[NEWS] When stars collide: 10 A-list on-screen collaborations



Kim Jaejoong & Song Jihyo (The Jackal is Coming)

Running Man’s “Ace” Jihyo appeared in the music video for Jaejoong’s band JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’, but it was in The Jackal is Coming (also known as Code: Jackal) that the two made their first onscreen appearance together (Kim Junsu was the only member featured in the MV). Jaejoong played a Hallyu star, while Jihyo was an assassin hired to take him out.

While Jihyo and other cast members have joked that the only reason they’re nice to Jaejoong is because of all the snacks and goodies his fans constantly sent to the set, it’s clear their fondness is less superficial than that.

And seriously, hearing Jaejoong call Jihyo noona (Korean for “big sister”) in interviews is one of the cutest things ever!

Chemistry level: We personally think they look adorable together in a little brother/big sister way (sorry, shippers!). By the way, when’s JYJ taking on Running Man?

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