[TRAD] Kim Junsu es elegido como el ídolo que será más amado por su suegra por su ternura


Kim Junsu de JYJ ha sido elegido como «el ídolo que será más amado por su suegra  por su aegyo (ternura).

La comunidad online DC Inside llevó a cabo una encuesta llamada «¿Que ídolo masculino será más amado por su suegra por su firme ternura?» desde el 3 hasta el 10 de septiembre y Kim Junsu ocupó el primer lugar con el 32,8% de los votos (574 votos).

Esto parece ser el resultado de la personalidad linda y adorable que Kim Junsu ha mostrado a sus fans y a los miembros en los últimos años.

Kim Junsu fue seguido por Taemin de SHINee, que está mostrando su encanto juvenil en la MBC «We Got Married», con 12,8% y Seung Ri de Big Bang con el 8,7% de los votos.

Otros que siguieron a los tres primeros fueron Park Hyung Shik de ZE:A, Hyun Woo de INFINITE y Him Chan de B.A.P.

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[TRANS] Kim Junsu Is Chosen As The Idol Who Will Be Most Loved By His Mother-In-Law For His Cuteness



JYJ’s Kim Junsu has been chosen as ‘the idol who will be most loved by his mother-in-law for his aegyo (cuteness)’.

The online community DC Inside held a survey called “Which male idol will be loved by his mother-in-law for his signature cuteness?” from the 3rd till the 10th of September, and Kim Junsu came out on top with 32.8% of the votes (574 votes).

This seems to be a result of the cute and lovable personality that Kim Junsu has shown to his fans and members over the years.

Kim Junsu was followed by SHINee’s Taemin, who is showcasing his youthful charm on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, with 12.8% and Big Bang’s Seung Ri with 8.7% of the votes.

Others who followed the top three were ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik, INFINITE’s Woo Hyun and B.A.P’s Him Chan.

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[INSTAGRAM] Jaejoong Instagram Update: Playing a Composition on the Piano



Appart from GD, Taeyeon and Heechul, among others (link), Jaejoong is now following Blacklist and Dirk A Productions, Instagram accounts related to cars^^

 photo 130911JJFollowinglist.jpg

Jaejoong liked this photo and commented: “wow” http://instagram.com/p/eFtLr2Orlz/

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SNSD’s Taeyeon liked this video http://instagram.com/p/eHs2mmknvZ/

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[VIDEO+TRANS] O’live: Chef’s Midnight Snacks – Tony Hong mentions Jaejoong



[Partial translation]
(from 0:13~0:31)

TH/HSC: I keep thinking about our Chef Yung’s voice and tone accent is identical to who
I really like my hoobae(junior)
It is identical to JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong-ssi’s [way of] speaking

Chef Yung: Really?

TH/HSC: So identical~ down to the voice!
Even the glint of the eyes* are similar
[*T/N: ‘expression of the eyes’; like how the eyes will convey emotions]

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

[NEWS] JYJ Unveils Second Teaser to Incheon Asiad Song


With excitement growing, JYJ released the second teaser of the Incheon Asiad Song, Only One

The new teaser was released on September 11 through the official Youtube channel of the 2014 Icheon Asian Games.

The second teaser showed the behind the scenes of JYJ during the filming, making fans fidgety in their seats, waiting for the full music video and song released on September 16.

 photo 45573002.jpg

Fans asked, “How can I wait five days?” “I’m already nervous thinking about a new song from JYJ in such a long time,” “I bet the full version will be more fun,” and “I want to see JYJ singing Only One in person!”

As it’s a song JYJ sang together for the first time in two years, Only One has been gathering much attention with the first teaser raking in 300,000 views in just one week. The over 1600 comments about the video were diverse, written in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and more, proving JYJ’s popularity.

JYJ’s Incheon Asiad Song Only One will be released on September 16. JYJ will participate in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games as the Goodwill ambassadors through the Road Shows in Vietnam and China.

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Aparte de GD, Taeyeon y Heechul, entre otros, Jaejoong esta ahora siguiendo las cuentas de instagram de Blacklist y Dirk A Productions que son de autos.

 photo 130911JJFollowinglist.jpg
A Jaejoong le gusta esta foto y comento: “wow” . http://instagram.com/p/eFtLr2Orlz/
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A Taeyeon de las SNSD le gusta este video http://instagram.com/p/eHs2mmknvZ/
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[Traducción Parcial]
(de 0:13~0:31)

TH/HSC: Continuo pensando sobre la voz y tomo el acento de nuestro Chef Yung es idéntico a quien realmente me gusta mi hoobae (junior) es idéntica a la [Forma de] hablar de Kim Jaejoong ssi

Chef Yung: ¿En verdad?

TH/HSC: Tan idéntica- ¡a la voz!
Incluso el brillo en los ojos* es similar

[*Nota: ‘Expresión de los ojos’;  como la forma en que los ojos transmiten emociones]

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TRAD: Camino a ver un musical después de hacer una toma/foto ligera-^^ se siente bien

 photo BT3zIj0IEAAMNHw.jpg


 photo 130911jstweet2.png

TRAD: ¡¡¡Te extraño amigo!!!

TRAD: ¡¡También te extraño!! ¿Qué estás haciendo ahora?

TRAD: No puedo dormir:( estoy enfermo :(


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