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2013.08.24 11:22pm KST

 photo 130822jstw1.png

[TRANS] I have a sore mouth right now… Just now Kikwang-nim applied Albothyl (a medicine) with a cotton swab for me haha

2013.08.25 12:00am KST
@Vanikwak is Kwok Bu-ho and is currently a part of the cast for ‘Elisabeth’
 photo 130822jstw1.png

[TRANS] Using Albothyl keke

2013.08.25 12:44am KST
@leejeehoon79 plays as Lucheni in ‘Elisabeth’
 photo 130822jstw1.png

[TRANS] What is Albothyl?
How can you perform with a sore mouth while tiredㅜㅜ

2013.08.25 12:17pm KST

 photo 130822jstw1.png

[TRANS] I’m doing better hyung ^^ Thank you for being concerned about me~


Credit: @1215thexiahtic + @Vanikwak + @leejeehoon79
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu(1) + rilanna of JYJ3(2-4)
Shared by: JYJ3 +JYJCHILE

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