[INFO] [INFO] Incheon Asian Games 2014 where he will participate JYJ

Emblem, Incheon 2014


The emblem design takes the shape of the letter ‘A’ (for Asia) to project the image of Asians holding each other’s hand and soaring together with their wings spread wide. The concept of soaring together towards a bright sun, a symbol of the OCA and Asiad, implies the OCA motto of “Ever Onward” for a bright future.

The colours of the emblem, blue and green, each symbolise the international marine city of Incheon and a bright future and hope for Asia.

Incheon 2014 organisers are now ready to unveil the mascots and emblem and promote the Incheon Asian Games on the international stage, beginning at the 16th Asian Games set to open in Guangzhou, China, on November 12.

Mascot, Incheon 2014


The mascot design has been inspired by the fact that the harbour seals inhabit the waters of Incheon’s Baengnyeong Island, which is in the northernmost location of the Republic of Korea, while travelling freely between the two Koreas.

«The mascots represent the idea of the harbour seals playing a role in promoting peace in Asia by contributing to easing the tension on the Korean peninsula and overcoming ideological and religious barriers in some troubled parts of the world,» said Dr Lee Yun-taek, President of the IAGOC.

The characters have been named Vichuon, Barame and Chumuro after the Games Main Stadium design motifs of light, wind and dance.

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Note: It is a coincidence that are three cute pets and that JYJ are three even their colors XD



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Emblema, Incheon 2014

Ceremonia de apertura el 19 de septiembre y ceremonia final 4 de octubre en Incheon Corea del Sur.


El diseño del emblema toma la forma de la letra «A» (para Asia) para proyectar la imagen de los asiáticos tomados de la mano y volar con sus alas extendidas. El concepto de alza junto a un sol brillante, un símbolo de la OCA y Juegos Asiáticos, implica el lema de la OCA “Ever Onward” para un futuro brillante.

Los colores del emblema, azul y verde, cada uno simboliza la ciudad Marina internacional de Incheon y un futuro brillante y de esperanza para Asia.

Los organizadores de Incheon 2014, ya están listos para dar a conocer las mascotas y el emblema y promover los Juegos Asiáticos Incheon en el ámbito internacional, a partir de los Juegos Asiáticos 16th abrirá sus puertas en Guangzhou, China, el 12 de noviembre.

Mascotas, Incheon 2014


El diseño de la mascota ha sido inspirado por el hecho de que las focas habitan las aguas de la isla Baengnyeong de Incheon, que se encuentra en la localidad más septentrional de la República de Corea, mientras viaja libremente entre las dos Coreas.

«Las mascotas representan la idea de las focas que juegan un papel en la promoción de la paz en Asia, contribuyendo a aliviar la tensión en la península coreana y la superación de las barreras ideológicas y religiosas en algunas partes del mundo en conflicto», dijo el Dr. Lee Yun-taek, Presidente de la IAGOC.

Los personajes han sido nombradas Vichuon, Barame Chumuro y después de los juegos principales motivos de diseño del estadio son la luz, el viento y la danza.




Nota: Hay una coincidencia que sean tres lindas mascotas y que JYJ sean tres incluso sus colores XD

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[NEWS] JYJ appointed as 2014 Incheon Asian Games Ambassador


Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu) have been appointed as ambassador to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

JYJ will attend the ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games commission on the morning of Feb 20 at Lotte Hotel in Seoul

After the ceremony, JYJ is scheduled to begin in earnest the overseas promotion for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

JYJ are also ambassadors for 2010 G20 summit, 2011 PR ambassadors to the United Nations, and 2012 Nuclear security summit appointed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile the Asian Games will start on Sep 19 until October 4, 2014 to be held in Incheon.


According to the organizers, “We commissioned JYJ as ambassadors to spur publicity abroad in Asia and promote awareness of the Asian games since they are highly popular in Asia”

JYJ had a world tour in 2011-2012, spanning 15 cities with 210,000 people attending. They’ve proven their popularity when they were appointed as Goodwill ambassador for the UNAIDS Asia-Pacific region and the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

They also held a fan fair last June, a first in Korea, and with over 7,024 Japanese fans flying in to attend. It established a record for most foreign people entering the country for a single event. It’s economic effect are estimated to be around 10 billion KRW.

Asian games chairperson Kim YeongSoo, “We hope that the tournament will be successful and be known by 4 billion people in Asia due to JYJ’s international popularity”

T/N: The organizers have also appointed Actress Lee SiYoung as ambassador last Jan 2. Link

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