[NON FAN ACCOUNT] A lucky group of non-fans spotted Yuchun in Masan with Kim Yunseok & Lee Heejoon


2013.09.15 Blog Entry:

-A saturday evening along with movie actors-

We went to have some broiled eels and tiger prawns on an alley in Masan. It was our third time to 다도숯불장어구이 (name of the place).


An employee came up to our table and quietly whispered to us: “Some celebrities have just arrived right next to you.”
So we asked arrogantly: “Are they top stars–?” and went to check up the celebrities’ face.

Suddenly, we all became taken aback and turned into wild excitement.

They were not even nobodies but the fact that these actors we frequently see on TV and movies lately are seated right next to us.. and about 4 to 5 celebrities at that..

They made us excited for 2 hours straight.


We wanted to take proof-shots together and ask for signs but due to the managers’ restraint, they didn’t even allow us to approach them ahead of 5 meters.

Later, we gave up and said we won’t even look at them because we found it unfair but we still picked up our phones to call our friends and family and brag about how (Micky) Yuchun, Kim Yunseok and Lee Heejoon are sitting right next to us.

Anyway, thanks to celebrities, we had some fired up saturday night.


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[FAN ACCOUNT] Jang Geun Suk talked about Jaejoong in his ZEPP’s Concert in Fukuoka


[TRANS 1] JGS said he doesn’t have many friends in the entertainment world but his friendship with Jae is great.
Prior to going to the airport, JGS mentioned he spoke to Jae on the phone and Jae said he also wants to go to ZEPP and that he enjoys rock. Jae wish he can perform a concert in a smaller venue too.

[OTHER TRANS 2] “I really don’t have many friends in entertainment industry. Before going to the airport, I talked with Jaejoong via the phone. When we talked about my Zepp tour, he said he envied me very much. Jaejoong said although he had held concerts in big venues, since he likes rock, he also wants to hold concert in small venue like Zepp.”

Note: Jang Geun Suk will kick off his ‘ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP‘ in Fukuoka from October 2-4 and move on to Sapporo on October 18-19, Tokyo on December 10-12, Osaka on January 8-10, and Nagoya on January 28-30. Each concert will be held at a small-scale venue to make it as intimate as possible, so that fans can get closer to him. (Via Allkpop)

Kim Jaejoong’s Interview on May 2011:
“This is something that I really want to do one day. In a mid-sized theater of about 2,000 seats, on a set that has its entire stage made of LED, do a concert which shows the entirety of 30 songs utilizing the lights. In a stage that stands out to the audience in its sense of 3-D and has a color scheme that is splendid, we’d make a space of fantasy as if hypnotizing the audience. Once we get a bit older, I want to also try doing an acoustic performance on a small stage.” (Read More Here)

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[OTRO TWITTER] Fanboy 24K SungOh comparte una foto en el Coffee Cojjee de Jaejoong

Nota: Anteriormente, el fanboy comento sobre un sueño con Jaejoong (Más información aquí) SungOh es uno de las principales voces de la banda de chicos de Corea del Sur 24K.

TRAD: Por la mañana, Coffee Cojjee ~ Ahora para el Festival Internacional de cine de Pusan ~!

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[VIDEO + TRANS] Heechul mentions Jaejoong on his interview for SBS Power FM “Love Game” with Park Sohyung


Super Junior’s Heechul mentions JYJ’s Jaejoong on his interview for SBS Power FM “Love Game” with Park Sohyung

At 9:55 min Heechul mentions Jaejoong


Listener: Have you ever seen an idol who is more beautiful than you?
Heechul: Yes! Our member SungMin-ssi. (Omitted) And Kim Jaejoong-ssi of JYJ.

– Heenim said that JYJ’s Jaejoong is very beautiful, like a cat~ (Via @heechulfacts)

– Heechul said “Jaejoong looks like a sassy cat” (via TV Daily)


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[HQ PICS + DL] Jaejoong’s Parents’ Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot


Singer JYJ Jaejoong
Family Reminder Wedding Photoshoot

Behind-the-scene photos were revealed earlier in a LINE update (here),
Weibo update (here), and through one of Jaejoong’s sisters’ twitter  (aquí , aquí , aquí  and aquí)

 photo 01.jpg

 photo 02.jpg

 photo 03.jpg

 photo 04.jpg

 photo 05.jpg

 photo 06.jpg

 photo 07.jpg

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