[TRANS] Kim Junsu In ‘Elisabeth’, Breaks Through The Wariness Surrounding Idols



JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu)’s Kim Junsu has broken through the prejudices surrounding idols in the musical industry with his explosive presence in ‘Elisabeth’.

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu has returned to the role of ‘Tod’ (Death) in the musical Elisabeth, which opened its curtains for the second time in July. Having been praised for his rendition last year, Kim Junsu has been praised as the one and only ‘XiahTod’ of the world for this year’s rendition.”

They continued to add, “In all eight of his performances, since he began performing on the 14th of August, he has received a standing ovation. He has taken the musical by storm by evolving ‘Tod’ into a more beastly and dynamic character.”

If last year’s ‘XiahTod’ was like a beastly and instinctual panther, this year’s ‘XiahTod’ has returned as a cold but deadly ‘Vampire’ with black hair, red lips, and eye make-up that resembles the wings of death. As someone who was in the cast last year, Kim Junsu worked hard to analyze every scene and character as thoroughly as possible. His solo numbers such as ‘The Last Dance’ and ‘As the Shadows Grow Longer’ completely captivated his audience.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Kim Junsu monitors all his performances after every show, and looks over every detailed movement and line, pouring all his passion into his work.”

Multiple sources stated, “Kim Junsu is the only musical actor who has sold out all of his performances in this Summer’s lineup of large-scale musicals. Because of his passion and the show’s top quality status, even overseas fans have chosen it as the must-see show of the season, and we hear that even scalper’s tickets are hard to find these days.”

Kim Junsu will step on stage again on the 28th of August at 8p.m. at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall.

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[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Junsu Scores Again and Again with ′Elisabeth′


Kim Junsu has been cementing his status as a great musical actor, selling out tickets and receiving standing ovations for all of his performances of Elisabeth.

A rep from the singer′s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on August 26, “Kim Junsu has again been performing as Tod on Elisabeth, which started a new round of performances in July. He′s been showing how he′s evolved once again to follow up his previous performance, in which he was praised by audiences and critics alike.”

The rep added, “All eight of his performances since his first on August 14 has received standing ovations, and he′s dominated the show with his new instinctive version of Tod.”

While his version of Tod for his first round of performances was more animalistic, this time Kim Junsu became a cold and seductive, vampire-like Tod, with red lips and eye makeup.

His biggest weapon has proven to be his confidence. He′s fought to understand every character and evaluate every scene, and armed with this knowledge, has managed to pull his audience into his performances of The Last Dance and The Shadows Grow Longer.

“Kim Junsu looks over his performances after every one, and cares for every detail and line, pouring in his passion for every show,” the rep said.

Many other officials have commented, “Elisabeth′s Kim Junsu is the only person who′s managed to sell out all of his shows among the musicals put on main theaters this summer. The quality of the show has met with the acting of its star cast to become a must-see performance among even overseas fans. We heard there′s been a war to get tickets, with scalpers even proving hard to find.”

Elisabeth was first put onstage in 1992 in Vienna. Its story revolves around a queen who falls in love with death (Tod), and is loved for its grand music, stage effects and costumes.

All 30,000 seats for Kim Junsu′s Tod have been sold out, even though those seats with a limited view have also been opened for sale.

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[NEWS] Park Yuchun’s movie debut is an exception to the norm


As an idol group member, Park Yuchun’s advance into the movie world catches the eye.

Park Yuchun will make his movie debut with ‘Sea Fog’ (director Shim Sung-bo). His official acting debut was 3 years ago with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and now he will meet the audience through the big screen.

Park Yuchun’s movie debut draws our attention in many areas. A marked difference from the usual style of idol stars, he chose the “frontal attack method” which is most striking.

Celebrities making their movie debut usually stick to genres like love comedies which will maximise their box office power. Or they do movies that are specially planned for foreign markets like Japan where the Korean wave (Hallyu) is very popular.

But Park Yuchun chose a serious and heavy work where people with real abilities in the movie world gathered.

