[FAN ACCOUNTS] Fans saw Junsu around Shin-Okubo


[TRANS 1] Junsu’s autograph in Taehaming, a Korean restaurant

 photo BWcZR6ACYAAysgE.jpg

In Taehaming, Junsu seems to have sat down on the right in the back~
Junsu was smiling, and a fan met his eye!! They say he was waving his hand for fans~ :)
In Taehaming, Junsu seems to have drunk this kind of oolong tea~
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According to a staff, Junsu lost his way when he tried to come there lol He wandered around in Ikemen street, and called: ‘Where is your restaurant?’
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[TRANS 2] The madam of Houraiken, a hitsumabushi restaurant in Nagoya, said: Unexpectedly Junsu contacted us without reservation. So many fans were there, but Junsu said ‘no problem because they’re my fans’. And fans didn’t make a noise at all, so I was surprised. (via @natan_JYJ)


[TRANS 3]  Owner of Nagoya’s Hitsumabishi restaurant said: Without booking, Junsu’s staff contacted there, it was already crowded with many fans. Yet, Junsu said, “our fans are ok”. As Junsu said, no fans made fuss. The owner was so surprised (via @Yurangrang)

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[OTHER TWITTERS] Sightings of Junsu in Shin-Okubo


Taehaming is a Korean restaurant in Japan
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[TRANS] Today Junsu ate fish, beef, and samgyetang that were prepared by mom. We’ll make ‘Junsu set’ as a set lunch, so please expect it. We’ll display a pic that taken with mom. please come to our restaurant~


KanKan is a Hanryu shop in Japan
 photo 131013kankanshinokubo1.png

[TRANS] Today Xia Junsu came to Shin-Okubo. He went back some time ago though, walking through Ikemen Street.

 photo 131013kankanshinokubo2.png

[TRANS] He was walking with 4 guys, but nobody seems to have recognized he was Junsu. A few people recognized him in next street, and he went back by a taxi.

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AVALANCHE es una tienda que vende una variedad de joyería de hip-hop
Su página web oficial es: www.avalanche-jp.com

TRAD: Junsu-san, gracias por usar el reloj de AVALANCHE♪

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TRAD: Autógrafo de Junsu en Taehaming, un restaurante coreano.

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En Taehaming, parece que Junsu se ha sentado al fondo a la derecha~
Junsu estaba sonriendo, ¡¡y una fan ha cruzado la mirada con él!! Han dicho que estaba saludando a las fans~ :)
En Taehaming, parece que Junsu ha bebido este tipo de té oolong~

 photo BWceQXrCAAAwwQA.jpg

Según el staff, Junsu se perdió de camino al restaurante lol Estuvo dando vueltas por la calle Ikemen y llamó: “¿Dónde está tu restaurante?”
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[TRAD 2] La dueña de Houraiken, un restaurante de hitsumabushi en Nagoya, dijo: “Inesperadamente Junsu se puso en contacto con nosotros sin reserva. Así que muchas fans estaban aquí pero Junsu dijo ‘no hay problema porque son mis fans’. Y las fans no molestaron para nada, así que estaba muy sorprendida”. (via @natan_JYJ)

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Taehaming es un restaurante coreano en Japón
 photo 131013dhm121110.png

TRAD: Hoy Junsu ha comido pescado, ternera y samgyetang que preparó mamá. Haremos el “menú Junsu” como menú de comida, así que esperenlo. Pondremos una foto sacada con mamá. Por favor, ven a nuestro restaurante~


KanKan es una tienda Hanryu en Japón
 photo 131013kankanshinokubo1.png

TRAD: Hoy Xia Junsu ha venido a Shin-Okubo. Aunque volvió hace algún tiempo, caminando por la calle Ikemen.

 photo 131013kankanshinokubo2.png

TRAD: Estaba caminando con 4 chicos, pero parece que nadie se dio cuenta de que era Junsu. Un par de personas le reconocieron en la siguiente calle y se regreso en taxi.


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[FAN ACCOUNT] ‘Sea Fog’ team in Masan restaurant


Note: This is an update on what happened the day they uploaded the pics on Line [13.10.06] ^^

“At first, I didn’t recognize him (T/N: Yuchun) because I could only see the back of his head. But when he asked for a bottle of soju and our eyes met, that’s when I did. There’s no fried eggs on the menu so I served him steamed eggs instead. Since he kept calling me ‘noona’, I found him very polite.” – auntie owner

Since the auntie and uncle owners found it fascinating that fans could find the place only by the photo uploaded on Line, they asked the fan (T/N: the one who wrote this fanaccount) to help them download Line and add JYJ Line. XD

The auntie wrote the names of the 4 guests who came that day (Park Yuchun, Han Yeri, Bong Joonho & Sim Sungbo) on their chair. Here’s Yuchun’s (with his surname 박[Park]):

Credit:  @riceU64
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[NEWS] Junsu JYJ’s XIA Junsu to Complete His Japan Tour in Yokohama in Front of 33,000 Fans


XIA Junsu, power vocalist of JYJ, embarked on his solo Japan tour recently and successfully completed his three-day stop at the city of Nagoya. Now he is on his way to Yokohama for another three-day stop between October 14-16. This is his final stop, being held at Yokohama Arena.

At Yokohama, XIA Junsu is expected to rally 33,000 fans at his sold out concert, which fans bought a ticket to in a 1:3 competition. In addition to performing songs from his second solo album, “Incredible,” Junsu will be performing “Minna Sora no Shita” by Japanese singer Ayaka and “Tsubomi” by Kobukuro.

A rep from XIA Junsu’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, stated, “Despite restrictions in activities in Japan for television appearances and album sales, XIA Junsu’s solo Japan tour is garnering a lot of attention.” The rep reported that at the Nagoya concerts, fans showed their enthusiasm and appreciation of Junsu’s talents, jumping up and down in synchronization during Junsu’s performance of “Incredible.”

After Junsu completes his Japan tour, he will begin practicing for his upcoming musical that starts in December appropriately titled “December.”

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