[NOTICIA] Nueva película “The Sea Fog” comienza su filmación

El pasado 6 de octubre, el reparto y el equipo de la nueva película «The Sea Fog» se reunieron para su primer día de filmación.

«The Sea Fog» se trata de un grupo de coreanos étnicos abordo de un barco de pesca de China, y los lamentables acontecimientos que encuentran en su viaje a casa. Se basa en la obra de teatro 2007 «Hae Moo.»

Directores Shim Sung Bo y Bong Joon Ho, que han trabajado juntos en el 2003 en el drama criminal «Memories of Murder», expresan su entusiasmo por la nueva película.

«Confío en la supervisión de Shim Sung Bo y creo que el elenco y la historia excepcional podrán hacer justicia a su dedicación», dijo Bong Joon Ho, que producirá esta película.

Park Yoochun de JYJ, quien fue recomendado personalmente por el director por su papel, tendrá su debut en la pantalla grande con esta película, y un montón de fans están anticipando cómo jugarán su escena de cama gráfica. Juega como Dong Shik, el miembro más joven del equipo.

«Park Yoochun es un talentoso actor que puede representar una gama de personajes. Desde el principio, nuestro director estaba interesado en trabajar con él, y creo que podemos crear una buena película,» dijo el productor.

Actor Kim Yoon Seok será el capitán de la nave, mientras que la actriz novata Han Ye Ri será el interés amoroso de Yoochun en esta película.

“The Sea Fog” se espera que se estrenará en el verano de 2014.

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[NEWS] New Movie “The Sea Fog” Begins Filming

Last October 6, the cast and crew of the new movie “The Sea Fog” came together for their first day of filming.

“The Sea Fog” is about a group of ethnic Koreans boarding a fishing vessel from China, and the unfortunate events they encounter on their journey home. It is based on the 2007 stage play “Hae Moo.”

Directors Shim Sung Bo and Bong Joon Ho, who have worked together in the 2003 crime drama “Memories of Murder”, expressed their excitement about the new movie.

“I trust in Shim Sung Bo’s supervision and I believe that the outstanding cast and story will be able to give justice to his dedication,” said Bong Joon Ho, who will produce this movie.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who was personally recommended by the director for his role, will have his big screen debut with this movie, and a lot of fans are anticipating how his graphic bed scene will play out. He plays Dong Shik, the youngest crew member.

“Park Yoochun is a talented actor who can portray a spectrum of characters. From the start, our director was keen on working with him, and I think we can create a good movie,” said the producer.

Actor Kim Yoon Seok will be the captain of the ship, while rookie actress Han Ye Ri will be Yoochun’s love interest in this movie.

“The Sea Fog” is expected to premiere on summer 2014.

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[LINE] JYJ Line Update 3: Red Ocean at XIA Incredible Concert in Yokohama

[JYJ LINE at 9:37PM KST] 에블바리 인크레더블!!! Yay!! Yokohama!!!!!!
[TRANS] Everybody Incredible!!!Yay!!Yokohama!!!!!!


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[OTHER TWITTER] Guitarists and Drummer Twitter Updates: XIA Incredible Concert in Yokohama

Guitarist 1 of XIA Incredible Concert in Japan:

[TRANS] Yokohama Arena Day 1☆ Soundcheck starting soon!!

[TRANS] Yokohama Arena is surely big!!!

[TRANS] A beautiful flower bouquet came from a great person ☆
Note: Bouquet of Flowers by Miura Kazuyoshi, a former Japanese national football team member

[TRANS] Today’s first day of Yokohama Arena safely ended! I’m so happy to be able to share the stage with such a wonderful and brilliant artist and band members.Today my family came to watch, the usually not nervous me was quite nervous too! I’ll work hard tomorrow too!! haha!

Guitarist 2 of XIA Incredible Concert in Japan:

[TRANS] Good morning! Today is the 1st day of Yokohama arena! I’ll do my best!

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

[TRANS] Checking sound has finished! I’m gonna have curry and rice as my lunch!

[TRANS] The 1st day of Yokohama finished! I’ll do my best tomorrow too! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Drummer of XIA Incredible Concert in Japan:

[TRANS] Yokohama arena! So big as I thought!!!! lol I feel good~! From today, I’ll do my best for 3 days~^^

[TRANS] Yoko-Ari (Yokohama arena)~!

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[LINE] JYJ Line Update 2: Junsu’s Greeting before his Incredible Concert in Yokohama


/sang a snippet of ’Tsubomi’/
[TRANS] See you later/in a bit~ (in Korean)


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[LINE] JYJ Line Update: Are you ready for Jaejoong’s ‘A Sunny Day’ tomorrow?

[오피셜]바로 내일! 여러분의 가을을 더욱 센티멘털하게 만들어줄 감성 발라드! 김재중의 솔로 첫 정규 앨범 수록곡 <햇살 좋은 날>이 내일 낮 12시 각 음원 사이트와 아이튠즈를 통해 선공개됩니다. 많은 기대 부탁 드려요^^

[TRANS] [Official] By tomorrow! The sensitive ballad that’ll make everyone’s autumn much more sentimental! Kim Jaejoong’s first full solo album song <A Sunny Day> will be released tomorrow at 12 noon via through every music sites and iTunes. Please look very much forward to it^^


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[OTHER TWITTER] Yagyu Keisuke praised Jaejoong’s acting in “Dr. Jin”

Yagyu Keisuke (柳生啓介) is a Japanese theatre actor.
He has a special column called ‘Actor’s Eye’ in the Japanese magazine ‘Korean TV Drama Perfect Guide’ too.

[TRANS] ”Father should live somehow. Father is the reason why I live.” [Dr. Jin] Ep 21. The crying part by Kyungtak, played by Jejung, is the best part for me. The protagonist of the drama is not Dr. Jin but him. Born as a bastard child of the Andong clan, Kyungtak has experienced anguish in his life with failed friendship and unrequited love.

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