[FAN ACCOUNT] ‘Sea Fog’ team in Masan restaurant


Note: This is an update on what happened the day they uploaded the pics on Line [13.10.06] ^^

“At first, I didn’t recognize him (T/N: Yuchun) because I could only see the back of his head. But when he asked for a bottle of soju and our eyes met, that’s when I did. There’s no fried eggs on the menu so I served him steamed eggs instead. Since he kept calling me ‘noona’, I found him very polite.” – auntie owner

Since the auntie and uncle owners found it fascinating that fans could find the place only by the photo uploaded on Line, they asked the fan (T/N: the one who wrote this fanaccount) to help them download Line and add JYJ Line. XD

The auntie wrote the names of the 4 guests who came that day (Park Yuchun, Han Yeri, Bong Joonho & Sim Sungbo) on their chair. Here’s Yuchun’s (with his surname 박[Park]):

Credit:  @riceU64
Translated by: Sheena(@Sheenathe6004)
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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