[ENG VIDEOS] XIA Junsu live in SBS PopAsia Studios


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Interview p1

Xia Junsu tells us JYJ Members’ Jaejoong’s & Yoochun’s Secrets!


Interview p2

11am perf

Incredible perf

in SBS PopAsia’s radio studio

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[INFO] Park Yoochun’s First Rehearsal for ‘Sea Fog’


According to the Korean fans, the feedback on Park Yoochun’s rehearsal was good. Kim Yunseok said Yoochun is just as outstanding as what he has expected. Production team is satisfied and director is also fond of Yoochun too. Dong Shik needs to speak in dialect but with Park Yoochun’s language proficiency, this need not to be worried. Instead a suitable person is required to be the main female lead for the role that needs to speak North Korean dialect. Once the announcement out from production team, it must be the most suitable one. Please be patient.

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Picture Credit: DC JYJ Gall Translated by: @fourc_pyc
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[VIDEO+TRANS] Media Vop: Junsu’s support message for ‘Wish’ at its VIP Premiere

from 0:03~0:12

Junsu: I kept trying to not cry, but it was very touching. It would be nice if ‘Wish’ gains strength, is happy and keeps on ‘fighting’ as soon as possible.

(T/N: This makes more sense in Korean)

Credit: MediaVop
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu

[PRESS PICS] XIA Junsu’s Press Conference at SBS PopAsia Studios


Junsu: I remember that Australia is a very beautiful country and I am happy that I get to come back for a concert.
The concert is a huge deal since this is my first Australian concert and first time to meet Aussie fans.
Let’s all enjoy the concert tomorrow.
(Source: Joongang, trans by Ruby of JYJ3)

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