[TWITTER] Actualización de Kim Jaejoong: Bocadillo de medianoche + Butterfly

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[TRAD 01:10 KST] Medianoche merienda ttaengkim

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TRAD:  ‘Butterfly’ llega a las 12 horas!

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[INSTAGRAM] Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update: Hiro, Iron Man, Rilala and Horse Lamp

Hiro http://instagram.com/p/fxiaQBknuR/

수고했으니 맥주한잔 마시는걸루 http://instagram.com/p/fxkaMmkng2/
[TRANS] As I worked very hard, I’m going to drink some beer

Hiro, Iron Man, Rilala and Horse Lamp

[VIDEO TRANS] Hiro ya… will you open this for me? At last, he (iron man) opened it..  (via @0702veronmjjeje)

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[INFO] Junsu’s ‘December’ Musical Showcase to be held on October 31st

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‘December’ Showcase to be held at 2PM, October 31st at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. ‘December’ showcase will be open to the public and last 70 min. Ticketing will open at 8PM KST, October 24. Tickets are 1,000 Won each (≈USD 0.90) (T/N: The custom is that reporters are invited to showcases and so the organizer opens up the rest of the seats to the public at a cheap price).

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Note: ticketing for ‘December’ opens to public on November 1st on Interpark.

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Yuhwan’s 1st fanmeeting in Japan – Park bros’ interactions ♥_♥

In the video where we see Yuhwan’s room, he was so shy when the camera came in that it has to be re-taken. But we still get to see Take 1 and Take 2 both takes ww The room was very orderly and clean and he said he tried his best to clean up because of the filming.

The desk where there are 2 PCs, the chair was bought by Yuchun together with a table in a set but Yuhwan brought only the chair over to his room w In the room’s little fridge, we only see juice and facial packs inside w Seems that Yuhwan does facial pack 3 times a week w He says that when he puts a cold facial pack, his face feels clear.

A very detailed and organized room ww Very different from Yuchun www There is a room with a grand white piano too. Next to the big monitor, we see pictures of ELLE’s Yuchun hanged up. Filming was also done on Yuhwan playing games but the controller? Was fabulous w Its like a real car seat and steering wheel w How he must love playing games ww On the terrace right in front of the Han river, we were also shown Norae. Seems that he usually doesn’t put Norae out. And although wild cats do come to the terrace they won’t come when Norae is there. Norae doesn’t go outside usually. Even when Yuhwan carries it, Norae was trembling w

When asked about songs, he said that because his big brother is really good everyone thought he is good too but he is not, he said. He said he is better at rapping and he did Eminem then. Seems like he seldom does this in front of people. Yuhwan does the attack/defense with Yuchun at home with [do it] [I won’t!] [Do it] [I won’t!] [Oh get out already!] w

Message from Yuchun: Seems to be from the filming set of “Sea Fog”, and Yuchun is again in his Addidas coat look? w How much does he love this coat w Yuchun said [Yuhwan is like a little brother at home. Ah, he is my real younger brother though] wwww What’s wrong with him of course Yuhwan is his younger brother www

When Yuhwan was replying questions he was worried that he talked too long and caused trouble for the interpreter, and so the MC advised “when the interpreter is translating, please look at everyone’s face or wave your hands at them, they will be very happy” w After this he did exactly as he was told very cute ww

When asked the age of the woman he will like, “I don’t mind at all if our hearts communicate” Yuhwan replied. He seems very different from the Do-S (T/N Jp expression to say ‘sadistic’) Yuchun www Whatever it is, my impression is that his spoken voice is very similar to Yuchun’s. The voice is very soft and low and the way he speaks is gentle and fluffy, And his face is small!! Just face so small!! w

He said he ate Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) in Japan this time. Seems that Yuhwan loves fried food w But why is he so slim? w In the hi-touch session, he tried his best to look at my face, bending over and blinking his eyes while we did hi-touch w When I look at him right next to him, his skin is beautiful like porcelain. I want know which facial pack he puts in the fridge that he uses w

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[NEWS] 10,000 People Choose… Jung Bo Seok ‘Hamlet (Play)’ – Xia Junsu ‘December (Musical)’

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Year-End Most Anticipated (Musical)
#1. Name: December | Percentage: 30.5% | Venue: Sejong Center | Points of Anticipation: Kim Junsu + Movie Company ‘NEW’ + Directed by Jang Jin


‘December’ musical, with a combined force of trio Kim Kwang Seok, Kim Junsu, and Jang Jin, has received recognition comparable to the hottest year-end musical ‘Typhoon’.

Based on “The Most Anticipated Year-End Musical & Play” survey results conducted on October 8-20 by our paper [Chosun Ilbo] in collaboration with Interpark, the musical ‘December: A Never-Ending Story’ (3,101 people) and the play ‘Hamlet’ (2,569 people) rank #1 respectively. A total of 11,182 people participated in the survey.

