[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu to star in his next musical ‘December’


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After saying goodbye to ‘Elisabeth‘ and getting a standing ovation, JYJ‘s Junsu has been confirmed for his next musical ‘December‘!

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Junsu will take on his next musical ‘December’. As much as he received love from the public through his musicals during the past three years, he is positively reviewing this production through which he will be able to show the depth of another character. [Junsu] decided to feature in the creative musical with Kim Kwang Suk sunbaenim’s music, which portrays the story of a young man’s life.

The agency also let fans know that in the meantime, Junsu plans to carry out the remainder of his tour in Australia this weekend and then Japan.

Though Junsu’s schedule won’t be available until next month, ‘December’ will open its curtains at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts this December!

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[TRANS] Kim Yoon-seok “..I have confidence in Park Yuchun” (Interview)


– Going be in ‘Sea Fog’ and together with Park Yuchun. Once again are you lucky with the hoobaes.

There aren’t many scenes directly interacting with me. Nevertheless I have confidence in Park Yuchun. He is very easygoing as I am and is one of us (T/N: actors). When we met up to have a drink and went walking, I asked him, “Is it alright to go around with you?” He smiled and said, “I’m good at walking around”. I look forward to it.

Note: Parts unrelated to Yuchun were omitted.

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[OTHER NEWS] Actor Kim Sang-ho joins Kim Yoon-seok and Park Yuchun in “Sea Fog”


A movie-related personnel said that Kim Sang-ho has signed the contract and is preparing to join in the filming. His character is a boatswain* on the smuggling ship who has a coordinating role in the conflict between the captain Kim Yoon-seok and the crew member Park Yuchun. Filming is expected to start in mid-October. His recent film “Wish” (“So Won” in Korean) is going to be released.

(*boatswain is the senior crewman of the deck department, according to Wikipedia)

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Note: He was in drama “City Hunter” and “Twinkle Twinkle” (with Yuhwan) For the rest of the dramas & films he’s done, see his profile at Asianwiki

[NEWS] ‘This year in the musical scene… typhoon forecast’ XIA Kim Junsu performs in musical ‘December’!


‘December’ will begin its run in December and Junsu will play the male lead, appearing in 30 out of 50 of the shows.

Venue will be Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and the capacity is 3000 seats.

Junsu will perform from December 8th to 29th.


‘December’ describes love of early 20s in 1980s, a man who fell in love with an activist girl grow to a film director 20 years after.

Main male lead Kim Junsu will do about 30 performances out of 50. Film director Jang Jin wrote and directs the musical.

Musical ‘December – Unfinished Song’ will be played from December 8 to 29 in Sejong Culture Center.

Attracted by Kim Gwang-Suk’s music, it’s a conventional drama about youth with his music so that’s why Junsu chose it.

The main background of <DECEMBER> is the year 1990. Kim Junsu acts ‘JIWOOK,’ a university student & hero of unforgettable love story.

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[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu Cast in New Musical Opening in December via TenAsia