[NEWS] JYJ Junsu, Second Album Release on 15th… Garners Attention in the Music Industry


 photo etc0120130715071840.jpgGroup JYJ’s member XIA (Junsu) is making a comeback with his 2nd album.

On July 15, XIA will release ‘Incredible’, a hiphop-laced dance song that’s included in his 2nd studio album which consists of 12 tracks. Agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “Today at noon XIA (Junsu)’s 2nd album will be released through major music sites and internationally on iTunes; it’s an album that has the feel of pop, electronic dance, R&B, funky, neo soul, ballad, and various other styles to it. The showcase will be broadcasted live and worldwide via MelOn and Loen TV at 7pm.”

The agency added, “The same lyricist and composer who previously worked with [Junsu] on the 1st album participated in the making and production of this entire album. The composers involved in this album production praised Junsu’s musical abilities and his value as a vocalist.”

In addition, a comeback countdown teaser event had been conducted on JYJ Official Facebook since last Friday, gaining warm reactions from fans not only in Asia, but also Peru, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, Russia, and Turkey, proving his immense popularity overseas.

XIA’s 2nd full-scale album will be released online and offline on July 15th and XIA will go on Asia Tour starting the 20th.

Source: Sports Hankooki
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3+JYJCHILE

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