[TRANS] Excerpt from Esquire Korea: Interview with Jaejoong


Jaejoong finally feels the freedom. On two sides of Kim Jaejoong’s vertebra, the names of two other JYJ’s members are engraved as tattoos. Perhaps, it might be his wings.

It has been a long time that you did a magazine photoshoot, since the last time in India; how do you feel?

[Jaejoong] I find it interesting and touching.

What have you been doing?

[Jaejoong] I have been preparing for my new album. As I wrote songs, I recalled many memories. Especially, since I wrote 80% of the lyrics in the whole album, it reminded me of many situations of those days. Recently, I’m a little emotional.

(He [Jaejoong] shed tears during the photoshoot. Photographer Moke Najung said that it was the first time she cried seeing tears of the subject.) That’s why a while ago, you…

[Jaejoong] Yes, because emotions came up.

When this magazine is published, your album will be ready for pre-order already.

[Jaejoong] It’s rock. Before, [the reception of] my music is divided clearly between likes and dislikes (T/N: which means the public like or dislike his music) because I wanted to express firmly the rock genre. This time, it will be much more diverse – European music, Canadian or American rock, my own rock or Korean-style rock that can be heard mainly in our country; I have them all in this album. It’s an album which contains a variety of music. Many musicians also participated in this album, from Yoon Dohyun sunbaenim to Beast’s Junhyung and Ha Donghyun sunbaenim. The songs also varies. I think many people will like it as I collaborated with various musicians, especially if those people like rock.

Credit: Esquire via @mjejjsaran
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ +JYJCHILE

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