[TRANS] A Chinese PD Praises Kim Junsu “His High-Quality Dance Skills And Vocal Talent Are Amazing.”


Kim Junsu recently met with the Chinese press in Shanghai.

On the 27th, XIA Junsu met with the Chinese media at the Shanghai Intercontinental Hotel in China to express his anticipation for his second Asia Tour concert.

On this day, XIA Junsu had a bright smile on his face throughout the press conference and stated, “I’ve created a concert that both I and the audience can enjoy. I’ll set myself alight with energy and get the mainland pumping with me. I hope everyone enjoys the concert with me.”

The Chinese media expressed their anticipation for his concert that combines a variety of genres and a storytelling aspect. When asking how he felt about returning to China for the first time in a while, XIA Junsu said, “In my mind, Shanghai has always been energetic. Our fans’ passion is always a great support for me. I’ll repay it with a great performance.”

The PD of ShanghaiTV’s entertainment news program visited the press conference and stated, “XIA Junsu’s powerful choreography and high-quality vocal talent make him extremely popular in China. His dancing skills are so amazing and I can’t wait for his upcoming concert. Though he must be tired, he had a bright smile on his face the whole time and atmosphere of the press conference was very light and energetic.”

On the 20th, XIA Junsu performed in Bangkok, Thailand and he is expected to hold the second concert of his Asia Tour at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena on the 28th.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “During the press conference that was held yesterday, XIA Junsu talked about how he felt about returning to Shanghai, and explaining what to expect in his upcoming concert,” and “This is the first time XIA Junsu is visiting China since the release of his second solo album, and the music video of his title song ‘Incredible’ topped the weekly charts of Yinyue Tai, China’s biggest MV site, showing just how popular he is in China and how excited everyone is for his concert.”


Source: [tvdaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net+JYJCHILE

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