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[TRANS] The uncomfortable truth that I have to eat these king-sized prawns so-called “Tiger Something” from the morning.. I bought 40 pieces of prawns when I went to the market last time, because I thought it was delicious ㅜㅜ

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[INFO] AVEX vs. C-JeS : AVEX’s Appeal, 2nd Court Hearing


Avex appeal – Second court hearing
Date: August 6th
Time: 11:00am

  • The court has instructed C and A to reach a settlement decision and will meet on Sept 9 at 1:10 pm JST for the agreement.
  • Everything will be finalized on Sept 9.
  • C has won the trial before. Possible that A just appealed because they want a settlement, which is the result of today’s hearing.
  • It is not certain if JYJ can promote freely in Japan after this.

Hearing notes:

  • Company C and Company A are currently undergoing settlement talks.
  • The next hearing will be on Sept 9, 2013 at 1:10 pm JST. This is the last chance for Company A to make an argument.
  • Please note that Company C already won the trial and Company A was told to pay 660M JPY to Company C. Company A filed an appeal to counter the decision. The appeals court has ordered Companies A & C to discuss the possibility of a settlement.

Fans’ tweets:

  • If they fail to reach any settlement before the next hearing, the settlement will end in failure so it will be up to the court to set another hearing or to make a decision. This is similar to what happened in the Korea case.
  • News/articles about JYJ will be published in several newspapers in Japan within 10 days.
  • Legal team of Company C is in a great mood, which is completely opposite if you look at Company A’s legal team.
  • It was a relatively short hearing.
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[OTHER TWITTER] Mayor of Incheon Twitter Update: Truth about the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013 Revealed?


[TRANS] I also have the same stance of hoping to see JYJ at the concert though, I heard from Incheon Urban Development Corporation that MBC is in charge of the lineup since it’s the producer/host broadcaster. I will ask IUDC and the IAG, and check how it happened.”

(T/N: This is Regarding the IAG excluding JYJ from its concert lineup and C-Jes’s stance: wp.me/p2d89J-oW)

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[TRANS] The 2014 Incheon Asian Games excluded JYJ from the concert lineup? + CJes revealed their stance


JYJ the Ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, but their appearance at its concert is impossible?

“I clearly saw it. That JYJ were appointed as the ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games. However, Incheon City tries to hide JYJ from our nation’s citizens while it uses JYJ for promoting Incheon City globally. No matter how hard I look at the Incheon Asian Games music festival lineup, I see no trace of JYJ’s name as the ambassadors they are. Holding a concert to wish for Incheon Asian Games’ success without the ambassadors? It’s their shame to the world.”

This is some JYJ fan’s writing in a social networking site. If you read it thoroughly, you will feel the harangue as well as wrath. In social networking sites, posts saying, “We don’t understand how the ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games (hereafter IAG) are not in its concert lineup” have flooded and come up.

JYJ’s fans are getting furious, once again. Even though it’s been years fans have been furious over JYJ’s situation, in which fans can’t see JYJ on music and variety broadcasts, this time it is quite different. Because the characteristic of the IAG is a national event, it is different from the three big broadcast stations’ and their character of “Appearance Impossible” towards JYJ.

For starters, JYJ has had activities as the ambassadors of the 2014 IAG since last February. The organizing committee has claimed, “For spreading awareness of the IAG’s across the nation and promoting it globally, we appointed JYJ who are gaining popularity throughout Asia as its ambassadors.”

Also as IAG’s organizing committee chairman, Kim Young Soo, has said “In company with JYJ’s international popularity, I wish the 2014 IAG to be widely known to 40 billion Asians.” It presents JYJ’s renown very well. And last May, JYJ kicked off their activities as the ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games by participating in its official theme song.

But, it turned out JYJ is excluded from the lineup of the 2014 IAG’s concert which is slated to take place on September 1st. Then, who’s going to make appearances at the IAG concert without the ambassadors JYJ?

“Inquiry about JYJ’s appearance at the concert from Publicity Department of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games?”

Currently, as seen in the picture above, the concert lineup includes: 2AM, A-JAX, B.A.P, BTOP, EXO, FTISLAND, miss A, ZE:A, Girls Day, Bangtan Boys, Boy Friend, B2ST, SNSD, Super Junior, Secret, Sistar, MBLAQ, Kara, T-ara, Teen Top, etc. making that 20 teams in total, with a sentence “There may be changes according to circumstances”. Most of them are idols or idol groups from SM, JYP, and other powerful companies. Additionally, SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany will be hosting the show.

This event known officially as, 2013 Incheon Hallyu Tourism Concert, is hosted by the 2014 IAG organizing committee, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, with MBC participating in it as the host broadcaster. Its subtitle is known as the ‘Korean Music Wave’ and this will be its 5th year starting from 2009. It is co-supervised by HH Company (that a comedian, Lee Hyukjae, runs) and Incheon Urban Development Corporation.

An official of Cultural Activities Department of this IAG concert stated, “The lineup is not set in stone yet” and “I was informed that the committee is still discussing the details.” When he was asked about the ambassadors, JYJ, and their appearance at the concert, he responded, “We received an inquiry about it from Publicity Department.”

In short, the department in charge of JYJ’s promotional activities as the ambassadors is irrelevant to the other department in charge of the concert lineup, so for them it has been considered as a different matter until now. If it really is that Cultural Activities Department received an inquiry about it from Publicity Department, it could also be interpreted as there had been no reconciliation between the IAG’s Publicity Department and the supervisor HH Company beforehand.

