[NEWS] Top 5 representative idol-turned-musical actors in South Korea: JYJ Kim Jun-soo #1

Pop singers in South Korea enjoy taking on new challenges to expand their careers in the entertainment industry into various fields. Musicals are one such avenue. The profession, which requires talent not only in singing but also in acting and dancing, is sometimes considered overly arduous for idols to manage. However, there are a few who overcame these underestimations of idols’ talents and successfully became competent musical actors.

1. Kim Jun-soo (JYJ)

A member of K-pop group JYJ and also known by his stage name Xia, Kim Jun-soo made his debut on the musical stage in 2010 with a leading role in “Mozart.”

Soon he was acknowledged for his skillful singing talent as well as his well-polished acting and dancing skills. He received the “Best New Actor” award at the Musical Awards and the Korea Musical Awards in 2010. Kim continued to perform on stage with “Tears of Heaven” and “Elizabeth.”

Recently, the hallyu star was voted the “idol singer with the most potential to become a musical actor” in an online community poll.

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Credit: Jin Eun-soo
Source: Korea Herald
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