“Kiss B”

“Don’t Walk Away”






“Let the Rhythm Flow”


“Modem Beat”

“Shiny Day”

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama (Day 2)

  • Ryota is a member of the Johnny’s junior group Senzaki-tachi (Pic by: @RyotaSenzak)

  • Jaejoong’s Japanese Friend – Akio Iwama (Pic by: @akionosuke)

  • GLAY Takuro’s Wife (Pic by: iwahoriseri IG)
    From a fan who attended the cc, Glay’s Takuro did come today. Jaejoong said so before singing Modem Beat. So he came w his wife & friends xD
    (Via: @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ)

  • Sunset over Yokohama Stadium. 35 mins to go. Stands are filling up. There should be more fans today. (Via @pixelminor)

  • (Pic Credit: @Para126)

  • JAG MV at the 30 min mark (Via @pixelminor)
  • Red Ocean (Pic by: @100thero)

  • concert day 2 START! (Via @pixelminor)
  • 9+1#
  • Omg he’s making love with the mike again. (Via @pixelminor)
  • Another deadly wink during Butterfly. The old jap gentleman infront of us is waving his light stick and dancing (Via @pixelminor)
  • Today’s crowd is fantastic. The screams and dancing are wilder woohoo (Via @pixelminor)
  • Rotten Love. He drawls into the mike (Via @pixelminor)
  • JJ: Tonight Red Ocean is awesome, like a Red Universe. Very Beautiful.
    I’m everyone could come today. Glad that today weather is not as cold as yesterday
    I had flu now, but i will still work hard to sing well.
    (Source:  金在中点康, Trans by: RainbowKJJ)
  • (Pic Credit: Melitehero, KimJaejoongnet, CONGkr)

  • Don’t you have a proper dressing room? Why do you keep undressing on stage for all to see? He exclaims ‘sexy!’ as he sits down for Kiss B (Via @pixelminor)
  • This has to be the sexiest version of Kiss B I’ve seen (Via @ning225)
  • He licked one finger on stage. Being very naughty tonite. (Via @pixelminor)
  • Now is Good 
  • (Pics Credit: CONGkr)

  • He hid his face behind the mike at the end of dont walk away and suddenly sprung a sensual kiss to the audience (Via @pixelminor)
  • First interval now with JJ vid. Time for me to get my breath back (Via @pixelminor)
  • Looking ethereal in a white top with I said I’m sorry (Via @pixelminor)
  • His powerful vocals soar across the frosty air. It’s almost bewitching as everyone stands still. (Via @pixelminor)
  • Last Rain. Luckily no rain today (Via @pixelminor)
  • Every time the camera closes up on him, i get more convinced he isn’t human. What manner of beautiful creature with this siren voice is he? (Via @pixelminor, Pic Credit: CONGkr)

  • Today he wore the pink biker jacket  (Via @ning225, Pic Credit: As tagged)

  • Gummy enters for Sunny Day. She’s in a red checkered shirt. A pair of honey mellow voices (Via @pixelminor)
  • During the last part of Sunny day, music stops, Jae asks “How?” & look at Gummy lovingly. Gummy says “Hurry up & sing please!” LOL (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • Gummy: Do everyone like Jaejoong very much? Fans: Yes!! Gummy: Me too, like Jaejoong very much (Via @RainbowKJJ)
  • Gummy with the ost from this winter the wind blows. (Via @pixelminor)
  • Time to warn up with Luvholic. Those neon lit roving stages with wings yeahhhhh (Via @pixelminor)
  • Light!!! With lots of hair flinging and nipples (Via @pixelminor)
  • Glamorous Sky. Indeed. (Via @pixelminor)
  • You narcissist! Takes off his earphone to hear us scream for him during glamorous sky. (Via @pixelminor)
  • During Glamorous Sky, jae stopped singing and asked fans to shout. Shout out their happiness. He took off his earpiece and enjoy the stadium of loud scream LOL (Source: 金在中点康, Trans by: RainbowKJJ)
  • Backstage Ment
  • There’s still a lot of alcohol on the table in his backstage dressing room (Via @pixelminor)
  • He takes out a bottle if milk from the cooler? Then ukon? Then Tabasco. (Via @pixelminor)
  • Leans back on the sofa and puts both his legs on the table, knees bent. It’s giving me wrong ideas. (Via @pixelminor)
  • There’s a fan with masking tape on her mouth. She can’t speak to answer his questions lol  (Via @pixelminor)
  • One boy fan shows his chest tattoo and JJ pulls down his shirt to show the real thing, dissing the boy lololol  (Via @pixelminor)
  • The fanboy who showed Jaejoong his tattoo actually came with his little brother. It seems that he’s in junior high and his little brother is in elementary school. Both are JJ’s fans xD (Source: @herojaejoong126, Trans by: @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ)
  • OMG he said it’s big. LMAO. the camera was focusing on someone’s breasts (Via @ning225)
  • JJ to fangirl with large ‘chest’… “So you’re big” XDDD (Via @Ohmyjunsu)
  • Jae said he is always M. But he can be both S and M. Both can, Nashi LOL oppa (Via @RainbowKJJ)
  • Jae keep insisting he’s “M” but says he can be both (S&M), then he says “Both also can nashiiiii!!” LOL! (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • A fan shows her neck & hand tattoo & Jae asks how long she spent doing it, she shows 5. Jae said “Oh 5 mths!” Fan said “No, 5 hrs.” LOL  (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • Mother-son fans, Jae asked mum is “S”or”M”. Mum is too soft can’t hear and son shouts “S”. Jae in a surprise tone asked how come you know?! (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • (Pic Credit: @mjwoo2010)

