TRAD: Atacante y defensor. Altavoz y el oyente. Hacedores y los enfermos.
No importa.
Si hay un conflicto debido a las acciones y palabras engañosas y contradictorias.
Si es demasiado o no, depende de los criterios de las personas.


TRAD: Escuchar y experimentar lo más posible.
Puede desencadenar otra curiosidad sobre ti y luego puedes hacer formas de estímulo para ellos…
Lo importante es que ha creado su propia gran arma.



TRAD: Misma libertad.
Más que su libertad de expresarse.
Usted puede privarse de la libertad de escuchar todo lo que te rodea…

Dependiendo de tu nivel de conciencia, puede convertirse en el centro de este mundo, o crear un ego vacío que incluso no puedes controlar…

Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: Ruby(@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
Traducido a Castellano: JYJChile
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[TWITTER] Jaejoong Twitter Update

 photo 130811jjtweet1.png

[TRANS] Attacker and defender. Speaker and listener. Doers and sufferers.
It does not matter.
If there is a conflict because of misleading and contradictory words and actions..
Whether it’s too much or not, it depends on the person’s criteria.

 photo 130811jjtweet2.png

[TRANS] Listen and experience as much as possible.
Others’ curiosity about you can be triggered and then you can do forms of encouragement for them..
What is important is that you have created your own big weapon.

 photo 130811jjtweet3.png

[TRANS] Same freedom.
More than your freedom to express.

You might deprive yourself of the freedom to listen to everything around you..

Depending on your level of awareness, you can become the center of this world, or create an empty ego that even you can’t control…

Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: Ruby(@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
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[HQ PICS] XIA Incredible Concert in Busan (Day 1)




  • Genie time : busan accent. 200 pound beauty ost and reading some word…. (via @sugarnoona)
  • Genie time – Junsu’s Satoori ment: “Noona, I love you very much. Please, give birth to my child. You believe in your oppa, right? Do you like me? I like you very much.”
    [T/N: It’s the Kyungsangdo version marriage proposal from Gag Concert. Guys from this area are known to have a cold image.] (cr. @YJ615 via @Sheenathe6004)
  • Genie time – Junsu sang “Byul” from 200 Pounds Beauty OST! Scent of a Woman’s acting? Gwiyomi
    (via @Sheenathe6004)
  • I-fans thought JJ was there coz JS mentioned JJ during the genie time?
    Actually 1 fan got JS to try Busan dialects reading what she prepared on her phone. And JS saw her phone’s wallpaper that is JJ’s half-naked caps from Mine MV. So JS said “Oh~ you like this kind of thing”, mentioning JJ’s name. That’s why i-fans thought JJ was there while listening to live stream (via @jaetaku)

Opening VCR – Tarantallegra – No Gain – Confession – Chocolate Girl – Ment – Rainy Eyes – Foolish Heart – VCR – No Reason –Uncommitted – Turn It Up – Fantasy – Funny Song – Ment 2 / Genie Time – 11am – Love Is Like A Snowflake – I’m In Love – VCR –Don’t Leave – Ment 3 – Noona Is My Woman – VCR – Incredible
(Encore 1) Fever – Closing Ment – (Encore 2) Sorry


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[TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Love… Love… Love…


Love… Love… Love…

Friends of the same sex, friends of the opposite sex. How do JYJ members understand this? Is it possible for a female friend to become someone that you are in love with?

Junsu was the first to speak: “My answer is very clear. 100% not possible. From the female point of view, it may be possible, but from the male point of view, it is definitely not possible! A female friend who grew closer as a platonic friend, it is not possible for her become a girlfriend.

Yuchun agreed with this opinion of “not becoming confused between love and friendship”.

Jaejoong said, “I think it is not possible.”

Why do you say this?

“Because I have never wavered between love and friendship.”

Then how about love that is between a friendship? You and a friend like the same woman at the same time, or have one-sided love for a friend’s girlfriend, anyone may have at least one such experience, the feeling may have faded or is still lingering in the heart. Just like Lee Seung Chul singing ‘In Love With A Friend’s Girlfriend’, or Kim Gun Mo expressing his regret about a ‘Wrongful Encounter’, and also Hong Kyung Min singing about a ‘Wavering Friendship’ directed at a particular love relationship.