Among the Korean movies that will start filming in the later half of the year, ‘Sea Fog’ is highly anticipated.

It is the first movie to be produced by Bong Jun-ho, director of ‘Snow Piercer’; this alone draws much attention.

It is directed by Shim Sung-bo who worked together with Bong in 2003 ‘Memories of Murder’ as the screenwriter.

The rest of the staff are also magnificent. Hong Kyung-pyo, the cinematographer for ‘Snow Piercer’ and ‘Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War’, is also in this. It is truly the “cooperative work of the dream team”.

Park Yuchun’s participation in ‘Sea Fog’ is an exception in the movie world.

A singer and an actor with no movie experience participating in a thriller movie already catches the eye from the start.

In addition, his counterpart in the movie is Kim Yoon-seok, an actor that represents Chungmuro. The synergistic effect produced when a rookie meets a veteran in the movie is one reason for the high anticipation.

When Park Yuchun received the offer from the production company, he gave it serious thought.

Although he was interested by the fact that the producer is Bong Jun-ho and the main actor is Kim Yoon-seok, it is a dark story with a certain amount of brutal content and so it is considered to be a kind of “risk” for him.

There were many actors in their 20s who wanted this role in ‘Sea Fog’ that Park Yuchun is playing. A member of a very popular group was very interested in it; a Hallyu actor in his 30s also wanted to be part of this.

Amidst all this, Park Yuchun’s participation in ‘Sea Fog’ can be said to be the result of his potential being certified.

From his debut work ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, then ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and recently ‘Missing You’, Park Yuchun has acted in different genres like historical drama, romantic comedy and love dramas; he was also successful in viewer ratings.

Park Yuchun has always had high ambitions for his acting skills and his works; it is said that when he received the script for ‘Sea Fog’, he was immediately totally absorbed in the storyline.

He will start filming for ‘Sea Fog’ in October. Now he is focusing on the preparation work and getting advice from Sul Kyung Ku and Lee Jung Jae who recently joined his agency.

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Como miembro de un grupo ídolo, el avance de Park Yuchun hacia el mundo de las películas llama la atención.

Park Yuchun hará su debut en el cine con ‘Sea Fog’ (dirigida por Shim Sung-bo). Su debut oficial como actor fue hace 3 años con ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ y ahora él se encontrará con la audiencia a través de la pantalla grande.

El debut en el cine de Park Yuchun atrajo nuestra atención en muchas áreas. Una marcada diferencia del estilo usual de las estrellas ídolos, él eligió el “método de ataque frontal” que es más impactante.

Las celebridades haciendo su debut en el cine usualmente se aferran a géneros como comedias de amor lo cual maximiza su poder de taquilla. O hacen películas que están especialmente planeadas para el mercado extranjero como Japón donde la Ola Coreana (Hallyu) es muy popular.

Pero Park Yuchun eligió un trabajo serio y pesado donde las personas con verdaderas habilidades en el mundo del cine se reunieron.

Entre las películas coreanas que comenzarán a filmarse en la segunda mitad del año, ‘Sea Fog’ es muy esperada.

Es la primera película a ser producida por Bong Jun-ho, el director de ‘Snow Piercer’; la cual ha atraído mucha atención.

Es dirigida por Shim Sung-bo quien trabajo junto con Bong en el 2003 en ‘Memories of Murder’ como guionista.

El resto del staff también es magnífico. Hong Kyung-pyo, el director de fotografía para ‘Snow Piercer’ y ‘Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War’, también está en esta (película). Es verdaderamente el “Trabajo cooperativo del equipo de  ensueño”.

La participación de Park Yuchun en ‘Sea Fog’ es una excepción en el mundo del cine. Un cantante y actor sin experiencia en participar en una película de suspenso ya llama la atención desde el principio.

Además, su contraparte en la película es Kim Yoon-seok, un actor que representa a Chungmuro. El efecto sinérgico que se produce cuando un novato se encuentra con un veterano en una película es una de las razones por la gran expectación.