  • Keshou, he becomes all serious and passionate. Where did the earlier dork go? (Via @pixelminor)
  • The classic one liter of tears.  (Via @pixelminor)
  • Let the rhythm flow…owning the stage  (Via @pixelminor)
  • Bursts of fire on the stage with Ultra Soul  (Via @pixelminor)
  • The grandpa infront dances even harder, shaking from side to side. ^^  (Via @pixelminor)
  • He sounds even better today (Via @ning225)
  • JJ: yesterday was a rainy day so everyone is not as energetic. Today everyone are very energetic. I’m happy (Source:  金在中点康, Trans by: RainbowKJJ)
  • Modem Beat
  • Jae says Glay’s Tensai member Takuro should be here today, and he expresses his thanks  (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • JJ: 2 more songs left. U all don’t want to go home?
    JJ: If u all dont go home then will have to stay at the hotels nearby. Your family will get worried
    JJ: I am not saying that it is ending now. Isn’t there 2 more songs left? Fans started to shout Ehhhhhh
    JJ: When fans shouted Ehhh~~ Jae said then i couldnt end it and have to keep talking. Why didnt u all let me continue. Stay here if u all dont want to go home. I’m leaving.
    Naughty oppa trolling fans again TT
    (Source:  金在中点康, Trans by: RainbowKJJ)
  • Just Another Girl
  • Mine with fireworks (Video Credit: @Luvjey)
  • The Christmas ocean for our Jaejoong ^^ (Via @_flyawaylove)

  • Don’t want it to end. Fans are yelling (Via @pixelminor)

  • Someone in the audience yells I love you and he replies I love you too babie. (Via @pixelminor)
  •  Jae said he is worried he is unable such live concert like this. But seeing so many fans here, he feels that he needs to work even harder T___T (Via @RainbowKJJ)
  • Jaejoong’s Last Ment:
    I’m really happy that I could do Concert in Japan with my solo album. I feel lonely every time I think that I couldn’t have live Concert in Japan. Since I don’t have activities in Japan, I greet you and hear your voices via live Concert like this. Before, when I could be active in Japan, I think I haven’t been this happy. It’ multiplied by 20 times, 30 times. Next time, although Korean songs are good, I’ll always sing Japanese songs. Now is the last song. I also don’t like it (the fact that it’s the last song). This last song is my self-composed song. There’s not much lyrics. ‘Don’t leave me’, it has such meaning
    (Source: @usager_0126, Trans by: @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ)
  • Paradise (Pics Credit: Melitehero, CONGkr)

  • Fans refuse to leave and continue to chant jejung (Via @pixelminor)
  • No one’s leaving (Via @ning225)
  • Beautiful memories. Fans are still chanting  (Via @pixelminor)

  • Staff asking ppl to leave, fans screaming even louder (Via @ning225)
  • (Video Credit: @100Thero, maiking1203)
  • Today is the longest…. Fully 3 hours~   (Via @ShadowJaeJes)
  • END


– Opening VCR –
– Ment –
Rotten Love
Now is good
Don’t Walk Away
– VCR –
Said I’m Sorry
Saigo no Ame / Last Rain (Original by: Koda Kumi)
Shiny Day/Sunny Day (with Gummy)
Gummy (1st Guest)
LuvHolic (ft. Gummy)
Glamorous Sky
– Ment from Backstage –
Keshou (Japanese Version)
One Liter of Tears “Konayuki (Original by Remioromen)
Let The Rhythm Flow
Ultra Soul (Intro to band members)
Modem Beat
Just Another Girl
Last Ment

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-Twitter de Kim Suk Jin:
Nota: Kim Suk Jin es la 4ta hermana mayor de Jaejoong^^

 photo 131116kkjj4tw.png

TRAD: Hoy [fue el] mejor!!

 photo BZMQbZSCcAAmLRD.jpg

-Twitter de Kim Su Young:
Note: Kim Su Young es la 8ta hermana mayor de Jaejoong^^

 photo 131116Shie486tw.pngTRAD: ㅎ Hoy es realmente el comienzo~~ Si llegaba tan sólo 1 minuto tarde, no podría haberlo visto… ㅠ ㅠ Nuestro Jjoongie… cuando le dije que hoy fue el mejor, dijo que su condición era la peor… Sin embargo, las personas podían ver claramente que hoy es mejor que ayer… Jjoong ah, gracias. No estes enfermo. Te amo~^^

 photo BZMV9eUCIAA3YRh.jpg
Source: @kkjj4 + @Shie486
JYJ3 + @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ
Traducido a Castellano: JYJChile
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[OTHER TWITTER] Kim Suk Jin and Kim Su Young share pictures with Jaejoong

Kim Suk Jin Twitter Update

Note: Kim Suk Jin is Jaejoong’s 4th oldest adoptive sister^^

 photo 131116kkjj4tw.png

[TRANS] Today [was the] best!!

 photo BZMQbZSCcAAmLRD.jpg


Kim Su Young Twitter Update

Note: Kim Suk Jin is Jaejoong’s 8th oldest adoptive sister^^

 photo 131116Shie486tw.png

[TRANS] ㅎToday is really the beginning ~~ If I was late for just 1 minute, I couldn’t have watched it… ㅠㅠ Our Jjoongie… when I said today was the best, he said his condition was the worst… However, People could clearly see that today is better than yesterday… Jjoong ah, thank you. Don’t be sick. I love you~~^^

 photo BZMV9eUCIAA3YRh.jpg

Source: @kkjj4 + @Shie486
Translatedby: JYJ3 + @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ
Shared by: JYJ3+ JYJCHILE