[FAN ACCOUNTS] Fans saw Junsu around Shin-Okubo


[TRANS 1] Junsu’s autograph in Taehaming, a Korean restaurant

 photo BWcZR6ACYAAysgE.jpg

In Taehaming, Junsu seems to have sat down on the right in the back~
Junsu was smiling, and a fan met his eye!! They say he was waving his hand for fans~ :)
In Taehaming, Junsu seems to have drunk this kind of oolong tea~
 photo BWceQXrCAAAwwQA.jpg

According to a staff, Junsu lost his way when he tried to come there lol He wandered around in Ikemen street, and called: ‘Where is your restaurant?’
(via @xia_ever)


[TRANS 2] The madam of Houraiken, a hitsumabushi restaurant in Nagoya, said: Unexpectedly Junsu contacted us without reservation. So many fans were there, but Junsu said ‘no problem because they’re my fans’. And fans didn’t make a noise at all, so I was surprised. (via @natan_JYJ)


[TRANS 3]  Owner of Nagoya’s Hitsumabishi restaurant said: Without booking, Junsu’s staff contacted there, it was already crowded with many fans. Yet, Junsu said, “our fans are ok”. As Junsu said, no fans made fuss. The owner was so surprised (via @Yurangrang)

Credits: @xia_ever + @natan_JYJ + @Yurangrang
Translated by: @kaju0731(1-2) + @XIA_Chocolat(3)
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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