[INFO] Album «WWW» de Kim Jaejoong encabezó lista de ventas de Taiwán (J y Sección Kpop)

Álbum «WWW» de Kim Jaejoong ha alcanzado Nº 1 de la semana (25/10/2013 – 31/10/2013) en Taiwan lista de ventas de J y la sección de Kpop.

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[FOTOS] Entrevista exclusiva de Kim Jaejoong de Entertainment Star World de China

Kim Jaejoong’s Exclusive Interview for Entertainment Star World China

Entrevista exclusiva de Kim Jaejoong de 娱乐 星 天地 Entertainment Star World de China / Kim Jaejoong’s Exclusive Interview for  娱乐星天地 Entertainment Star World China

Próxima entrevista saldrá pronto ^ ^ Upcoming interview will be out soon^^

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[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong’s Rocker Transformation Welcomed by Fans


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JYJ Jaejoong has undergone a transformation into a rocker, and it’s a welcomed change for fans.

Idols’ songs are often met with differing opinions. There are times when professionals will criticize the song, but fans will love it, and vice versa. However, an idol’s image is usually all or nothing. It was that way with 1st generation idol Fin.K.L Hyori’s solo comeback and H.O.T. Moon Hee Joon’s rocker transformation.

In October of 2013, one idol member greeted his fans with a transformed music in his comeback. There were two kinds of risk factors in this move. That idol member is none other than JYJ member Jaejoong. He announced his 1st official album on October 29th along with his rocker transformation. This is his 1st comeback in 9 months after he released his solo mini album in January, and he brings a completely different music than is heard from JYJ.

Jaejoong’s 1st official album WWW featured 13 songs with various genres of music such as hard rock, pop punk, post-grunge, emo-core, alternative rock, folk rock, dance tunes, and Britpop. You can pick and choose which type of song you want to listen to in this truly comprehensive gift set of rock music.

His title song “Just Another Girl” was written and composed by Jaejoong himself. The song’s genre is a post-grunge rock, with the powerful beat of hard rock, the lively melody of punk and Britpop. It’s a song that is easy to listen to.

Since this is his first official album, Jaejoong poured out a lot of love into his work. He himself worked on writing, producing, and monitoring his songs, and worked with various talented artists in creating this album.

His ranks on music charts are dazzling. “Just Another Girl” is currently number 1 on music charts in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. Not only is it number 1 on the comprehensive charts, it is also number 1 on the rock charts, and even boasts being number 8 in Finland, number 11 in Mexico, and number 9 in Israel.

Jaejoong is an idol turned rocker. His voice fits surprisingly well in this genre. His soft rock voice wraps around the ears. It’s safe to say that Jaejoong’s attempt that rock music is a resounding success, and it only creates a greater anticipation for the future of the musician.

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