[INFO] Junsu’s ‘December’ Musical Showcase to be held on October 31st

 photo 20131022050149_359497_637_907.jpg

‘December’ Showcase to be held at 2PM, October 31st at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. ‘December’ showcase will be open to the public and last 70 min. Ticketing will open at 8PM KST, October 24. Tickets are 1,000 Won each (≈USD 0.90) (T/N: The custom is that reporters are invited to showcases and so the organizer opens up the rest of the seats to the public at a cheap price).

Source: etoday.co.kr
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

Note: ticketing for ‘December’ opens to public on November 1st on Interpark.

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