[Trans] XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Incredible’ Tops Charts In Eight Countries, ‘The Return Of The King’


XIA Junsu’s second solo album ‘Incredible’ has topped the iTunes charts in eight countries.

On the 16th of July, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA Junsu’s second solo album, which was released on the 15th, topped the album rankings in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.” The album also topped the dance track rankings in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Kazakhstan.

The representative continued to add, “The upbeat title track and various genres of the album have become a hot topic amongst fans.”

XIA Junsu’s second solo album ‘Incredible’ has hit it big both overseas and in Korea. As soon as the album was released, XIA Junsu’s tracks dominated the charts on Bugs and Naver Music, taking up 1st to 12th~14th place. One day has passed since the album’s release but his title song ‘Incredible’ still ranks high on various music charts, showing just how hot the track is in Korea.

The representative said, “On the day of the release, there were a lot of restrictions placed on the album, with it not being pushed by Loen on Melon, or not appearing on the list of new albums on other sites. Although the way in which the album was released was not equal to the release of other albums, it couldn’t stop the anticipation and attention for the album that ranked high on various search engine rankings.”

XIA Junsu also held a live showcase yesterday to commemorate the release of his new album and let the industry know that the king of K-pop had returned with a perfect performance.

XIA Junsu met with reporters after the showcase and said, “I wanted the album to be more appealing to the public and varied, in order to better the quality of the whole album.” His rendition of ‘Incredible’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ’11 o’clock’ successfully kicked off his promotions for his second album.

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu is set to start his world tour on the 20th in Thailand, moving on to Shanghai on the 28th, Seoul on the 3rd and 4th of August, and Busan on the 10th and 11th of August. Ticket reservations for the Busan concert took place tonight at 8p.m. on Interpark.

Source: [topstarnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net+JYJCHILE

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