[INFO] Kim Jaejoong’s “I” wins Synnara Awards for the Best Album in the First Half of 2013



Jaejoong’s < I > won over SNSD’s <I Got A Boy> in the First Round, Vote from July 15 to July 23

 Jaejoong’s < I > won over Shinhwa’s <The Classic>  in the Quarter-final Round, Vote from July 24 to July 30

Jaejoong’s < I > won over Shinee’s <Dream Girl>  in the Semi-final Round, Vote from July 31 to August 6

and Finally Jaejoong’s < I > won over veteran singer Cho Yong Pil’s <Hello> in the Final Round, Vote from August 7 to August 13

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Everyone, Good job! ^__^v

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[TWITTER] Junsu Twitter Update


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[TRANS] @B2stGK I saw the Shadow performance! The posh vibe that’s unique to BEAST Hyung really likes hehe Fighting! Gikwangah^^

[ALT TRANS] @B2stGK I saw your performance of Shadow! Hyung really likes the unique classiness of BEAST haha. Hwaiting! Kikwang-ah^^

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[TRANS] Thank you, thank you and thank you ^ ^


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[TRANS] @Hyejin0813 Happy birthday noona~^^

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[TRANS] Today is my 31st birthday!! Today the My 31st is the birthday. Celebration!!
Last year on my birthday a typhoon came and this year a meteor shower and heat waves keke Let’s take care from the hot weather kekeke

Note: I.D. MYO is a JYJ backdancer and choreographer
(She has choreographed the dances to ‘No Reason’, ‘Chocolate Girl’, ‘Confession’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Fever’, and ‘Funny Song’)

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[VIDEO] MBC documentary ‘The Zoo is Alive 2′ – Narration by Jaejoong



– Penja neglects her babies ever since she got mad(/scared?) about the accidental faucet leak that caused flooding inside the cage to the extent they might have been dead.
– The baby tigers had a hard time too accustoming themselves to artificial teats that are different from their mom Penja’s. But they seem to be okay now
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[OTHER TWITTER] The Writer of ‘Zoo Is Alive 2′ Compliments Jaejoong on His Narration


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[TRANS] It was indeed more touching thanks to Kim Jaejoong’s affection for animals melted into his narration. ^^


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[TRANS] We were also surprised because Kim Jaejoong did much better than expected. I think it’s because of his warm heart. ^^


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[TRANS] “@mediamongu: @writerjjh Oh, it seems you took on the program? You are receiving Kim Jaejoong fans’ praise^^” Keke… There’s a time like this. But to be honest, Kim Jaejoong is good at it [narrating] ^^

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[TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Music is My Life


Music is My Life

There is another power that made JYJ stand together again, and that is music.

JYJ cannot be separated from music. From the time they wake up to the time they sleep, music is their all. Perhaps it is precisely because music is the bridge that enabled them to meet and walk on to here. For fans also, probably the first contact was their music.

That is why, music is everything to JYJ.

Jaejoong cannot sleep without listening to music. And when he listens to music, he will have good dreams. In his playlist, all are songs that he wants to listen to until he is sick of them. Sometimes he will listen to J Holiday’s music in bed and fall asleep to it. He also likes the songs sung during the Asia Tour this year. His recent obsession is American singer Miguel’s songs.

Yoochun often listens to music when he is on the move. He has a very strong sense of curiosity towards new things, sometimes he will look for new songs to listen to, sometimes he will select some singles to listen to. When he is feeling sad or depressed, he will listen to Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Leave’ (or ‘Go’) , he says he likes that kind of music style. The song seems to be about love, but it also makes you think of the carefree days of childhood. Listening to ‘Let’s Leave’, his heart receives healing.

Junsu values his feelings. When he is sad, he will listen to even sadder songs for comfort; when he is happy, he will listen to very lively songs. Junsu loves beautiful, natural scenery, and when he listens to music, he will also associate it with scenery. When a song has ended, it is like having experienced a piece of scenery. “In life, how can there be no music?”, it is not an exaggeration to say this.

Selecting music that they like, they choose each song seriously, how about when they are composing a song. What is felt is not just liking but inspiration.

Yuchun is such a gentle person but when Jaejoong is working, nobody can disturb. Even when members are working together, when the work is more than 80% done, he will finish the rest by himself, and it will go more smoothly when the light gets dim.

When Junsu is recording, he will drink Americano instead of water. It can be hot or cold, as long as it is Americano, it is OK. Bringing 4 cups of Americano and putting them in the recording studio, then he will be at ease. Because he does not take alcohol, coffee which contains caffeine is rather effective. Heat is generated and spreads out, the condition of the throat also becomes good.

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