[PIC] Kim JaeJoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama ad in Japanese Newspaper


The details of publication is as follows:

1) Newspaper name: ? (one of Shimonoseki’s free/complimentary newspaper)
2) Country: Japan
3) Language: Japanese

Congrats Kim Jejung by JYJ
Japan concert decision!!
Nov. 15(Fri) ・16(Sat) ・ Yokohama Stadium

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Picture Credit: @jjdskkei
Translation by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE



Los detalles de la publicación son los siguientes:

1) Nombre de periódico: ¿? (uno de los periódicos gratuitos/de cortesía de Shimonoseki)
2) País: Japón
3) Lenguaje: Japonés

Felicitaciones Kim Jejung de JYJ
¡¡Por la decisión de un concierto en Japón!!
Nov. 15(viernes) ・16(Sábado) ・ Estadio Yokohama

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[OTHER FACEBOOK] JYJ on IAG Roadshow in Hanoi, Vietnam to be televised


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The performing arts program is welcoming the Incheon Asiad Games on the night of Oct 24th by having it recorded and aired on channel VTV1. The airing time has not been decided. BTC will announce it early for everyone to tune in.

Although it cannot be televised live, BTC hopes these arrangements will help everyone, living far or don’t have the chances to attend, be able to watch the program through the small screen.

Source: 2014 Incheon Asian Games in Vietnamese FB
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

[FOTO + TRAD] Autógrafo de Junsu en Kurumi, un bar de izakaya, en Nagoya

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TRAD: Kurumi-san ~ ☆ Estaba delicioso.
XIA 10 de octubre 2013

(T / N: JS escribió mal el kanji ‘年 «[años] Demasiado lindo)


Picture Credit: @miyu6030
Translated by: @kaju0731 / Traducido a Castellano: JYJChile
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[OTRO FACEBOOK] JYJ en IAG Roadshow en Hanoi, Vietnam va ser televisado


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El programa de artes escénicas está dando la bienvenida a los Juegos Asiáticos Incheon la noche del 24 de octubre por haberlo grabado y transmitido en el canal VTV1. El tiempo de emisión no se ha decidido. BTC anunciará pronto el tiempo para sintonizar.

A pesar de que no puede ser transmitido en vivo, BTC espera que estas medidas ayudarán a todo el mundo, que viven lejos o no tienen la posibilidad de asistir, podrán ver el programa a través de la pequeña pantalla.


Source: 2014 Incheon Asian Games in Vietnamese FB
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 / Traducido a Castellano: JYJChile
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[TRANS] The End Of 2013 To Feature Three New Musicals, ‘Fans Are Already Excited’



The end-of-the-year season is approaching the musical industry. Though it’s only mid-October, musical fans are already excited. Especially consdiering the fact that some concerts already have begun selling tickets, people are busy looking for great musicals to watch and nabbing the best seats in the house.

The hottest musicals that are set to make their debut this year are ‘Wicked’ (Korean), ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ and ‘Ghost’. All three will be making their debut in the Korean industry for the first time. Considering the fact that it’s difficult to gauge how good a musical is if it’s never been shown before, it’s natural for musical lovers to be skeptical about these productions. Because of this, ‘Wicked’ is obviously the favorite of the list with a 96% ticket reservation rate (Interpark), attracting 200,000 people in the shortest time ever. Musical columnist Jung Da Hoon stated, “It’s not easy to guess the success level of a debuting musical,” and “Considering the fact that ‘Wicked’ has a storyline and music that has already been recognized, many are excited for it.”

‘Ghost’, which comes all the way from the 5-trillion Won industry of the UK’s West End, stands out as having a well-built storyline, which is familiar as the movie the musical is based on was released in Korea in 1990. The original movie’s popularity and familiarity are the greatest weapon of ‘Ghost’.

‘December’ is in the most unfavorable position as it has never been shown before. However, it has more than enough up its sleeve to come out on top. Bringing in Kim Junsu, who has the biggest ‘ticket power’ in the industry, and teaming him up with Kim Kwang Seok’s music. The smart choices made by NEW, the movie production company making its debut in the musical industry with the upcoming production, have proven that ‘December’ is a force to be reckoned with. Many representatives in the industry have voiced their opinion that in terms of competitiveness of cast members, ‘December’ comes out on top though ‘Wicked’ has Ok Joo Hyun and ‘Ghost’ has Joo Won. Some are saying that having Kim Junsu on the cast list is enough to guarantee success. Musical columnist Park Jung Hwan stated, “Kim Junsu, who has the greatest ticket power in the musical industry, and Kim Kwang Seok’s music have teamed up,” and “The synergy those two will create is astronomical.”

Source: [etoday]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net+JYJCHILE