[OTHER INSTAGRAM] Heechul Instagram Update: Jaejoong ranks 1st in Cookie Run Game

Heechul: 야 이걸 어떻게 1,000만점을 넘지? 나 현질 진짜 많이 했는데ㅡㅡ 역시 난 휴대폰 게임은 안되는건가.. 롤도 해킹 당해서 때려치고.. 새게임을 찾아보자..

[TRANS] Hey how do you exceed the score of 10000000 for this? I really used a lot of booster itemsㅡㅡ as expected(,) I can’t (do well) on handphone games.. even for LOL which I quit after I got hacked.. Lets find a new game.. http://instagram.com/p/fT77-to-Yx/

JYJ3′s Note: The game is Kakaotalk’s Cookie Run. Jaejoong ranked 1st among Heechul’s friends

Source: kimheenim
Translated by: 유진♡ ‏@teukables
Shared by: Sup3rjunior.com by MiSS CHIPSMOREHyukie + JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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