during the curtain call. I also want to experience the feelings of the cast on the stage at that moment.”

T/N: Kikwang previously tweeted about getting ‘shot’ by Junsu during a part in Elizabeth as well. See HERE.

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[LINE] JYJ Line Update: additional tickets for ‘December’ are on sale tonight


[오피셜] 오늘 저녁 8시 김준수 출연 뮤지컬 <디셈버: 끝나지 않은 노래>의 추가 티켓팅이 진행될 예정입니다. 1차 티켓 오픈 시 무대 사정으로 판매 보류되었던 일부 좌석이 추가 오픈 될 예정입니다. 많은 관심 부탁 드립니다. 감사합니다!
-인터파크 http://goo.gl/F2Mys6

[オフィシャル] 今日の夜8時、キム・ジュンス出演ミュージカル<ディセンバー:終わらない歌>の追加チケッティングが行われる予定です。1次チケットオープン時、舞台事情によって販売保留せれていた一部座席が追加オープンされる予定です。沢山のご関心をお願いします。ありがとうございます!
-インターパーク http://goo.gl/F2Mys6

[Official] Additional tickets for the musical <December: Unfinished Song> will be on sale at 8 o’clock this evening. Some seats that were reserved (with pending status) during the first ticket sales period will be available for purchase. We ask for your attention. Thank you!
– Interpark http://goo.gl/F2Mys6

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