[TRANS] Jung Joon Young mentions Jaejoong on his Interview


“I’m really looking forward to Kim Jaejoong sunbaenim’s music this time. I enjoyed so much his last collaboration with Kim Bada. I’m very excited to see what kind of transformation/change he will show us this time.”

Note: Jung Joon Young is a Korean rock singer, songwriter and radio DJ. He finished in third place on the popular Korean program Superstar K4 (Read more here). After signing with CJ E&M, Jung Joon Young just officially made his debut early October with rock music. Jaejoong was mentioned by the reporter as one of his rival, as Jaejoong will also release a rock album in October.

Previously Jung Joon Young & Roy Kim’s Radio ‘Best Friend’ mentioned Kim Jaejoong (Read trans here)

Source: WStarNews via Naver
Translated by: Hannah (@The_little_pear) of PrinceJJ

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