JYJ members’ expressions became serious.

Yuchun and Junsu said resolutely, “No way.” If no longer in touch with that friend, check the situation beforehand to understand it carefully. To prevent any unhappiness, verify it personally. Junsu said, “If it is a friend’s girlfriend, then right from the start, we will not have that kind of thought.”

Junsu also said, “Developing from platonic friends to being in love, it is a bit like a novel or a drama. I also have such a song in my album. A man and woman who were friends from youth started to fall in love with each other, like a fantasy. Because it is unlikely to happen in real life, I think.” Junsu again replies in the negative.

Jaejoong, emphasising the premise that this kind of thing should not happen, quietly revealed his own experience: “When we first met, I did not know. We started to like each other and wanted to start dating, then I realised she was someone that my friend dated. I immediately gave it up.” As he said this, he had a look like he tasted some suffering.

All 3 are the same. Compared to love, they place much more importance on friendship, these 3 young men of 20-plus years.

Picture Credit: DC JYJ Gall
Trans from Jap-Chin: 119
Trans from Chin-Eng: Christie
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

[TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: My Dear The JYJ


My Dear The JYJ

To be together no matter what, sharing the joys as well as the sorrows. When bearing a friend’s pain together, even if the tears shed are the same, your own pain is actually more acute than your friend’s.

Jaejoong and Junsu said, “We cried the most for Yuchun.”

Last March, when Yuchun’s father passed away, they shed more tears than Yuchun. Although Yuchun was part of the bereaved family, he could not keep crying and grieving.

JJ: “I really cried a lot. Yuchun’s father passed away, but Yuchun had to receive all the people who came to pay their respects, so he forced himself to suppress his grief and be very strong to receive everyone. Seeing him like that, my heart was in so much pain it felt like it would split apart. I wanted to cry it all out for him. He just kept fighting back his tears, suppressing his sorrow. But I was so helpless, there was nothing I could do for him, I could only cry.”

JS: “While gently comforting him and telling him, ‘Be strong’, I was also thinking I must stay by Yuchun always to keep watch over him. From the mourning hall to the cemetery, looking at Yuchun’s silhouette from the back, I couldn’t hold it back any more and I cried. When we were giving a silent tribute to his father who is in eternal rest, I was holding Yuchun and saying, “Be strong,” but I knew at these times words are useless and so my heart was in even more pain.”

Yuchun and Junsu who are of the same age, and Jaejoong who is one year older (T/N: by Korean age. All are born in 1986). Their relationship is more than just friendship; they are family and have become one. To the degree that they specially understand one another.

Jaejoong can see through Yuchun and Junsu to deep within their hearts. Because they have been together through such a long period of time, what they are thinking can be known without saying a word.

JJ: “For Yuchun, just based on feeling, I will know. If his thoughts and actions are not in line, I will know at once. Junsu also, I can see through him at a glance. But conversely, they probably don’t really know what I’m thinking?!”

But! Jaejoong’s thinking is wrong!

JS: “120% I know! Just looking at his expression and behaviour, I will know if he is in a good or bad mood, or if there is something troubling him, I know it all! I will ask him why he said those words and I will ask in detail.”

As such, there are no secrets between them. They cannot cover it up even if they wanted to. Even those times when the heart throbs because of one-sided love that you absolutely do not want anyone to know about.

JS: “Whatever I’m doing, they know it all. Even love. If I count, there are 5? I am very open and clear but the other 2 don’t really say, hahaha!

YC: “I’ve had one-sided love before. But before I could tell my members, it was realised. I like older women that I can talk and connect with, those with clear thoughts. I see them as real women from age 30 onwards. I think even at 40, my thinking will not change.

