Esto fue tomado después de la presentación en vivo de Junsu en SBS PopAsia

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TRAD: Cantante Kim invitainvitainvita! después de terminada la radiodifusión australiana SBS, Kim maknae(28) invito churros con la tarjeta del manager. Inicialmente, la orden era de 54 piezas pero finalmente ordenó 36 piezas. Sin embargo, no es el mismo churro Coreano así que entró en pánico. ¡Muy divertido.

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[TRANS] Sol KyungGu mentions JYJ’s Junsu in an interview


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Sol KyungGu moved to C-JeS entertainment last August who also manages idol group JYJ. His daughter is a huge fan of JYJ Junsu and when asked if the move to C-JeS is because of his daughter, he replied, “Partly yes.”

“But she still needs to get the concert tickets fair and square.”

Note: Omitted rest interview,
Sol KyungGu and his daughter went to Junsu’s concert. ^^

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Sol KyungGu se cambió a C-JeS entertainment el pasado agosto quienes también manejan al grupo ídolo jyj. Su hija es una gran fan de junsu de jyj y cuando se le pregunto sí su cambió  a CjeS  fue debido a su hija, él respondió, “En parte sí.”

“Pero ella aún necesita obtener los tickets de conciertos  de forma justa/limpiamente.”

Nota: Resto de la entrevista omitida,
Sol KyungGu y su hija fueron al concierto de  Junsu. ^^

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[OTHER TWITTER] I.D. MYO shares a Picture with Junsu in Sydney


This was taken after Junsu appeared live on SBS PopAsia

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[TRANS] Singer Kim treattreattreat! After Australian SBS broadcasting ended, Kim maknae(28) treated churros with manager’s card. Initially, the order was 54 pieces but eventually ordered 36 pieces. However, it is not the same as Korean churro so we panicked. Ah so fun.

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[REVIEW] Hello Asia! Live Review: XIA – Big Top Luna Park (28.09.13)

For the third time this year, fans of the Korean wave have been treated to a dose of KPOP as Kim Junsu a.k.a XIA of JYJ came down under for his Second Solo Tour Concert.

Anticipation rippled through the crowd as the curtain lit up with the words “Incredible”, the name of XIA’s concert tour and latest album. As the curtain fell, XIA was seen sitting on a huge throne and then jumped up to perform the explosive “Tarantallegra” which certain wizarding fans may know as the spell to make one dance uncontrollably. His lack of an undershirt under his black jacket made many girls swoon!

After a few songs featuring his mega talented dancers and a wardrobe change into a hot pink suit, XIA greeted the crowd with a ‘G’Day Mate’ and told us that although this is his second time visiting Australia, being on-stage was a different experience. He complimented Sydney as a beautiful city and also confessed he tried some interesting foods when he visited last ~ a la crocodile pizza!

Next up was the dramatic song “Rainy Eyes” and a selection of dance numbers, including his first solo single “Uncommitted”, a very catchy song which was released in English. Following the ending of the song “Fantasy” he gave one his male dancers a big hug but reassured his female fans and apologised to his male fans the he still liked girls, girls, girls just like in the song. A tradition in is solo concerts, XIA promised to grant three wishes for the crowd with the fan favourite being his performance of the cute Korean viral video “Gwiyomi”, something he never expected he would have to do as a 28-year old. When XIA performed “11AM”, the first song he released from his album Incredible, he started off with a few verses in acapella to a hushed crowd, with fans holding their breath as they as his voice permeated the concert hall.

Throughout the concert, there was a video storyline between XIA and a fictional girl, with text messages showing his sweet side when he appears at her doorstep, a passionate scene where they embrace eliciting many screams from the girls in the crowd and the final sad scene as he lets an engagement ring slip out of his hand and drop to the ground. While XIA was backstage, his dance crew also amazed the crowd with a dance performance ending with them throwing the glowsticks from their performance into the excited crowd.

Before the performance of the concert’s title song “Incredible”, fans were treated to a video showing photos from his childhood as well as decreasing sets of numbers which were statistics about XIA’s early life and being a performer such as 98,000 – the total kilometres he has flown around the word to see fans; 53,800 – the number of attendees at his solo concerts; and 30 seconds till he would return on stage. A personal message from XIA filled with Korean style emoticons such as how sad he was to be performing his last song for the crowd (ㅠㅠ) and how exhausted he was from his concert (ㅋㅋ)! The performance of “Incredible” was absolutely awesome and over too soon!

XIA then left us waiting and the crowd chanted his name “Kim Junsu” to entice him back onto the stage. He jumped on with “Fever” before a final chat to his fans, thanking everyone for attending his concert and saying that he was concerned that our parents would worry if we were home late as well as thinking of all the beautiful girls in the crowd who would need to make their way home safely. He commented that he wouldn’t forget the amazing experience he had with his Australian fans and that he would look forward to coming again, whether for a solo concert or with JYJ. XIA complimented the flags held by the attendees in the seated area, noted the many Western faces as well as the shedding of tears he saw. He gave his final apology for the end of the concert by performing his beautiful ballad “Sorry”.

