[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Junsu Scores Again and Again with ′Elisabeth′


Kim Junsu has been cementing his status as a great musical actor, selling out tickets and receiving standing ovations for all of his performances of Elisabeth.

A rep from the singer′s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on August 26, “Kim Junsu has again been performing as Tod on Elisabeth, which started a new round of performances in July. He′s been showing how he′s evolved once again to follow up his previous performance, in which he was praised by audiences and critics alike.”

The rep added, “All eight of his performances since his first on August 14 has received standing ovations, and he′s dominated the show with his new instinctive version of Tod.”

While his version of Tod for his first round of performances was more animalistic, this time Kim Junsu became a cold and seductive, vampire-like Tod, with red lips and eye makeup.

His biggest weapon has proven to be his confidence. He′s fought to understand every character and evaluate every scene, and armed with this knowledge, has managed to pull his audience into his performances of The Last Dance and The Shadows Grow Longer.

“Kim Junsu looks over his performances after every one, and cares for every detail and line, pouring in his passion for every show,” the rep said.

Many other officials have commented, “Elisabeth′s Kim Junsu is the only person who′s managed to sell out all of his shows among the musicals put on main theaters this summer. The quality of the show has met with the acting of its star cast to become a must-see performance among even overseas fans. We heard there′s been a war to get tickets, with scalpers even proving hard to find.”

Elisabeth was first put onstage in 1992 in Vienna. Its story revolves around a queen who falls in love with death (Tod), and is loved for its grand music, stage effects and costumes.

All 30,000 seats for Kim Junsu′s Tod have been sold out, even though those seats with a limited view have also been opened for sale.

Source: Mwave
Shared by: JYJCHILE

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