[HQ PICS] 2014 Incheon Asian Games Blog: The last still cuts of JYJ before MV release


The last still cuts of JYJ during shooting the MV of Incheon Asian Games’ song “Only One” has been released.

Incheon Asian Games PR song “Only One” by the K-pop Big Star, JYJ is going to be released on 16th of September, 2013. JYJ has been actively done their part as a goodwill ambassador of 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Many fans of JYJ have been waiting for their new music video.

For this time, they have shown their close relationships as a team.

And also, the happy faces during the shooting.


‘Only One’ Album Jacket!

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[OTHER FACEBOOK] Help JYJ to perform more than 1 Song at IAG Roadshow in Hanoi-Vietnam


 photo 1174807_706090349404416_1737404019_n.jpg

 photo 130912jyjiagvietnam.png

[TRANS] And most importantly: if our fanpage [IAG.vn] gets more than 11,111 likes, we will convince group JYJ to perform more than 1 song that night of Oct. 24 [for the Roadshow in Hanoi].

T/N: International fans, we need more likes. Please help us. Thanks!!

Like Here: https://www.facebook.com/IncheonAG2014.vn


 photo 130912jyjiagvietnam-1.png

[TRANS] Besides “Only One”, what other song does everyone want JYJ to perform?

(But the page has not reached 11,111 likes, where is everyone?!)

Comment Here: LINK

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[PICS] Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and SNSD’s Yuri endorsing for Kim Jaejoong’s MOLDIR


Moldir Korea

There are many korean artists promoting the brand MOLDIR (You can check more here), but certainly these 2 caught our attention for being part of SM Entertainment.

In the case of Heechul, we think about Friendship “As you grow older you don’t lose friends, you just learn who the real ones are”

 photo Moldir_Hecchul_Yuri.png

2013.08.30 Super Junior’s KIM HEECHUL

When Heechul was discharged from Military Service on that day, the bag he carried (MOLDIR Square progression) was designed by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. Newspaper:

 photo BT45sv8IgAAPt4_.jpg

2013.08.28 Girls Generation’s YURI

 photo BSu7S4zCMAA2TUE.jpg

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[FOTOS HQ] 2014 Juegos Asiáticos Incheon Blog: Las últimas imágenes de JYJ antes del lanzamiento del MV


Se ha dado a conocer las últimas imágenes de JYJ durante el rodaje del MV de la canción «Only One» de los Juegos Asiáticos de Incheon.

Incheon Asian Games PR canción «Only One» por la gran estrella K-pop, JYJ va a ser lanzado el 16 de septiembre 2013. JYJ ha hecho activamente su papel como embajador de buena voluntad de los 2014 Juegos Asiáticos de en Incheon. Muchos fans de JYJ han estado esperando por su nuevo videocilp.

Durante este tiempo, han mostrado sus estrechas relaciones  en equipo.

Y además, las caras felices durante el rodaje.


‘Only One’ Album Jacket!

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[Otro facebook] Ayuda a JYJ a presentar más de 1 canción en los IAG en el roadshow en Hanoi Vietnam

TRAD: JYJ cantará más de 1 canción, «Only One» en el roadsohw en Hanoi, si la fanpage Vietnamita de los IAG llega a los 11,111 likes.
Nota: A los fans internacionales necesitamos más likes . Por favor ayúdennos. ¡¡Gracias!! 
TRAD: Además de «Only One» ¿que otra canción quieres que JYJ canten?
(sin embargo la página no ha llegado a los 11,111 likes, ¿donde esta todo el mundo?

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[FOTOS] Kim Heechul de Super Junior y Yuri de SNSD Apoyan MOLDIR de Kim Jaejoong


Moldir Corea
Hay muchos artistas promocionando la marca MOLDIR  (puedes ver más aquí ) pero ciertamente estas dos llamaron la atención por ser parte de SM Entertainment.
En el  caso de Heechul, pensamos acerca de la amistad «A medida que pasan los años no pierdes amigos, solo acaba de aprender quienes lo son realmente»
30.08.2013 Kim Heechul de Super Junior
Cuando Heechul fue liberado del servicio militar ese mismo día, la mochila que cargaba (MOLDIR Square Progression) fue diseñada por Kim Jaejoong de JYJ. Periódico.
28.08.2013 YURI de Girls Generation
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[VIDEO] Indonesia Entertainment News reportaje Kim Jaejoong en SDA y Moldir

Indonesia Entertainment News cubrió a Kim Jaejoong en SDA 2013 y Moldir

Nota: por favor vamos a enfocarnos en las buenas noticias, las actividades de Jaejoong como cantante y diseñador están siendo promovidas en otros países como Indoesia ^^.
Credit: netmediatama
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[INFO] JYJ Japan Notice: Attention


2013 Sept. 12
C-JeS Entertainment, inc.

Information related to JYJ activities orginated from Sasahara Yuichi san (twitter account @cashboxman) . Our company and JYJ don’t have any business relationship with this Sasahara san and with the company he owns. Our company will not disseminate information on JYJ’s activities through Sasahara Yuichi san. In addition, the information coming from Sasahara Yuichi’s twitter that ‘JYJ will leave C-Jes’ has been misunderstood by some people. JYJ will continue to work with our company.

With regards to the activities of JYJ, please visit the official website of the company. Please note that we will not assume responsibility for the information and contents that we have not announced through the official website.

It should be noted that through the twitter of Sasahara Yuichi that it was mentioned that JYJ has met with Sasahara Yuichi. But JYJ has never met this Sasahara Yuichi san. There are also information coming from Sasahara Yuichi san’s twitter that is false. Slander against JYJ and their family and our company has also been made. Our company will protest to Sasahara Yuichi san for providing false information about JYJ’s activities and slandering JYJ, their family, and our company. Our company will also request to Sasahara Yuichi san that there will be no more tweets about these topics in the future, as well as request him to delete the previous tweets with false information and slander.

Thank you for always supporting JYJ.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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[TWITTER] Junsu Twitter Update


 photo 130912jstweet.png

[TRANS] On my way to graduate school~ everyone have a nice day.^^

 photo BT8F9NDCQAEPDfd.jpg

Back last Nov., we learned Junsu goes to graduate school with Min Youngki (post)

 photo 130912jstweet.png

[TRANS] Classmate!!!!! I can’t go ㅠㅠ I’m practicing for Notre Dam!!!! Go study hard ㅋㅋ


 photo 130912jstweet2.png

[TRANS] Ah right! I went to see Avenue Q yesterday and it was quite enjoyable and interesting~ Although I was shocked it was a bit ’19+’ (T/N: rated R) I laughed my heart out^^

‘Avenus Q’ is an ADULT puppet musical (homepageYT)

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