[OTHER NEWS] Yu Seung-mok joins ‘Sea Fog’ cast


Character actor Yu Seung-mok will act as the villain, Kyeong-gu, who is arrogant and gives off an air of madness. Yu Seung-mok has been steadily having work projects and is an actor whose acting skills have been recognised. He will be able to exploit to the full his accumulated acting experience in ‘Sea Fog’.

Source: 暖日呀呀
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Note: For the dramas & films he’s done, see his profile at Asianwiki

[Trans] Kim Junsu Wins The Popularity Award At The Korean Musical Awards For The Fourth Consecutive Year


Kim Junsu has won the popularity award for the fourth consecutive year.

The 19th ‘Korean Musical Awards’ was held today at Kyunghee University and was hosted by Yoo Jun Sang and Oh Man Seok.

On this day, Hong Ji Min and Seol&Company’s CEO Seol Do Yoon appeared on stage to award the popularity award to Jo Seung Woo, Kim Junsu, Kim So Hyun and Ok Joo Hyun.

Kim Junsu began his acceptance speech by stating, “First of all, I’d like to say thank you. I came from Japan in great spirits as I knew I would be awarding the Best Musical Actor award to someone tonight, and I’m thrilled to be receiving this award on top of that.”

He continued to say, “This is something I say over and over again, but I find this award more meaningful as it was won by the power of the audience,” and “I would like to thank everyone who believed in me when I first started out in the musical industry.”

Last of all, Kim Junsu added, “Please give all your love to ‘December’. Thank you.”

Source: [TV Daily]
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[LINE] JYJ Line Update: Pictures of Incheon Asiad Games ‘Only One’ MV Making Film + Junsu at 19th KMA


[JYJ LINE 04:40 PM KST] JYJ 셋이 함께 모이면 언제나 웃음이 가득!!
[TRANS] Whenever the 3 members of JYJ gather, it’s always full of smiles!!


[JYJ LINE 05:00 PM KST] [오피셜]여러분! 김준수가 참석한 한국뮤지컬대상이 잠시 후 5시 20분부터 아래 url에서 생중계됩니다^^ 많은 응원 부탁 드려요!
[TRANS] [Official]Everyone! Kim Junsu will attend the Korea Musical Awards starting at 5:20 pm KST. You can watch it at www.ustream.tv ^^ Please show lots of support!


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[INFO] Kim JaeJoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama – Additional Information of the Venue


2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama, Japan

OFFICIAL SITE: http://jaejoong-live.com/

Nov 15 (Fri) Gates Open: 4PM JST; Start: 6 PM JST
Nov 16 (Sat) Gates Open: 3PM JST; Start: 5 PM JST

Seating: 10,000 JPY (including tax)
Standing: 9,450 JPY (including tax)

Official Ticket Sale for JYJ Japan Fanclub starts today, from Oct. 7 to Oct.14
Read more here

Yokohama Stadium’s Events Schedule

 photo 131007YokohamaStadium.png

More Info:

Sponsor: Tokyo FM/ FM Yokohama
Co-organizer: C-JeS Entertainment / HYS
Production: Kyodo Yokohama / CB Agent

Phone Contact for Ticket information: 0570-000-556 (Weekdays 13:00 to 17:00hrs)

Yokohama Stadium

Capacity: 30,000 people, you can get an idea of the venue by watching the following pics:

 photo web_3034957888_6241a7ff_img_yokosuta_seat.jpg

 photo 2016855_201209170492768001347881414c.jpg

Source: Yokohama Stadium
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[OTHER FACEBOOK] Feiyue Korea Facebook Update: Junsu sponsoring Feiyue for musical ′December′

Note: Feiyue is also one of the sponsors for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

JYJ 김준수 + 장진 감독님 = 뮤지컬 디셈버… 로 함께 작업을 한다고 합니다 ~
[TRANS] JYJ Kim Junsu + Director-nim Jang Jin = December musical… they are said to be working together ~

디셈버 뮤지컬 포스터 촬영에도 역시 Feiyue 를 신었네요
[TRANS] He’s wearing Feiyue in musical December poster photoshoot too

Source: Feiyue Korea FB
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