[OTHER TWITTERS] Sightings of Junsu in Shin-Okubo


Taehaming is a Korean restaurant in Japan
 photo 131013dhm121110.png

[TRANS] Today Junsu ate fish, beef, and samgyetang that were prepared by mom. We’ll make ‘Junsu set’ as a set lunch, so please expect it. We’ll display a pic that taken with mom. please come to our restaurant~


KanKan is a Hanryu shop in Japan
 photo 131013kankanshinokubo1.png

[TRANS] Today Xia Junsu came to Shin-Okubo. He went back some time ago though, walking through Ikemen Street.

 photo 131013kankanshinokubo2.png

[TRANS] He was walking with 4 guys, but nobody seems to have recognized he was Junsu. A few people recognized him in next street, and he went back by a taxi.

Sources: @dhm121110 + @kankanshinokubo
Translated by: @kaju0731 + @XIA_Chocolat
Shared by: JYJ3 +JYJCHILE

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