Musical ‘December’ is a Kim Kwang Seok jukebox musical starring Kim Junsu (Xia Junsu), the actor behind the ‘sold-out’ phenomena of ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Elisabeth’, with script and direction by Jang Jin; these points seem to amplify the anticipation of this production. The fact that this will be the first musical production by ‘NEW’, the distributor of the film ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7′, has also raised expectations.

Source: Chosun
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
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– Parts unrelated to Junsu were omitted
– Musical ‘Typhoon’ won Korea Musical Awards 2000 for Best Theatre Production
– ‘NEW’ (Next Entertainment World) is the company that distributed ‘Miracle in Cell No.7′, which is the third highest-grossing domestic

[LINE] JYJ Line Update: Jaejoong’s “Just Another Girl”

[오피셜]김재중의 정규 1집 타이틀곡 <Just Another Girl> M/V 티저가 오늘 낮 12시 JYJ 공식 유튜브와 각 음원 사이트를 통해 공개됩니다. 김재중이 어떤 모습으로 또 여러분을 놀라게 할지!! 잠시 후 확인해 주세요!^^

[TRANS] [Official] Kim Jaejoong’s 1st regular title track <Just Another Girl> M/V teaser will be released via JYJ Official YouTube and every music site today at 12 noon. What Kim Jaejoong looks like will shock everyone too!! Please check back soon!^^

[Official] Jaejoong’s first solo album title track <Just Another Girl> M/V  teaser will be released at noon(Korea time)!! Check out JYJ official Youtube and music websites!


[오피셜]김재중 <Just Another Girl> 뮤직비디오 티저가 1차 공개되었습니다. 아래 url에서 바로 확인해 보세요! youtu.be/RY2RccQcQKU 
[TRANS] [Official] Kim Jaejoong <Just Another Girl> music video 1st teaser has been released. Click on the below url to watch!

Jaejoong <Just Another Girl> M/V teaser is released. Follow the link! http://youtu.be/RY2RccQcQKU

Source: JYJ Naver LINE
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[TRANS] Excerpt from Esquire Korea: Interview with Jaejoong


Jaejoong finally feels the freedom. On two sides of Kim Jaejoong’s vertebra, the names of two other JYJ’s members are engraved as tattoos. Perhaps, it might be his wings.

It has been a long time that you did a magazine photoshoot, since the last time in India; how do you feel?

[Jaejoong] I find it interesting and touching.

What have you been doing?

[Jaejoong] I have been preparing for my new album. As I wrote songs, I recalled many memories. Especially, since I wrote 80% of the lyrics in the whole album, it reminded me of many situations of those days. Recently, I’m a little emotional.

(He [Jaejoong] shed tears during the photoshoot. Photographer Moke Najung said that it was the first time she cried seeing tears of the subject.) That’s why a while ago, you…

[Jaejoong] Yes, because emotions came up.

When this magazine is published, your album will be ready for pre-order already.

[Jaejoong] It’s rock. Before, [the reception of] my music is divided clearly between likes and dislikes (T/N: which means the public like or dislike his music) because I wanted to express firmly the rock genre. This time, it will be much more diverse – European music, Canadian or American rock, my own rock or Korean-style rock that can be heard mainly in our country; I have them all in this album. It’s an album which contains a variety of music. Many musicians also participated in this album, from Yoon Dohyun sunbaenim to Beast’s Junhyung and Ha Donghyun sunbaenim. The songs also varies. I think many people will like it as I collaborated with various musicians, especially if those people like rock.

Credit: Esquire via @mjejjsaran
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[TRANS] Park Yuhwan mentions Yuchun at his 1st Fanmeeting in Japan


Continuing into the talk show he stated “My dream for acting were formed from watching hyung’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. Though it was difficult hyung had help me consider to challenge [acting] and gave me support” and “My older brother Park Yuchun is passionate and cool, I respect his existence as a loving hyung all the time when he’s working professionally at home”.

Popular group JYJ’s congratulation videos were also reveal, to which member Park Yuchun mention “As his hyung I’m glad for my dongsaeng’s growth” and “I hope he becomes an actor who is active on the world stage. Even though I don’t say it, in my heart I hope to always support you working hard. After my movie filming finishes let’s eat a meal at home” and sent his warm support.

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[INSTAGRAM] Actualización de Kim Jaejoong Instagram: Hiro, Rilala y Iron Man

Hiro http://instagram.com/p/fxiaQBknuR/

Ven aquí! Ven aquí! Ahh~ Hiro! Meh~-rong (T/N: Meh~rong es un sonido jugueton hecho después de hacer una broma) (via @ohmyjunsu)

수고했으니 맥주한잔 마시는걸루 http://instagram.com/p/fxkaMmkng2/
TRAD: Como he trabajado muy duro, voy a beber un poco de cerveza

수고했으니 맥주한잔 마시는걸루 http://instagram.com/p/fxkaMmkng2/

TRAD: Hiro ya … va a abrir esto para mí? Finalmente, (iron man) lo abrió .. [lol! jaejoong ah!]


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