[NON-FANACCOUNT] JYJ and Staffs From Japanese Restaurant in Chamonix (Excerpt)



  • In Chamonix, Jaejoong ate Katsudon (pork cutlet bowl) many times lol cr. @mijaek
  • Jaejoonh really loves Katsudon LOL
  • the Japanese restaurant is “Satsuki”. Jaejoong ate Katsudon almost everydayㅎㅎㅎ he was so modest (polite) and nice. he spoke japanese well.


  • Some lucky restaurant staffs got JJ and YC sign, and SOOO lucky man (nonfan) took pics with JYJ>.< cr.@mijaek



  • In the restaurant, JJ spoke to the restraunt staff in JP, and got in the line for abt 40mins for eating Katsudon!! @mijaek
  • A woman staff serving food at the hotel JYJ stayed patted them on the head, took care of them so much
  • When the woman met a member at a supermarket wine section, the member helped her choose wines. @mijaek
  • AND!a member gave ppoppo on her cheek..she is nonfan, JP, in 40s. (but she seemed like their mom) @mijaek



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[NEWS] News of Kim Junsu appearing on Australian network SBS’s ‘PopAsia’ causes flood of inquiries, ‘Extraordinary popularity’



JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) will appear on public broadcasting in Australia.

On September 21st, CJES Entertainment stated, “When Kim Junsu visits Australia, he will appear on public network SBS’s program ‘PopAsia’. Kim Junsu will perform his first public broadcast stage during the program’s ‘Kim Junsu special’, which can be viewed by all of Australia. Additionally, Kim Junsu recording for the show will be broadcasted live via SBS Radio, which will be a huge present for fans who cannot attend the performance.”

Australia’s SBS (Special Broadcasting Network) is a government-funded, nation-wide network that is viewed by 8,000,000 Australians per week, which is approximately 40% of the total Australian population. ‘PopAsia’ is Australia’s first program focused on Asian pop music and receives high viewership ratings, gaining attention from the public.

An Australian broadcasting representative said, “The response from the interview with JYJ was extremely hot. We have received non-stop questions about Kim Junsu’s appearance through SNS and telephone, and we feel Kim Junsu’s popularity in Australia.”

After releasing his second album in July, Kim Junsu has showed his perfect live performances in Bangkok, Shanghai, Seol and Busan, receiving favorable responses for his high-level performances. Kim Junsu will continue his Japan tour after appearing on the Australian broadcast and completing his concert in Australia on September 28th.

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[INTERVIEW] JYJ Korea.com Staff Exclusively in Interview with Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer


After Uncommitted , Incredible is your second hit project with Xia Junsu and CJES? How do you feel about it?

We’re so happy that we have another successful song with Junsu. We’re looking forward to working with JYJ next.

Un like Uncommitted your second song Incredible gives a very hippy feeling. It’s totally different from your first collaboration. Why did you wanted to go so different this time?

Incredible was written specifically for Junsu soon after C-JeS let us know that he wanted to record Uncommitted. My writing partner, Ebony Rae Cunningham and I decided to write a song that would be a good platform for Junsu’s dance skills. The word “incredible” set the tone for the feeling and vibe that we wanted to give him.

Whose idea was Incredible? How did such great song came into your mind?

One day, I was having a conversation with Jim Vellutato, Vice President of Sony/ATV about placing songs on artists. He said, “You have to come up with ‘Something Incredible’ and I said, “Something Incredible would be a great title.” So Ebony and I wrote a song with the title “Something Incredible.” It was later changed to just Incredible. So, the idea came from the VP of Sony. How cool is that?!

Automatic has become one of the best US producers for KPOP artists to work with. Would you like to share your views on it?

I’m honored and I’ll continue to work on bringing innovative musical contributions to K-Pop and work on expanding K-Pop’s reach here in America.

This time what were the new challenges with Incredible you had to face unlike in Uncommitted?

Junsu was involved in translating our English lyrics into Korean. He did such a great job and when we found out how he translated the lyrics, we were impressed with the additional phrases and wording he put into the song. He’s a fantastic writer and we hope to collaborate again with him in the future.

Xia Junsu and you have become more close with the passage of time. As a friend what is the thing you like most about him and as his producer what is the thing you like most about him.

As a friend, he has a great sense of humor and he cares very much about my well-being and health. He gave me some advice on working out and he always asks about my family. As a producer, he is one of the hardest working people I know in show business. His natural abilities show me that he will be around for a long time as an artist and will continue to grow to become one of the most influential artists of our time.

Note: parts unrelated to Junsu & JYJ were omitted.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu to reward Australian fans


Junsu will be holding a solo concert in Australia later this month to “pay” fans back. 

Adding Australia to his schedule, Junsu’s management have said the singer will give back to Aussie fans who have travelled overseas for his shows.

“Many Australian fans have made their way to his concerts in Indonesia, China and Europe,” a representative from C-JeS Entertainment said.

“We would like to pay them back by putting a fantastic show this time here in Australia.”

The concert, 2013 XIA INCREDIBLE, will be held at Big Top Sydney, in Sydney on 28 September after a stop in Shanghai, Seoul and Pusan.

Organisers, JK Entertainment said local and international fans had “sacrificed their weekend sleep” to get hold of one of the 3000 tickets sold.

“During the presale, most of the tickets were sold and many fans were satisfied to have been able to grab the tickets early.” JK Entertainment said in a press release.

Junsu will be performing songs from both his first and his latest album, Incredible. The singer will also hold a press conference.

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[PIC] Junsu is in Hawaii and gave a fan his signature

 photo BUhmmvTCEAA9I_p.png

Junsu in Hawaii now, just saw he gave signature to fan; she said he is super nice, handsome and his voice is so charming. The fan got Junsu’s signature. He is on vacation with friends in Hawaii now for [Chuseok] holiday.

Fan: Are you Kim Junsu?
JS: *just smile and kind of nod*

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