[VIDEO] XIA concierto australiano compilación del diario de MinD


MinD es uno de los bailarines de Junsu (&JYJ ) en este momento (Él es el que Junsu abrazó al final de la actuación de ‘Fantasy‘ en el concierto de ayer xD)


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[INFO] JYJ’s Incheon Asiad Song “Only One” on iTunes Japan Weekly Chart

#4 JYJ – Only One (Incheon Asiad Song)
First appearance. New song is by 3 Korean men, with full Korean lyrics. The other full Korean song who entered the Top 10 this year is JYJ’s Jejung’s single ‘One Kiss’ which was released last January. It’s the song that got 1st place on the first day of release, showing great support from fans.

Source: The Natsu Style
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[NEWS] XIA Junsu, appeared at Australia broadcasting… perfect live


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The singer XIA Junsu(Kim Jun-Su) appeared at public broadcasting in Australia. C-Jes Entertainment said “XIA Junsu finished the shooting for Australia SBS POPASIA. XIA Junsu started pleasantly with ‘G’day Mate’ the greeting in Australia, and made people laugh with humor. After the talk time he showed perfect live and dance. The staffs clapped and applauded.”

This broadcast, the special episode of XIA Junsu, will be aired on October 6th. The staffs noticed, “We fell into XIA Junsu. Thank for him greeting with Australia word. He has something special. His live and powerful performance is so perfect.” In fact the staffs imitated the dance of ‘Incredible’ after the broadcast, and said exclamation, ‘Great Show’, and ‘Fantastic’.

XIA Junsu started his work in Australia from press conference, and he had his first concert with fans in Australia at Big Top Sidney on 28th.

Picture Credit: Top Star News

[NEWS] Kim Junsu successfully finishes recording ‘POPASIA’ in Australia

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Kim Junsu finished recording ‘POPASIA’ in Australia.

On September 28th, C-JeS Entertainment told that Kim Junsu successfully finished recording a TV show called ‘POPASIA’ in Australia.

C-JeS said, “Kim Junsu said hello by saying ‘G’day Mate’, and he kept making people laugh with his humorous personality during the entire shooting. After having a talk time, he showed a perfect live performance, and deeply impressed the staffs. The show will air in Australia on October 6th.”

A staff who participated in the recording said, “We all got major crushes on Kim Junsu. We felt great that he said hello in Australian way. It seems that he has something special in him. His perfect live performance was amazing, and we cannot believe that Australian fans could see such a wonderful performance ahead of Korean fans.”

Indeed, the staffs started following Kim Junsu’s dance, and kept making high compliments for his live performance. Other staffs who were walking by also took a brief stop to see Kim Junsu’s performance.

Furthermore, an evening news made a detailed report about Kim Junsu’s visit and recording of ‘POPASIA’. They introduced Kim Junsu as one of the most beloved singer in Korea, and gave a detailed introduction about him.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu had his first solo concert in Australia tonight at Big Top Sydney.

Credit: Star News via Kim Dong-Joo
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[TWITTER] Jaejoong Twitter Update: Congrats Jisung and Boyoung on their wedding! + Selca

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[TRANS] Jisung hyung and Boyoung nuna, please be happy for a long, long time~~~~~~~~~~~!

[OTHER TRANS] Jisung hyung, BoYoung nuna I wish you many years of happiness~~~~~~~~~~~!

[Translation of the white balloon]
Boyoung ♡ Jisung
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 photo 130928jjtw2.png[TRANS] Let’s work hard every single day!

