[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] XIA Incredible Concert in Nagoya (Day 2) – Junsu Time Ment


  • Junsu time via @rubypurple_fan:
    • Request 1 : Sing Rainy Night
    • Request 2: Sing Lullaby
    • Request 3: Sing with Junsu mama
      – Junsu mama who made a request to sing a song from Patti Kim – 가을을 남기고 간 사랑
      – so he asked his mom if she has the lyrics… his mom did not have but he sang a few line and said it’s the most difficult request yet. ^^;;
    • Another request – Gwiyomi
  • Junsu time via @kaju0731:
    • After ‘Funny song’, JS: I did my best because I had to sing with true myself. But I danced too hard today lol
    • JS: It’s raining today too, but hot in the venue. So from now… do you know?? ok, I’ll do it. So from now?? Fans: Junsu time~!
    • JS: yes. ah, it is not actually ‘Junsu time’, but ‘Genie time’. I’ll grant 3 favors. Genie time 1: to sing ‘Rainy Night’
    • JS: Do u have lyrics?? In Korea, fans always bring lyrics though… u guys lose to Korea??!! lol (singing RN) JS: It’s been a long time
    • When Junsu sang Rainy Night at Genie time, a fan didn’t have the lyrics but another fan had!! So he could sing this song~
    • When Junsu sang Rainy night, he watched this lyric sheet~
    • pic cr. @lovewithxiah
    • Genie time 2: to sing ‘Lullaby’ This fan is a Korean. JS: I didn’t think I heard Korean in Japanese venue. I was surprised because I thought you’re Japanese!! today’s Genies are all ‘to sing’??
    • Genie time 3: to sing a song of Patty Kim OMG, SHE IS XIAMOM!! JS: Do u have lyrics?? (mom singing) JS: she is my vocal trainer
    • At the last, fans chanted Gwiyomi. JS: I’ll do it from now, but.. dear fanboys, please close your eyes. A fanboy: Junsu~ JS: Haaai(=Here!!)
    • JS said ‘dear fanboys, I’m sorry’, and did Gwiyomi. JS: I’m so shamed. So from now, I’ll change an atmosphere, n sing a ballad song >>11am
    • Today Junsu did Gwiyomi from 1 to 5 :)
    • After ‘Tsubomi’ JS: I prepared this song for Japan LIVE. How about this song?? so nice, right>> I love this song too.
    • JS introduced band members. JS: I’ll call 2 of the most handsome men. Are you 25 years old?? So handsome. a beautiful boy.
    • JS: What is your blood type?? A band member: O JS: wow~ Same as Jaejoong and Yuchun!!
    • To another band member who didn’t say how old he was yesterday, JS: secret?? you guys wanna know that, right?? you’re so older man?? lol
    • JS: I dont have JP friend, so I have no opportunities to use Japanese. Can u become my friend?? Fans: YESSS! JS: oh..What shall I do? lol
  • One of the band member’s blood type is O so Su said,’ah,it’s the same as Jaejoong and Yoochun…ah,that’s a nono’ lol (via @hellyryther)
  • he presented the band members.
    One of the band members is type O. JS was like ‘Ah same blood type as JJ and YC… this can’t happen. no no NO!” lmao…. (via @rubypurple_fan)
  • fanboys today are daebak lol bet tomorrow will be more interesting ^^
    they powerful voices all in one combination at venue. there was one FB who really good to shouted lol he sit at middle(via mongyi64)
  • Set list
    • Tarantallegra
    • No Gain
    • Confession
    • Chocolate girl
    • Rainy Eyes
    • Open the wide eyes
    • No Reason
    • Uncommitted
    • Turn it up
    • Fantasy
    • Funny song
    • Junsu time
    • 11 am
    • Love Like A Snowflake
    • Perhaps Love
    • Tsubomi

Admin’s note: These are tweets that were live and available for certain parts of the concert today; setlist is partial

Live tweets Credits: rubypurple_fan + mongyi64 + kaju0731 + hellyryther + lovewithxiah
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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