[OTHER NEWS] Seol Kyung-Ku goes to C-Jes.. will be in same company with JYJ and Lee Jung-Jae


According to C-Jes Entertainment on August 2nd, Seol Kyung Ku confirmed the new lodging after the contract with the previous management company had been expired on last July. He will be continuing his acting career in C-Jes Entertainment, the management company of the group JYJ, which is gaining popularity from all over the world, and the actor Lee Jung-Jae, Song Ji-Hyo, Park Sung-Woong, Park Yoo-Hwan and etc.

The staff from the management company notified: “It has been decided after a long talk on last August 1st [sic – July 1st], but it’s been notified sooner than expected. As far as I know, Seol Kyung-Ku in fact had been attempting to consider for one to two months whether or not to sign the contract.”

Also, Seol Kyung-Ku made appearance on SBS ‘Healing Camp’, stated that his daughter was an ardent fan of JYJ. It is also interesting that he became the same member of the management company with his daughter’s favorite musician. The management company staff stated, “Even before moving the company, Seol Kyung-Ku used to attend JYJ’s performance with his daughter. Scouting Seol Kyung-Ku is the pleasant event for the company.”

Source: Innolife
Shared by: JYJCHILE

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