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Source: @bornfreeonekiss
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Photos of Ji sung and Lee Bo Young’s Wedding on the next page (2)

[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] XIA Incredible Concert in Sydney


  • @mongyi64: Fan Project for XIACON in Sydney 
  • @donnatin:

  • @rissty: 3 minutes to go! Excited! #xia
  • @J_MIZON: 
  • @SBSPopAsia: this screen just came to life..Hmm think he’s coming out soon! We’re about to witness #SomethingIncredible 
  • @mongyi64: 20130828 XIA Con in Sydney Venue before concert start: http://youtu.be/pger2kzTkVI?a 
  • @risstyy: The light is off. Video is playing. Fans are chanting kim junsu #XIAinSydney
  • @SBSPopAsia: The curtain has dropped!! #XIA fans are going insane! #XIALiveInSydney #fanmodeactivated
  • @risstyy: Talantallegra #XIAinSydney
  • @mongyi64: Tarantallegra
  • @donnatin:
  • @risstyy: Junsu is much bigger than I imagined. And ofc he’s sexy~
  • @xia_azuxya: じゅんすが近い~。(Trans: [I’m] close to Junsu~.)
  • @SBSPopAsia: #XIA has brought the chair throne…I repeat, he has the #Incredible throne with him!! #XIALiveInSydney #LikeABoss
  • @bakedincheese: omg instagram.com/p/ezHBVfphwm/
  • @ohmyjunsu: No Gain
  • @ellerichu: #XIALiveInSydney No Gain!!!!
  • @risstyy: I couldn’t even read the text lol RT @XiahDerTod: The VCR quality is super bad. Fans are demanding for HD VCR lol
  • @XiahDerTod: Seriously no point to show VCR when we can’t even see his face expression
  • @risstyy: My Chocolate Girl now #XIAinSydney
  • @donnatin:
  • @xia_azuxya: ピンクじゅんす( ˘ ³˘)♥ (Trans: Pink Junsu) 
  • Junsu: “G’day mate”
  • @mongyi64: his voice damn sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  • @risstyy: MC time. He said G’day mate lmao. This is actually he’s second visit to syd but this time its for his stage
  • @XiahDerTod: His crocodile pizza story again, he said it wasn’t the most delicious XD
  • @risstyy: He said crocodile pizza is interesting. It’s not delious but just edible LOL #XIAinSydney
  • @ohmyjunsu: Rainy Eyes
  • @XiahDerTod: A fangirl fainted earlier few mins before Junsu was out
  • @XiahDerTod: Foolish Heart now #XIAinSydney
  • @mongyi64: Foolish heart #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: She fainted then she became normal for a min then she fainted again
  • @XiahDerTod: First time ever in concert I see fans are not welcoming VCR part hahaha
  • @XiahDerTod: No Reason now #XIAinSydney
  • @mongyi64: NO REASON! ENJOY AUFANS!!! #XIAinSydney
  • @donnatin: No Reason..ソファーで甲骨の表情だった( *´艸`*)
  • @XiahDerTod: Uncommitted now #XIAinSydney
  • @mongyi64: Uncommitted #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Turn It Up now #XIAinSydney
  • @ohmyjunsu: LOLLLLL some fan in English: ‘YOU ARE THE RIGHT TYPE’ HAHAHAHA
  • @mongyi64: TURN IT UP #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Dancer break now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Fantasy now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: The end of song the male dancer hug him & didnt let him go then he laughed eukyangkyang ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • @XiahDerTod: His eukyangkyang laugh hahahaha so cutee
  • @XiahDerTod: Genie time now 3 wishes #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: “Don’t ask me to personal thing ask me to sth I can do on this stage”
  • @XiahDerTod: He gave mic to a bday girl (Korean) and she ask him to sing Happy Bday
  • @ohmyjunsu:Korean fan asked Junsu to sing happy birthday to her but Junsu says that this is a time for everyone to enjoy together… nice Junsu
  • @XiahDerTod: He sang 1 line then fans screamed
  • @XiahDerTod: he said he will do sth that can share with everyone.
  • @XiahDerTod: “I can’t believe you guys know gwiyomi all the way to Australia when fans demanded him do gwiyomi”