Also, the IAG organizing committee emphasized that the concert lineup is not a done deal. Actually, I doubt whether the concert time planned from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM could be available for all 20 teams. Moreover, last year’s concert was supervised by HH Company and MBC Music but it was surrounded by many rumors, only to then suddenly be canceled with the actual concert date only an estimated week ahead, which led to the resentment of international fans.

Giant company’s power that can even exclude the ambassadors from the concert lineup?

Last month, the Korean Fair Trade Commission (hereafter KFTC) revealed that they have ordered SM Entertainment and the Korean Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition, who have been obstructing JYJ’s broadcast activities, to cease their obstructive actions. The FTC decided it is unfair that SM sent documents requesting JYJ to be prohibited from appearing on public broadcasts, etc. to 26 companies including TV stations and music online and offline distributors after Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu left TVXQ and formed JYJ.

Just from a common-sense point of view, blocking JYJ’s appearance on public broadcasts should be ‘lifted’. The situation looked ‘reasonable’ to me that KBS tried to initiate JYJ’s broadcast activities by allowing them to perform at its year-end awards ceremony by way of appreciation that JYJ’s member, Park Yuchun, played a big role in the rise of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>’s ratings.

However, it seems that ‘reality’ is superior to the KFTC’s sanctions and the IAG organizing committee. It even gives me goosebumps because the ‘clandestinely enormous’ power of a giant company covering the whole K-pop culture industry once again seems to prove its strength seeing as how the ambassadors of the IAG, JYJ, can’t even put their name in its concert lineup, which is beyond utter nonsense.

Shackles of JYJ that recently came into the spotlight again by the KFTC’s corrective orders. Now I am so curious to know, from a commonsense point of view, whether the strength of ‘unfairness’ will again affect JYJ’s promotional activities as the ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games.

Source: OhmyStar


JYJ’s agency revealed their stance regarding Incheon Hallyu Concert

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment recently responded, “We’re looking forward to the IAG organizing committee’s final decision” regarding controversy over the concert wishing for success of 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

The group JYJ has worked actively as the ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games since this past February. However, there’s a big controversy over JYJ being left off of the 2014 IAG concert lineup, saying, “JYJ’s TV appearance is blocked again?”

In this regard, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Instead of hasty judgement, we’ll wait for the final decision of the IAG organizing committee” and “Recently, we formally made objections about this matter. But then it turned out the IAG organizing committee was under misapprehension because they heard ‘JYJ declined our casting’ from the Incheon Urban Development Corporation. So, we rectified the misunderstanding. And they said they’ll ascertain the truth until tomorrow.”

And the official continued, “The IAG organizing committee said that they are going to start an official public relations exercise both domestically and internationally together with JYJ from this September. We believe them, so we will wait and see.”

Source: Daily Sports
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[NEWS] XIA Junsu meets with drummer Aaron Spears


XIA Junsu met with drummer Aaron Spears’

On August 6th, XIA Junsu uploaded a photo of himself with Aaron Spears on JYJ’s LINE, and wrote “It was nice to meet you.”

Aaron Spears is currently playing drums in USHER’s band, and he is famous for his musical versatility.

Aaron Spears recently visited Korea for ‘Dream Concert’, and it is said that he met up with XIA Junsu in the middle of his schedule.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as “Puff Daddy’s son last time, and Aaron Spears now! He’s amazing”, “Every music fans know Aaron Spears! I heard XIA Junsu recorded tracks of different genres for his new album, and it is great to see him having contacts with different musicians”, and “He knows everyone!”

On the other hand, XIA Junsu will be continuing his Asia tour at BEXCO in Busan (August 10~11th).

Source: Kim Dong-Joo @ STAR N News
 Yahoo! Malaysia
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu takes his American dancers to a theme park for some fun


JYJ’s Kim Junsu has recently tweeted a photo on August 6th, of him bringing his American dance team to a theme park for some fun and relaxation. The dancers were sporting jovial expressions like little children in the photo, and expressed thanks to Kim Junsu for the treat.

A related staff said, “The American dance team members had nothing but praise for Junsu’s way of rewarding them after a tiring weekend of concerts. In the gap between the Seoul concerts and the upcoming Busan concerts this weekend, Junsu decided to take the dancers to the theme fun for some fun and relaxation.”

The staff added, “After their concert on August 4th, Junsu also took them to the bowling alley, and had a friendly competition, while having much fun at the same time. It was the Korean team facing off against the American team, and Kim Junsu impressed with his bowling ability and drew much praise. In the end, the Korean team got the victory over their American counterparts.”

Jeri Slaughter who was the man in charge of the American dance team said, “Kim Junsu’s happy and infectious energy can really influence everyone. After the concert, Junsu is probably the only singer who have suggested a game of bowling for everyone. We have really worked well together to form an even stronger energy field. The Korean theme park was really good, and many of the attractions were especially thrilling. We will bring this energy to the Busan concerts this weekend.”

Kim Junsu will be holding his Busan concerts at BEXCO this weekend (August 10th, 11th).

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[PICS] Jaejoong at a Ddeokbokki Place


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Note: These pictures were taken at Yo Run Ddeokbokki (their homepage). The guy with Jaejoong is Stanley Hawi, a Kenyan exchange student who works part-time at the restaurant. The public came to know him after his appearance on KBS2′s variety show ‘Hello Counselor’ (ep link).

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