[INFO / RANKING] Top 10 Dramas coreanos y Actores Masculinos populares de Japón en ‘Hanryu 10th Anniversary’

En la categoría de drama:

En la categoría de actor masculino:

Los resultados finales serán anunciados el 1 de diciembre.


Rooftop Prince #2 en categoría de drama


Top 5 – Yuchun #2 en la categoría de actor masculino


Source: hanryu10.jp (1,2)
Video Credit: yuki cham
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[INFO/RANKING] Top 10 Popular Korean Dramas & Male Actors for Japan’s ‘Hanryu 10th Anniversary’

In the DRAMA category:

In the MALE ACTOR category:

The final results will be announced on DECEMBER 1st.


Rooftop Prince #2 in drama category


Top 5 – Yuchun #2 in male actor category


Source: hanryu10.jp (1,2)
Video Credit: yuki cham
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[OTHER TWITTER] Lee Sang Gon of Noel Twitter Update: Jaejoong’s “Shiny Day”

 photo 131019LeeSangGonofNoel.png

[TRANS] Thanks for loving Jaejoong’s “Sunny Day/Shiny Day”! Pls also look forward to Jaejoong’s album! At the same time pls listen to the theme song of Gu Family Book “Love Hurts” airing on KNTV now ^~^

(JYJ3′s Note:  Lee Sang Gon is a member from vocalist korean group “Noel”.
Jaejoong and Lee Sang Gon participated in  ”Sunny Day/Shiny Day”, he also sang the theme song of Gu Family Book “Love Hurts”)

Source: @egoist722
Translated By: Jen (@Jen_BabyLove)