Said without any hesitation. Yuchun does not hide himself when he is with his members. But if there is something about them that he does not know, he will not pursue it. At these times, he says, ”Do I really have to know that? I don’t think that I want to know everything. Each person has his own things to pursue, the way of living is also different. I feel that knowing everything may not necessarily be good. If you have to know everything, every single movement, that is your own willful and selfish desire, isn’t it?”

From Yuchun’s words, it is also expressed that the members have built very deep trust among them. Not just knowing the situation at once by sensing the other’s breath, even if they don’t intentionally look and intentionally try to know, they will naturally understand one another. Just like that, the deep bond of trust like brothers, much more than friends, they will continue to run on from here. While keeping watch over Yuchun when he had to bear his greatest sorrow in the world, the tears that flowed from Jaejoong and Junsu must be the most beautiful crystals in the world.

Picture Credit: ayano_jyj
Trans from Jap-Chin: 119
Trans from Chin-Eng: Christie
Shared by: JYJ3 +JYJCHILE

[LINE] JYJ Naver LINE Update: Jaejoong Recording his Narration for “The Zoo is Alive 2″

[TRANS] [Official] While he was recording the narration, he told ‘so adorable’ and ‘so lovely’ to animals repeatedly ^^

[TRANS] Tomorrow! At 11:20pm KST on Monday night! Please, look very much forward to ‘The Zoo is Alive!’ the documentary with Jaejoong ^^

[TRANS] [Official] ‘The Zoo is Alive’ will be aired at 11:20pm KST on Monday night. Slight preview! Will be coming!


Source: JYJ Naver LINE
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
Video Credit: republicofjyj
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Apertura + Tarantallegra:

Chocolate Girl:

Rainy Eyes:

No Reason:

Turn it Up:

Genie Time – Acento/Satoori de Busán:

TRAD: Noona, Te amo mucho. Por favor, da a luz a mi hijo. Crees en tú oppa, ¿verdad? ¿Te gusto? Me gustas mucho.(via Sheena Trad. esp: Rikukim de JYJTres)

Genie Time – Cantando ‘Byul’ del OST de “200 Pounds Beauty”:

Genie Time – Actuando una escena de “Scent of a Woman”:

Genie Time – Gwiyomi:


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– Junsu le pido a las fans que dejen de tomar fotos a su trasero y que se enfoquen en su rostro.. LOL(subarashii_garu)
 Fanart ilustrativo hahahha

– #XIAinBusan genie time: 2 chicas le dieron las letras de una canción para que cantara. Ahora él está lindamente quejándose de su condición actual. #XIAinBusan (Xiakiss)

– Genie time. Una chica le pidió de cantar My Page. Junsu canto dos palabras y dijo que no lo recordaba. SADNESS! #XIAinBusan (Xiakiss)

– Genie time: Su línea de Scent of a Woman.. te gusta mi rostro, o mi voz o mi trasero firme. omg!!! cutie! #XIAinBusan (cr: oneyoosu + figmagination + Vichellelicious ) 

– Junsu: Estaba relacionado con una mujer mayor…Les daré esta canción a las nunas… (cr.sunfa0869+aju0731)

– De acuerdo a una fan, Junsu no dijo «Yo estaba relacionado con una mujer mayor». Pero parece que él dijo «Me gusta ambas mujeres mayores o jóvenes» (sunfa086 + kong_zino)

– Junsu hablando en dialecto de Busan!!!! (cr: KatHeartsJJ + Vichellelicious )

– OMG Junsu cantó  la canción de 200 Pounds Beauty!!!! (Vichellelicious)
Nota: aquí pueden escuchar la canción original, es muy bonita: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ug_cc4VCnc
– Genie time – Junsu: “Noona, te amo demasiado. Por favor dame el nacimiento de mi hijo. Tu crees en tu oppa, verdad? ¿Te gusto? Me gustas mucho.”
[Nota: esta es lal versión de proponerse de Kyungsangdo del Gag Concert.] (cr. @YJ615 via @Sheenathe6004)
– Junsu dijo yo estoy dispuesto a hacer Gwiyomi pero necesito considerar los sentimientos de un fanboy, asi que no es bueno que lo haga >< (Xiakiss)
–  #xiainbusan Los teléfonos de las fans y su ropa mojadas!!! lol parece que ellos hicieron explotar unos cañones de agua durante incredible” (bakedincheese)

