[FAN ACCOUNT] Professor of International Cultural Lesson mentions JYJ and Jaejoong

Fan: “I couldn’t believe that our topic for today’s Global Culture lecture was JYJ! All of my sleepiness went away as soon as I saw the PowerPoint. There were a few westerners pointed at Jaejoong and said that he isn’t particularly good-looking. And then the professor immediately rebutted: Jaejoong possesses the beauty and charm filled with strength! Those westerners then talked about how Jaejoong appears to be out of breath when he sang (they were talking about the sound of his breathing during performances). The professor responded: That was live! She spoke about Jaejoong from 2003 to 2013, the depth of her understanding was really astounding. And she even told us that there are concerts on the second and third of the upcoming month.”

The professor calls Jaejoong “sell-out king”, saying that she bought 5 tickets to the fan sign and still didn’t get in. And then she mentioned how she went to Taiwan and Japan for concerts before with her sons and daughter-in-law. She even told the class, “Jaejoong transformed my life, I’m a Jaejoong fan!” I almost stood up and screamed, “me too!” Looking at the professor who is intelligent and graceful, I was reminded of a line: “I became a better person because of you.”
[T/N: The original author used a gender ambiguous term, ie. professor, to describe the lecturer. I chose the more likely female pronoun due to the description in the latter half.]

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cthfpgf4j20x718g7fg.jpg

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cthmseyjj20x718gwpa.jpg

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cths1vz5j20x718ggxd.jpg

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cthtfb3gj20hs0ns412.jpg

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cthuwdscj20hs0nsju7.jpg

 photo 67965d07jw1e9cthw56bmj20hs0nsmzs.jpg

Source: @STAR_LENG_金在中一切顺利
Translated by: G.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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