[NEWS] Everyone’s Hot For Jaejoong in Japan

Singer Kim Jaejoong will be featured in the December edition of “Elle Japan”through a special photo shoot.

On October 26, Jaejoong’s agency, C-JeS, said that prior to the release of his new album (“Who, When, Why”) on October 29, Jaejoong did the photo shoot for “Elle Japan” as a way to introduce his album to his Japanese fans.

Jaejoong’s popularity in Japan is as high as ever.  Ever since he announced the release of his album, it has been number one in sales on the Japanese online shopping site Rakuten. Moreover, his song “Sunny Day” has been number one on the Japanese iTunes, making this Jaejoong’s fifth time he has topped the charts this year.

The photo shoot with Elle, titled “A Special Day with Jaejoong,” shows the singer in a natural day-to-day routine: getting up in the morning, preparing to go out, and in various activities before going to bed at night. In the interview following his photo shoot, Jaejoong speaks candidly about the production of his album, his everyday life, and various episodes with the members of JYJ, giving his avid fans a window into his life.

The editor-in-chief of Elle Japan commented, “Right now Jaejoong is the ‘most missed star’ in Japan. Countless fans in Japan are desperate to see him.”

His new album, “Who, When, Why,” will be released on October 29, and starting off with concerts in Seoul on the second and third of November, Jaejoong will be doing a tour of Asia.

Source: Enews24 via Nate
Credit: Soompi
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJCHILE

[MORE INFO] Amazon email: The release date of Jaejoong’s Elle Japan Magazine has been postponed to November 1 as per publisher’s request.

Pre-order: Amazon Japan (via Ruby)

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