Cuando  Park Yuchun recibió la oferta de la compañía de producción, él lo pensó seriamente. A  pesar de que él estaba interesado por el hecho de que el productor es Bong Jun-ho y el actor principal es Kim Yoon-seok, es una historia siniestra/oscura con una cierta cantidad de contenido brutal/brusco y por lo cual es considerado ser una clase de “riesgo” para él.

Había muchos actores en sus 20 años quienes querían este papel en ‘Sea Fog’ que Park Yuchun está interpretando. Un miembro de un grupo muy popular estaba muy interesado en el (papel); un actor Hallyu en sus 30 años también quería formar parte de esto.

En medio de todo esto, la participación de Park Yuchun en ‘Sea Fog’ puede decirse ser el resultado de su potencial siendo certificado.

Desde su trabajo debut ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, luego ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ y recientemente ‘Missing You’, Park Yuchun ha interpretado diferentes géneros  como drama histórico, comedia romántica y amor; él también tuvo éxito en los índices de audiencia.

Park Yuchun siempre ha tenido altas ambiciones para sus habilidades en la actuación y sus trabajos; se dice que cuando él recibió el guión para ‘Sea Fog’, él estaba de inmediato totalmente inmerso en la historia.

Él comenzará a rodar para ‘Sea Fog’ en octubre. Ahora él está concentrado en el trabajo de preparación y recibiendo algunos consejos de  Sul Kyung Ku y Lee Jung Jae quienes recientemente se unieron a su agencia.

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Kim Junsu ha estado consolidando su posición como un gran actor de musicales, agotando tickets y recibiendo ovaciones de pie para todas sus presentaciones de Elisabeth.

Un representante de la agencia del cantante, C-jeS Entertainment dijo a enews el 26 de agosto, “Kim Junsu ha estado interpretando a Tod en Elisabeth, que ha  iniciado una ronda de presentaciones en julio. Ha estado mostrando cómo ha evolucionado una vez más para dar seguimiento a su previa actuación, en la cual fue elogiado por el público y los críticos”.

El representante agregó, “Todas sus ocho presentaciones desde la primera el 14 de agosto han recibido ovaciones de pie, y él ha dominado el espectáculo con su nueva versión instintiva de Tod”.

Mientras su versión de Tod para su primera ronda de presentaciones era más anomalístico, ésta vez Kim Junsu se convirtió en un frío y seductor, similar a un vampiro Tod, con labios rojos y maquillaje en los ojos.

Su más grande arma ha demostrado ser su confianza. Ha luchado para comprender cada personaje y evaluar cada escena, y armado con su conocimiento, ha logrado atrapar a la audiencia en su presentación de The Last Dance y The Shadows Grow Longer.

“Kim Junsu cuida de cada una de sus presentaciones , y se preocupa por cada detalle y linea, vertiendo su pasión en cada espectáculo” dijo el representante.

Muchos otros oficiales han comentado, Kim Junsu de “Elisabeth” es la única persona que consiguió agotar todas sus presentaciones entre los musicales realizados en muchos teatros este verano. La calidad del espectáculo se ha reunido con la actuación del elenco/reparto de estrellas para convertirse en una presentación que merece ser visto incluso entre las fans internacionales. Hemos oído que ha habido una guerra para conseguir tickets, con revendedores incluso difíciles de encontrar”.

Elisabeth fue puesta por primera vez en escena en 1992 en Vienna. Su historia gira en torno a la reina quien se enamora de la muerte (Tod), y es amada por su gran música, efectos de escenario y vestuario.

Todos los 30,000 asientos de Tod de Kim Junsu han sido agotados, incluso aquellos asientos con visión limitada también fueron puestos a la venta.

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[OTHER TWITTER] Park Sung Kwang tweets about XiaTod


[TRANS] Today being invited by Junsu I went to see Elisabeth…it’s my second time to see it but I was seriously moved again!! Junsu-yah you, on the stage, are really…unapproachable…your heavy(rough/harsh) breathing acting…I keep practicing it on the way homeㅋㅋ (you guys) have to watch Elisabeth!! It’s the best♥

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