– La ropa de Junsu para INCREDIBLE es de color dorado~ #XIAinBusan  (Cr.kaju0731+asikotoxiah)

– Después de la canción Junsu agradeció a los bailarines y golpeo su puño con el bailarin alto de blanco~ #XIAinBusan (cr: figmagination + Vichellelicious)

– Una fan le mostró a Junsu su telefono, y Junsu vio la imagen de fondo de su telefono que era de jaejoong y él dijo «ah,el wallpaper es de Jaejoong~

-Creo que los fans pensaban que JJ estaba en el concierto debido a que JS lo menciono durante el Genie time? Una fan logro que JS intentará leer en el dialecto de Busan lo que ella habia preparado en su teléfono. Y JS vio el wallpaper de su teléfono que era fot semidesnuda de JJ del MV de Mine. Así JS dijo «Oh ~ te gusta este tipo de cosas», mencionando el nombre de JJ. Es por eso que las Ifans pensaron que JJ estaba allí al escuchar el streming? (Via: Vichellelicious)

– Un afan afortunada atrapo una rosa blanca de Junsu~~ #XIAinBusan Day 1 pic.twitter.com/nglXGJXtgK(cr:phantomZPTN)

– Esta es la toalla amarilla que Junsu arrojo a las fans? ^^ #XIAinBusan http://twitpic.com/d7iq0x (Xiakiss)
Programación de hoy:
Opening VCR – Tarantallegra – No Gain – Confession – Chocolate Girl – Ment – Rainy Eyes – Foolish Heart – VCR – No Reason – Uncommitted – Turn It Up – Fantasy – Funny Song – Ment 2 / Genie Time – 11am – Love Is Like A Snowflake– I’m In Love – VCR – Don’t Leave – Ment 3 – Noona Is My Woman – VCR – Incredible (Encore 1) Fever – Closing Ment –(Encore 2) Sorry

Credits: Xiakiss + phantomZPTN + figmagination + Vichellelicious + bakedincheese + kaju0731+asikotoxiah +KatHeartsJJ +
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  • Genie time: Acento de Busán. OST de la película 200 pound beauty y leer algunas palabras… (via @sugarnoona)
  • Genie time – Dialogo de Satoori por Junsu: “Noona, Te amo mucho. Por favor, da a luz a mi hijo. Crees en tú oppa, ¿Verdad? ¿Te gusto? Me gustas mucho”.
    [Nota:Es la versión de proposición de Kyungsangdo del Gag Concert.] (cr. @YJ615 via @Sheenathe6004)
  • [Genie time] ¡Junsu cantó “Byul” del OST de 200 Pounds Beauty! ¿Actuación de Scent of a woman? Gwiyomi
    (via @Sheenathe6004)
  • ¿Las I-fans pensaron que JJ estaba allí porque JS menciono a JJ durante el genie time?
    En realidad una fan logró que JS tratará el dialecto de Busán leyendo lo que ella preparo en su teléfono. Y JS vio el wallpaper de su celular que es la captura del vídeo de Mine de JJ medio desnudo. Así que JS dijo “Oh~te gusta este tipo de cosas”, mencionando el nombre de JJ. Por esa razón las i-fans pensaron al escuchar el stream en vivo que JJ estaba allí (via @jaetaku)

Lista de temas:

VCR de apertura– Tarantallegra – No Gain – Confession – Chocolate Girl –Charla – Rainy Eyes – Foolish Heart – VCR – No Reason –Uncommitted – Turn It Up – Fantasy – Funny Song – Charla 2/ Genie Time – 11am – Love Is Like A Snowflake – I’m In Love – VCR –Don’t Leave – Charla 3 – Noona Is My Woman – VCR – Incredible
(Bis 1) Fever – Dialogo de cierre – (Bis 2) Sorry

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