No Gain
나 지금 고백한다 (I’m Confessing Now)
Chocolate Girl
Rainy Eyes
No Reason
Turn It Up
-Dance Interlude-
가지마 (Don’t Go)
Encore: Fever
Encore: 미안(Sorry)

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[REVIEW] XIA Redefines the Word ‘INCREDIBLE’ During Sydney Concert!

It’s September 28th, the date K-Pop fans all around Australia having been waiting for!

Like any other concert, the fans came rushing in to be the closest they can to their beloved idols. However, tonight’s concert is Australia’s first ever taste of JYJ, with Junsu, also known as Xia, taking to the stage to give Aussie fans a night they’ll never forget!

After the curtains dropped to the floor, nothing could calm down the fans as Xia made his incredible stage entrance! The entrance video beforehand gave the fans an idea of what to come, and the crowd’s first glimpse of Xia was him in his eminent presence on his ‘throne’.

The first song performed was the intense ‘Tarantallegra’ which proved Xia’s incredible and precise dance skills, and that of his talented back-up dancers. Needless to say, the fans were going crazy and the concert barely even started! The next song was ‘No Gain’ from the same album, Tarantallegra. A small intermission on screen of a cute message session between Xia and his ‘girlfriend’, paved the way for the next song ‘I’m Confessing Now’ from his latest album, which was followed by ‘Chocolate Girl’ and another amazing response from fans.

The atmosphere doubled with energy when Xia came to the stage to personally address the fans, especially with his “G’day Mate!” The crowd’s response to Xia’s Korean led him to ask “Do you speak Korean?” which drove the fans into a frenzy of laughter; even Xia giggled.

‘Rainy Eyes’ and another ballad from his latest album were performed next. An intermission of Xia and a female’s near kissing scene paved the way for ‘No Reason’. For this performance, Xia is first seen sitting on a couch with the dancers around him. As the song progresses, he begins to dance on the couch giving off a very sexual vibe.

The vibe changed with the English song ‘Uncommitted’ releasing more of the crowd’s energy before the sexy vibe returned for the song ‘Turn It Up’. Xia in a black singlet and the dancers in cool black and white outfits, they all held green towels that they used during the sensual stage performance, before releasing them to the excited audience.

The next intermission was composed of Xia’s back-up dancers and their solo or paired dance routines. They all came together for a last show of formations as they each held 2 glowing light sticks, that they also threw to the crowd. Not only did Xia’s performance gain a lot of cheers but so did that of the back-up dancers who amazed their audience with their excitement and interactiveness during the performances! Xia appears next in song ‘Fantasy’ which also received heavy cheer from fans, especially when one of the male back-up dancers hugs Xia and they both laugh!

Another talk session with Xia and the crowd, where Xia expresses the great atmosphere he is sensing and the great time he is having thus far. A special for the concert was the ’3 Wishes’ section where Xia chooses 3 fans, and each is allowed one wish, and that is for Xia to do something on stage for the fans. The first was aegyo and then the ”Gwiyomi player’ in which Xia playfully asks the male fans in the crowd to ‘turn away’. He said that he wasn’t as embarrassed to do something like this 3-4 years ago! Another popular choice that the audience cheered for was a sexy dance, which Xia also managed to go embarrassed at and giggle before dancing a bit to one of the previous songs he performed.

The next performance was ’11am’ where Xia, as in the music video, sings the first verses without music. The most extraordinary point in the performance was that every single member of the audience was dead silent through out the entire song. It was incredible to see the fans to engaged in the song that you can imagine tears in their eyes, especially with Xia’s amazing vocal ability and feelings in the song. The same was also true for the remaining ballads he performed off his ‘Incredible’ album.

The next video intermission was one with Xia facts and baby photos receiving a lot of ohs and ahs from fans! They included two very interesting points; he has performed in every continent except for Africa as of September 28th, and his weight which is currently 60kg! The next song was ‘Kajima’ which was followed by the stage everyone was waiting for, ‘Incredible’ –and with no puns intended, it was a truly incredible stage and performance!

Xia comes back to the stage for the last time to speak to the audience, telling them that he can never forget Australia and that whether as Xia or JYJ, we will always be on their minds for future concerts. He also said that his next stage will be in Japan very soon, where he will tell the fans about how successful and interactive the concert in Australia has been.

Saying his goodbyes, and with the fans screaming for more, Xia showed us his humorous side, saying that the parents of the fans in the audience must now be worried. The entire crowd reacted by screaming in sync with ‘gwenchana’ or ‘it’s okay’ in Korean. Making the near end of the show a very funny and intimate experience with Xia indeed.

The encore performance was the fantastic and lively stage of ‘Fever’, before Xia and his crew had to say their goodbyes, leaving many fans in true tears.

Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of the event, and to Xia for making this an incredible night indeed!

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