  • @ohmyjunsu: Fans chanted for Gwiyomi. ‘I didn’t know u guys knew of this in Australia. Males here please close your eyes. Females please focus’ LOL
  • @XiahDerTod: He said “male fans plsss close your eyes pleaseee in a cute way. Now I’ll show you gwiyomi by a 28 years old guy”
  • @ohmyjunsu: He also said ‘Ah..I’m 27″ XDDDD
  • @XiahDerTod: My male fans please close your eyes. Please sing along with me (gwiyomi song)
  • @XiahDerTod: He said last grant and gave mic to a male fan and said: “MAN”. Male fan requested a sexy dance from Junsu
  • @XiahDerTod: In genie time ment, as doing fans request Junsu said he’s very shy, a shy person #cute
  • @XiahDerTod: He said “Is music ready?” (For his sexy dance) they use Uncommitted music then Junsu’s sexy dance showtime hip thurst ~@@
  • @XiahDerTod: 11AM now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: He said he hope everyone can feel what he feels in 11AM song. He said: “I’ll sing first part without any music” ♥♥
  • @XiahDerTod: The hall so quiet now… Junsu’s voice so touched ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • @XiahDerTod: Too quiet that I feel every word he sings touch every part of my body ㅠㅠㅠ Junsu ahhh
  • @XiahDerTod: Love Like Snowflake now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Junsu said sth about he never sang Happy Bday for a particular person or never sang for a person at an event. I couldn’t catch all his lines
  • @XiahDerTod: I’m In Love now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Don’t Leave now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: My favvv songggg ><♥♥♥♥
  • @XiahDerTod: Junsu bows 90 degree to fans at the end of Don’t Leave
  • You Are So Beautiful
  • @XiahDerTod: When Jaejoong and Yuchun photo shows in VCR on screen, fans screammm
  • @XiahDerTod: INCREDIBLE NOW #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: Golden outfitttttt
  • Junsu: “Jump! Jump! Jump!” “Let’s go!”
  • @XiahDerTod: I got to see 3 outfit of his Incredible song ^___^
  • @XiahDerTod: Fans are chanting “KIM JUNSU KIM JUNSU” waiting for encore
  • @XiahDerTod: Fever now #XIAinSydney
  • @XiahDerTod: ”Everyone! Do you have fun”
    “Becoz I’m here with you all I feel it’s incredible”
    “I know you don’t know Korean that well but when I sang ballad songs you were crying by my song, it’s my music that you cry. Thanks”
    “After Australia, I’ll have concert in Japan I’ll bring the energy I have here to Japan with me to make a good concert”
    “Your sparkling eyes and your love, either JYJ’s concert or my concert tour I don’t think I’ll leave Australia out of my list”
  • @XiahDerTod: Sorry now #XIAinSydney 미안
  • @XiahDerTod: ”It’s good to spend my last night in Sydney with you all”
    “The next song will be the last song, I hope you have a safe trip home”
  • @XiahDerTod: Junsu said he has to say goodbye now then fans said noooo. He said your parent must be waiting for you at home
  • @XiahDerTod: Junsu said he has to say goodbye now then fans said noooo. He said your parent must be waiting for you at home
  • @XiahDerTod: Fans and Junsu were in a discussion about parent and children get home late issue hahahaha
  • @XiahDerTod: The end of INCREDIBLE SYDNEY CONCERT. Thank You For is playing to says goodbye
  • @XiahDerTod: Junsu said “I know you don’t want to go but there are children here that need to go home lol Junsu” you’re cute
  • @XiahDerTod: Fans at seating area made a big letter XIA joining by a long frabic for Junsu.
    Junsu said “it’s good” (in English)

Opening VCR – Tarantallegra – No Gain – Confession – Chocolate Girl – Ment – Rainy Eyes – Foolish Heart – VCR – No Reason – Uncommitted – Turn It Up – Fantasy – Genie Time – 11am – Love Is Like A Snowflake – I’m In Love – Don’t Leave – VCR + You’re So Beautiful – Incredible – (Encore) Fever – Closing Ment – Sorry

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